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  1. Hi, I have got my permit (yay!) and for my luck govt. changed the tax allowance as well. But now I am bit clueless what should I buy with it. I have 2011 premio and a 2004 vits of which I will be selling one. I don't like to buy a another Premio/Allion. Today when I checked with the car importers along highlevel road in K'pona/Nugegoda, they were not willing to tell me what options I have. As I understand, the max CIF value I can bring in is USD35000. What are my options in that case. My budget for final figure is 6M or less. I prefer Japanese cars because they will just take from point A to B in a reliable way but I am open for Euro option as well in which case I will have to lookafter the baby bit more sedan, crossover /SUV, I am open for anything Most of my rides are within the city and comfort is important Fuel consumption is also a factor Is there a place where I can check the prices for vehicle bringing here of permit Thanks,