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  1. Thanks for the Details .RS 32,000 for a pair of shocks seems reasonable. Would it be ok to replace only a single pair? if one pair is in good condition ?
  2. For your requirement and budget if you just need to drop your guests, Nissan Cefiro A 33 would be a comfortable car for your guests Fuel would be around 6-7 km/L
  3. Please do share the Details and did you do a test first and get the results before replacing?
  4. Around 2.0 Million you have few of the following options available Viva Elite Mazda Familia Chevrolet Cruz If you can increase the budget slightly you can go for a Suzuki Swift Jeep model as well. But end of the day it's all based on your requirement and preference.
  5. Sorry for the delay machan. Yeah, it seems car is a bit thirsty, i saw one of your earlier post regarding BJ5P, May be will do all of those you have mentioned. its 2000 YOM and got for 18.3 machan.
  6. Exactly machan, that's what i thought too. 150,000 to 200,000 would have been a realistic figure.
  7. Bought a BJ5P. Vehicle has a decent pulling power compared to my previous 1300cc Cars. Does around 6km/l in the City. Hasn't taken the car for outstation yet. Thanks all for the comments.
  8. Thanks a lot for your detailed response. Really appreciate it. With all your advises hopefully find a better old vehicle. Thanks
  9. Thanks for the Reply LashNeo. From the Forum i learned that familia is the JDM and 323 is the export model. What about BJ5p or BJ3p ? is it a different version of the familia?. Also as you are a current owner may i ask for the market value of the familia or 323 ? I have searched different sites and is it really possible to sell those vehicles in ****.lk prices. What would be the realistic value of this vehicle. pre-facelift version or facelift version of 323.
  10. Thanks Crosswind. Hope if i could find a properly maintained Cefiro, it would not give much hassle.
  11. Thanks matroska, How about the spare part availability of the Chevy Cruz? Yeah, I guess the Cefiro would do at most 5 or 6 kmpl in the city.
  12. Really appreciate your time and effort put in replying our queries. Past few days i was going through the past Forum posts and those were immensely helpful for a novice like me. I got the opportunity to read your expert advice in several posts like Car buying information, How to buy a used car in SL etc. If i may ask, in my list most of the cars are Nissan so that i would be able to get an engine scan etc at A*W. However if i get hands on a Mazda is there a proper place to check the condition of the vehicle (Engine scan etc.) ? I have used Toyota and Nissan previously. However no prior experience in Mazda. Mazda 323 (export mode) or the JDM familiar seems to match my current requirement. May i have few of your experience on this. Thanks
  13. Thank you for your valuable response. Actually what i meant by that Primera comment was that i was expecting a mileage of around 200,000 + km (more realistic mileage ) considering the age of the vehicle. I felt 110,000 km was simply absurd. So ODO meter should be completely ignored i guess. As you suggested I will look check for the maintenance record of the vehicle. Thank You
  14. Hi Experts, I'm Looking for a Car around Rs 1.9 to 2.0 Mil and as i have office transport i would be mainly using this car during the weekends.7-8 Km/l fuel economy would be fine with me. My greatest concern is reliability as i will be traveling to the Hill country at least once a month . I'm looking for a manual Transmission car with a reasonably good interior. I have searched for the following vehicles and still could not make up my mind to select one. Peugeot 406 Nissan Cefiro (A33) Nissan Primera P11 Nissan Presea Refina Mazda 323 Nissan Pulsar Chevrolet Cruz Nissan N16 I have visited several car sales and most of the cars mileage have been tampered with. Saw a good looking Primera P11 but mileage showed 110,000 . Appreciate your advice on this and if you could give me pros and cons in the models i have mentioned. Thanks
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