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  1. Defender 90/110

    thanks mate for the info! ill check on there.
  2. Defender 90/110

    yes defender's aren't comfortable. But iam down for it. My friend's defender is automatic transmission, so clutch is no problem with his. also there's a automatic transmission kit it available. Most of the defenders sale on the market are like the sri number's, also the English no one's costs like 10 million. i am in for that much to spend. Iam looking for a decent defender for low as possible. Thanks for your opinion. appreciated
  3. Defender 90/110

    Hi guys. My friend own a Defender 110. I've been really pumped about it. its really mean looking. I've been wanted to have a modded car now I've changed my plans for 4x4 offloading. I would like to know details about getting a defender in sir Lanka. the appropriate price for it, condition model's and pro's & con's. So if anyone know's anything i mention'ed feel free to tell me your opinion. Thanks
  4. Importing cars from Japan

    Yes thats a great advice! Since i have no idea about the price's iam gonna trying to figure out my budget and then the things i could do for them. In that way i could organize and save some time. Thanks for the respond!
  5. Importing cars from Japan

    yes i want to do those basic stuffs. then go for intake and turbo charging. thanks for the suggestion.
  6. Importing cars from Japan

    thanks for that! ill learn from it.
  7. Importing cars from Japan

    yes i would go with something like this.Cedric and integra both are looking great! thanks for the suggestions. By modding i mean , getting bigger tyres, getting a turbo,cold air intake, and a straight pipe if possible. might also get a Body kit and a paint.IAm interested getting art paint. Am i out of the budget here? i have no idea about the prices for them.
  8. Importing cars from Japan

    i dont wanna spend like 6 or 7 million's thats why iam looking for cheaper lancer models. My budget for car is under 2 million and a million for modding. Seems low for modding but i could live with that since i wont be using it for alot time. Yes Gt86 is really expensive.
  9. Importing cars from Japan

    thats a good looking Car you mentioned. let me see if i can find one for Good price. Appreciate your reply
  10. Importing cars from Japan

    i have no idea of importing cars since you guys mentioned about the regulations! Iam thinking like Buying a used car and modding it with turbo and cold air intake, also putting bigger tires. What do you think about that idea. appreciate your respond.
  11. Importing cars from Japan

    Thanks you for your respond! as you said before there's no chance importing cars. So my plan is to get a cheap car from sri lanka. (if possible). Yes some cars are really overpriced in here. Rx8 costs 40 lacks and its rotary engine. I've searched for nissan 240sx but coudln't find any of them. Mostly i found was like lancers and corollas.
  12. Motorcycle regulations

    Hi Guys, Hows it going, I am curious to know whats the maximum engine capacity for Motorcycle in sri lanka? I've seen people with 600,750 cc bikes but not registered yet. So wondering is it possible to register a bike like that? Thanks
  13. Importing cars from Japan

    my plan is to get like a Nissan or Toyota rear wheel drive car and modify it, Tuning to get more HP. So i wanted a 2 Door car with 4 seats if possible, thats when i found about importing cars. So do you have any recommendations mate about the idea i have?
  14. Importing cars from Japan

    THANKS for the info! Sadly we have odd regulations. anyways appreciate your info
  15. Importing cars from Japan

    ok thanks for the info! what about importing agents? do you know any good agents ? Do you know about NOS legal here?