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  1. noddy

    Advice for selling a "non market" car?

    well recently there was escort that was dismantled fully and he made money buy selling few parts like the bonnet etc. some parts are still there. And being a manual the price will be less any way.
  2. noddy

    Japan alto 2018

    sure but there recondition vehicles dont have the correct millage i.e my alto has 3348 miles after one years use in japan. which is very doubtful ?? good luck with your investment.
  3. noddy

    Japan alto 2018

    0W-20 is what the manual says but the winter temp is not for the Sri lanka. our temp ranges from 25-35 C. if you want you can put 0W-20 check the oil every day as the too thin oil will evaporate faster
  4. noddy

    Japan alto 2018

    Hi I put 5W-30 mostly mobil/ toyota/ or what the A*W sells. just do the oil change and run do not modify or do other things.
  5. noddy

    Hustler vs Alto JDM

    well I have 2016 alto and a wagon R 2017 the alto does 16.7 KMPL better than the wagon r. Back seats can hold a few boxes nothing more. rears shocks are very weak. if two passengers its nice car
  6. why dont you for a double cab 2 in the front and 4 at the back but there will be 3 seat belts and get a good diesel. ford is cab is cheaper then the others
  7. noddy

    Bump of rear wheels

    well we had two alto 2004 and 2016 both had very poor suspension at the back. its good to take 2 people and a tiny person at the back. not to take 4 or 5 people. That how it is designed and don,t put a lot of air its a small car. when we go over a hump slow down well.
  8. noddy

    Suzuki Wagon R

    well I saw a japanese manual that says 0-20 and 5-30 so i put 5-30 oil I think you agree with the other points ???
  9. noddy

    Suzuki Wagon R

    The Wagon R users have lot of issues as well, 1. they wash the car engine and this gives issues 2. put more air like 32 or 35 PSI- so every thing rattles and the suspension does not absorbed buy wheels the first. 3. as the manual says most of the wagon r users put 0-20 oil ???? 4. The belt issues - only happens when the engine is washed the belt is loosened then it start slipping !!!!!
  10. there is a special battery for start/stop i was told buy a person in the wagon r face book page. there is a lot of information if you to facebook page.
  11. last month purchased a wagon r so go for the FX as the others have safety and stingray which are difficult to maintain -they mostly switch off the safety. If you buy from A*W it will be the the FX with a fog lights. ALL wagon r have great economy and a lot of room inside but the jeep like interior has a bouncy ride at high speeds. KIA is good but does it gave ABS ???
  12. i had a friend who had this alto 1.1 engine i think this was the euro spec (think) Susuki with drew this model from euro it had ABS etc with a larger engine it should be good.
  13. there are many garages that they insist blue, green, pink coolant etc.is there any truth in this - i think if you have a leak if will show more. please clarify this as as some say put blue coolant etc.
  14. noddy

    Fit GP1 Oil Level Drops

    well I had a GP1 and sold it two weeks ago the oil buning issue came 54K but as agents advice i did a ring clean up costed 60K from staffords but two years after that the oil burn up came again spoke to the agents they said that some times it comes again. So sold the car that had 8 plugs with great acceleration. and bought two kie cars alto and a wagon r - end of the japanese car reliability.
  15. noddy

    Help to buy 1st car

    buy a car that is used by a relative any car i bought my first car that was used buy my cousin who used it for five years or more. any make will do.