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  1. asirigaya

    Honda Grace - Questions

    Thanks a lot for your advice. Yes. I changed gear oil and dual clutch oil at 40000.
  2. asirigaya

    Honda Grace - Questions

  3. asirigaya

    Honda Grace - Questions

    No one is here to give a hint.. hmm
  4. asirigaya

    Honda Grace - Questions

    I am a new Grace (2014 DEC) owner and I am facing small hesitation sometimes during the traffic. Let say I drive 20kmph and accelerates constantly(not sudden acceleration) and I feel the car slows (feels like cut down the acceleration) down for a moment and then come back to normal. Also noticed that when I stopped the car engine is either in high Revs (feels like 1200) and charging the battery or EV mode. Never noticed the engine is in normal Rev. Is it normal? During this high Revs in a traffic when I release the brake the car begins to move with small jerk/vibration like the clutch is not smoothly releasing. Can someone please help out with this? Done 54K on ODO
  5. asirigaya

    [Features] Axio VS Grace

    Thank u guys.
  6. asirigaya

    [Features] Axio VS Grace

    But anybody can do mistakes anytime. Then these features can prevent something to some extend.
  7. asirigaya

    [Features] Axio VS Grace

    I am just doing a feature comparison only. Just wanted to know these features are available in which model and starts from which year?
  8. asirigaya

    [Features] Axio VS Grace

    Heard Axio has features like Toyota Safety sense C which includes lane departure warning, automatic high beams, radar brakes. Can anybody tell me Grace has these features? Also from which year and models onwards these features available in both models?