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  1. Friends, Have got few scratches on the buffer,Kia is asking for arm and hand to get it fixed.Do.you guys have any good recommendations of places who will get this sorted for cheap and get the colour right ? Also most of these are from Pilliars,Dint go to inform the insurance. Should I get it done via the insurance or put my own money some of my friends said it's better to do it on my own as insurance premiums increase as I claim or something. The front buffer has a bigger scratch.
  2. Had to log in for another forum. Just wanted to show my gratitude to all you kind people here who advised me at a time I was clueless.Its been almost one and half years.Much gratitude to all of you guys who help me choose the Picanto and gave me a proper perceptions about both cars.Never been a day I regretted making this decision and all that credit to each and everyone of you ! Thank you each and everyone of you specially for your time !
  3. Hi Guys Sorry if this a dumb question but wanted to get some advice. I scratched the front buffer in a hurry and there some scratches on plastic buffer.Should I get a proper paint job or shall I hide it with vinyl sticker ? Is it cheaper than getting a proper paint job done & how long does this Vinyl stickers last? What are legal implications of having your buffers front and behind in different colours from original?Is there anything we need to do legally get it approved if so what's the procedure & cost ? Who are reliable places to get this kind of thing done ? It's my first car so thought about playing around with the colours a bit just want to what the expert's think about it and I hope Vinyls are much affordable than getting a proper paint job done. Sorry in advance if anyone finds this question funny or stupid.Please pardon me in advance and forgive this newbie
  4. Hi Guys A quick update.For those of you asking about the fuel efficiency I and few other online buddies have noticed better efficiency with the Ceypetco Euro 4 Octane 95 compared to the one in IOC.However please remember these are just contributing factors what Really matters is how Hard you are on your pedal & your driving style !
  5. Hey all, Just a small clarification.Read in few sites that d3 on automatic transmission is used for hills, stop & go traffic. When in congested traffic conditions which is common in colombo driving what advantage does it give over driving with D ?. Is it okay for the transmission to be driven in d3 in the long run ?.
  6. Hey, Thanks for the update.However theyve not charged for a air filter this time.I Anyway checked mine,looks okay. Also ive a dashcam in the vehicle. It works whenever engine is switched on.Guessing from the time and different footages they seem okay except for discussing some office politcs, lol.Which we are not saints at. Ha ha.Thanks again for taking the time and for the heads up.
  7. Sorry if its a funny question. This is my first car so please forgive me if this is stupid. Just want to know is it nessecarry to switch on & off the manual ac everytime the vehicle is switched on and off or is it okay to operate it with the key,That is let it be switched on always so it starts & switches off whenever the vehilce is started ? What is the right practice that wouldnt harm the vehicle ?
  8. Hi buddy, Lol your biological explanation on point.Made me laugh like hell.Did my first service today.Professionilsm at its best by the Kia service center but I am sure this comes with a price.No doubt KIA is called the poor mans audi.Since its my first car,everything is worth it. Thanks to each & everyone who helped me with your time and analysis.Gave this old man such a piece of mind.Thanks again. P.S Uploading few interior pics for your viewing pleasure as the car looks, brand new after service.
  9. Hi Sorry for the delay. Amazing car if you are not going to be worried about fuel consumption.Does 10 inside city and out around 12-13 out of city but there are other guys who have mastered thid car who claim they get about 13-1,Which i guess comes with a lot or experience. Its more of a learning and if you drive it wisely can probably juice out bit more.Its a rev happy car so if you keep it in low revs it performs better. Not a expert at explaining stuff but will give it a try.If your drive the car like a bycycle where you peddle and coast and then peddle when required this car is pretty good(look up eco driving tips on google) but if you always want to keep your leg on the accelerator and race then not the car for you.Like above commentors the car feeling is amazing,no denying that but if you are concerend about fuel then get the wagon r.
  10. Any idea where I can get this in Sri Lanka ?..Ya I guess my ones are the 3mm looks the same as the one for sale in arpico.
  11. Oh then I think ill skip on the covers and probably invest on a vacuum cleaner. Are carpets nessecarry ?..Ive already got a pair that looks like 3mm ones not sure whether its sufficent.. Thanks again for all your time. Highly appreciate it.
  12. Thank you all.Actually its a bit lighter..The brochure had a darker colour for Alice blue & lighter colour for celestial blue my kids chose the Alice blue with reference to the colour on the brochure and are bit upset about the lighter shade as it looks like the blue for celestial blue from the brochure. Thanks for the compliments on the color. Thanks again to each & everyone of you who guided me & gave sensible advise. Btw any recommendations to get seat covers ?.thanks again !
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