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  1. I got mine from Green light solar systems(from yakkala) they are very reasonable charges and the system is still going strong. but i have net accounting system. for a 2 Kw system i paid 450,000
  2. according to the manual the kia stonic can run on 91 + but the agents and all the car sales people say put 95 even KUSH agreed
  3. check the lower arm the previous owner may have hit some thing, from the image the wheel alignment looks out?
  4. well spoke to the sales chap he said I can service from any where after the first 3 services but if i service from any where else and they will question what the Kia had done and what the other service are done so that may lead to a serious confusion. and Kia says we need to put 95 petrol ? can we put 93 or 92. most of the jap used once i have use 92 only
  5. even though the battery is 75% the voltage for all the cell be same. the above report says 6.30 and 6.40 when I checked they said the voltage should be the same according to staff***
  6. Went to see the KIa stonic the basic one was not there the full option 5.4, and looked at from the out side looks ok. But was worried about the DCT gears and Kia said it does 13 in the city ??? the other 3 cylinder Suzuki vitara does 7.5 the warranty means you must bring it to kia motors for every little thing otherwise the warranty will be null and void.
  7. there is an ad for a toyota premio the front number is NC province and the back plate is WP can this be true ??? probably the millage is fake as well and the millage is 80 for a 2014 car from japan.
  8. you can get this done at Staf*** 2 years ago I did it and the cost was 4500 GP1 was a very nice car but had the oil burn issue
  9. i use rainx great product it works relay well. didn't know that it was available locally.
  10. if you watch you tube video this car is in the list of do not buy list a friend of mine has it and it had the gear box issue and ABS malfunction and ac did not function the list goes on the list goes on. this car is Renault+Nissan thing so its a hybrid if you watch scotty klimber video you will learn a lot
  11. well recently there was escort that was dismantled fully and he made money buy selling few parts like the bonnet etc. some parts are still there. And being a manual the price will be less any way.
  12. sure but there recondition vehicles dont have the correct millage i.e my alto has 3348 miles after one years use in japan. which is very doubtful ?? good luck with your investment.
  13. 0W-20 is what the manual says but the winter temp is not for the Sri lanka. our temp ranges from 25-35 C. if you want you can put 0W-20 check the oil every day as the too thin oil will evaporate faster
  14. Hi I put 5W-30 mostly mobil/ toyota/ or what the A*W sells. just do the oil change and run do not modify or do other things.
  15. well I have 2016 alto and a wagon R 2017 the alto does 16.7 KMPL better than the wagon r. Back seats can hold a few boxes nothing more. rears shocks are very weak. if two passengers its nice car
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