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  1. Bought it..loving it right now. Do you guys know a place which services Ford Vehicles as well as if and when required to do repairs and replace parts. Somewhere in colombo, if possible close to nugegoda but not a must.
  2. What I was hoping to know is whether its a good vehicle that is durable and if needed, spare parts would be available in sl or would it be high maintainance. During test drivr it felt good so i think its a good drive though i woud love to get an idea on long distances. The model is 1litre RS Automatic, I was wondering if this particular model has any known issues.
  3. I am planing on buying a Ford Fiesta 2015 which was registered on 2018. Only drive around 12000km. Is this a good vehicle ?
  4. Is there a major difference between vitz 2016 & 17/18? Also i see that i can buy a used 2012 civic 1.8 around the same price, is it good?
  5. Hi, I have narrowed down three models for the current budget of mine which is below 4.4m They are, Toyota Vitz 2017/18 Suzuki Swift 2017/18 Audi A1 2016/17 My plan is for casual use on weekends and some weekdays. Which would you recommend for overall comfort nd driving. (If I have missed any model please tell me as i am still on research stage).
  6. Hi. I was hoping to get ideas for recommendation for a car that would fall between 3.5m - 4.4m My purpose is to use it on after work travel on occasion and travel on weekends to kadawatha from kalubowila. Looking for comfort drive and hoping for it to be of or around 10km/litre in fuel efficiency.
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