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  1. There is no passenger seat belt alarm in my Honda fit gp1 2013. Driver seat belt alarm is working fine. 1. is it the same for all gp1 or is it just mine? 2. if its the same for all the gp1,is there any way of installing a passenger seat belt alarm? (i bought the car second hand so i have no idea whether the previous owner removed it or not.)
  2. I'm planning to buy a toyota aqua. My budget is around 4 million rupees. I don't know anything about buying a used hybrid car. 1. What kind of model should i go? (There are 2012,13 g grade and some 2014 models available for this price in classified sites) 2. Is it worth buying a 4-5 years old hybrid car for 4mil.? (I heard there can be battery related issues) 3. Is there anything special to check when buying an used aqua? My main concerns when selecting aqua was the fuel economy, reliability & resale value.
  3. Is this true? I heard that there are some problems in honda fit cvt gearbox but don't know about the swift.
  4. I'm planning to buy a suzuki swift japan (2006-2010) but heard that the fuel consumption is pretty low compared to other hatchbacks. Also, i heard that fuel consumption of the cvt version of the swift is better than other versions. Is there any way to identify a swift (2005-2010) with a cvt gearbox?
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