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  1. WagonR 2017 Or Picanto 2017 ?

    Any idea where I can get this in Sri Lanka ?..Ya I guess my ones are the 3mm looks the same as the one for sale in arpico.
  2. WagonR 2017 Or Picanto 2017 ?

    Oh then I think ill skip on the covers and probably invest on a vacuum cleaner. Are carpets nessecarry ?..Ive already got a pair that looks like 3mm ones not sure whether its sufficent.. Thanks again for all your time. Highly appreciate it.
  3. WagonR 2017 Or Picanto 2017 ?

    Thank you all.Actually its a bit lighter..The brochure had a darker colour for Alice blue & lighter colour for celestial blue my kids chose the Alice blue with reference to the colour on the brochure and are bit upset about the lighter shade as it looks like the blue for celestial blue from the brochure. Thanks for the compliments on the color. Thanks again to each & everyone of you who guided me & gave sensible advise. Btw any recommendations to get seat covers ?.thanks again !
  4. WagonR 2017 Or Picanto 2017 ?

  5. WagonR 2017 Or Picanto 2017 ?

    The driver in me wanted to go for the manual but considering this is going to be used by my son & daughter prioritising the safety & convenience went for the auto.
  6. WagonR 2017 Or Picanto 2017 ?

    Thanks a lot to each and everyone of you.Got a picanto after considering your valuable advises interior and handling is first class.Thanks again ! God bless all of you immensely.
  7. Daihatsu Mira ES 2017

    Hi Guys How about daihatsu mira es ?. How about thr mileage,Build quality,Parts availability etc ?..Is getting it from the agent worth it ? & how the after sales customer care ? The kia picanto,the wagon r all mostly priced the same..
  8. WagonR 2017 Or Picanto 2017 ?

    Thanks a lot. Thank you everyone.You guys have been really able to give me a piece of mind. Thanks a lot. How is the mileage of picanto auto compared to manual ?
  9. WagonR 2017 Or Picanto 2017 ?

    Guys Big favour.I am a bit confused between going for a picanto or wagon r. Wagon R 2017 Basic can be bought for 3 mil with one year warranty from a car seller (Ishara Traders)for the same 3 mil I can get a picanto with 5 years agent warranty. I know wagon r is got better mileage.How about the picanto compared to the Wagon R 2017 Basic ?.Is it okay to forego the mileage per litre as I am only going to be driving mostly around cmb occasionally go outstation. Also whats the difference between wagon r fx and fz models ? Is it reliable to buy from a place like Ishara traders as A*W will take few months to deliver the Wagon R. What are your opinions ? Also I am planning to register the vehicle under my name and get the insurance in my name and since I am not in the country will my son have trouble claiming if anything goes wrong or is there any way to appoint him as a nominee ?.. Please kindly guide this old man.