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  1. hi, I want to know about the toyota rav 4 2007/8. what are the common issues? maintenance? also the second hand market?
  2. Hi Guys, I brought Toyota Premio 2015 last month with millage around 56k and now it has done about 60k...I think I came up with Premio's common issue the A/C compressor problem when I start the car, the auto ac light was turned into on without starting a/c and after a couple of seconds it's going to be off or a/c is going to starts at temperature level 25c, but sometimes its starts from the same setting that last time I drove. but most of the time it's going to be off when I start the car after that auto a/c light was on for a couple of seconds.. also the A/C is not functioning with blowing out hot air. Do I need to replace the a/c compressor or what can be the issue?
  3. In my experience of riding the Vitz for two years (Vitz 2016 F safety), its a good looking car and better for day to day ride. the car also have plenty of space inside, the driving experience was not much comfortable and the seats are little hard too. fuel consumption in city is around 11km/l-12km/l . Well, it's a good vehicle as a budget car for the price is around for 35-38lhaks. but the new Vitz cost is around 44-48lhaks which is not worth for that price.
  4. well , I don't know much about cars u mentioned below but those are pretty old..so i dont recommend them for daily drive , specially abt 50km per day i had a 660cc japan box type Alto 2007 and its about 16-18lhaks , well it had a very ruff driving and also the seats are not comfortable,but it had a good fuel economy
  5. hey i gotta new question🤣 does this premio comes with curtain air bags , front and back?
  6. yah I watch couple of alloy wheels but those are pretty expensive so I thought of upgrading them after 2 or 3 months when I settled. anyway what are the other changes can do for my car?
  7. yah I brought this as addition to Vitz ….well in handling Vitz is obviously easy cuz its a smaller car and turning radius is also law but Premio is also easy to handle than I expected...but the driving experience is way better , driving is super smooth than the Vitz and Alto I previously used. And the engine sound is also very law..I felt like I was driving a Hybrid LOL 🤣
  8. well the fuel economy is pretty much better. It did about 15-16 km/l when I brought it Kurunegala to Kandy
  9. Hi guyz, I finally brought a Perl White Toyota premio after inspection of 3 or 4 cars.. actually I searched for 2013 manufactured one but I accidentally found this 2015 one with low mileage.. however the car is all same. the car is perfect but I had to change the battery because the person who used this before me is in Italy and car was not started for long period, but he fully paid for the battery xD. before this premio I drove a vitz 2016 for 2 years and this is much better than that. The seats are super comfortable and driving experience was super smooth, well I pretty happy with car and specially I want to thank you guys very much! you guys are helped me a lot!Thanks very much!!
  10. omg I didn't know about that..I will upload
  11. Thanks a lot everyone u guyz helped me a lot to choose this finally...thank you very much
  12. Hey I brought the car but i had a lil confusing issue with it....here when i start the car by using push start..it make a litlle noice like grrr before start..is it normal? I’ll upload a video link about it, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RI20QXKbxdU0ULveSJzzB5V3rm7jk3F_/view?usp=drivesdk it'll be my pleasure if somebody can tell me about it
  13. Hey i brought that car and also did a toyota lanka chekup and car is also in a good condition. No actually I didn’t buy this from a car sale its just showed on a car sale i met the owner when i buy this and he is in Italy..how ever when he is Italy , this car has been stayed a long period of time without starting so we had to change the battery but he fully paid for it
  14. Thanks very much This is the car i am gonna buy btw...
  15. so this is really hard to identify a G superior!!🥵 anyway tomorrow I'm going to buy that car , its a 2014 manufactured and 2015 registered one with a "CAE" number plate and the milage is around 56000 , I checked emission reports but I am not sure is it a true millage or not....but according to jpcenter auction sheet its imported as a brand new car.aloso the photos that in auction sheet also have the g superior badge
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