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  1. Guys, what is the best place to buy a windscreen? A japanese one.
  2. @iRage just posted image how dual exhaust modification from underneath.
  3. Thank you @gayanath & @iRage for that info. Today I went for BF change at TL. on inquiry they said recommended mileage for BF change is every 40000km. Didn't give a recommended duration. But I think it's better to change at 2-4 year interval at least. I didn't see anything at all. So cannot comment on procedure. They have used 2 bottles of break fluid (354ml ×2) for which cost was Rs. 3499. Labour charge was Rs. 2646. On the bill they have mentioned 'break fluid change using tester'. I didn't ask about method as I cant observe the procedure. Price is still less than that was quoted by hy... hu.. Not about BF change. But here's a photo of exhausts.
  4. Decided to go with TL. Made an appointment on 26th. Wont be able to observe as they dont let us.
  5. Yes. I used to go to TL when I had premio. But later they took significant time to return the car from service. Some days I had to wait till 5.45 -6 pm with proper appointment. Of course bill had to be settled by 5 - 5.15. For this I ll go to TL. Other place exaggerates things I guess. I think they do it manually. 1.5 l seems to be unrealistic. They claimed at least 3 bottles, which may go up if there r blocks. Will stick with TL. I dont want to go to a makabass as well coz initial ECU activation seems to be bit complex (at least to me). Thank yo @iRage for your great explanation as usual. Thank you @gayanath. TL claimed similar cost with BF. And place is close by. How frequently do yo do BF change on ur aqua?
  6. Thank you iRage. I saw in vedios that initial part is bit complicated. Will update how it goes. 1st place is H####d h##. They explained reason for 3 cans. They bleed all 4 lines while refilling with new oil, till new oil drains out through each line. Dont know wat TL does. Thank [email protected] I ll check on that as well.
  7. @kmeeg & @ICL thank you very much. That's very true iRage. Will try again to remove at least numbers. Red plate is kind of cute n matches with the color of car. Btw I'm not a 'gangster'😁😁😁 @iRage I thought of doing a break fluid change. Before going for it I want to know how much fluid aqua requires and is it different to other petrol cars? I inquired from one service place who claimed that for the complete bleeding they require 3 bottles of Toyota break fluid (DOT 3) which cost around 8600. I cant remember spending that amount for the previous cars I had. Then I inquired from TL and they said cost is around 4000. Please shed some light on this matter.
  8. Than you @john cooper. I dont know wether Gs was available for International market. @iRage can shed light on that. Regarding engine no plate. That is not a requirement by low in any means. Only thing is that you have to keep a copy of CR with you in addition to regular documents. That low applicable to all the vehicles. I personally don't like to that board being displayed. In Sri Lanka that thing became popular somehow. What happens here is one person start it. Then others follow it blindly. In my one that board is firmly adhered to buffer and difficult to remove. So I didn't try to remove it as removing that board might leave a patch on front grill. So no option other than to keep it. Anyway that chassis no and engine no is wrong and not compatible with CR. Once I tried to get details from RMV using those numbers (paid service) and was unsuccessful.
  9. @iRage you are an encyclopaedia. Thanx for tha wonderful explanation as you always does. Hope sri lankan guys who do these adjustable coilovers know their limitations. @Hyaenidae Yes. I will keep posting. I had premios (260) for nearly 5 years and later changed to vitz. Compared to them handling feels somewhat better. But being a hybrid, throttle response is weaker. Turning radius feels like larger compared to others probably due to 17 inch wheels. Once I have driven Honda CRZ. That car was more responsive I think. No experience with other aqua... @K.o.N.o.S Thank you. I was not a fan of aqua either, till I bought this. Actually I had no idea to buy a hybrid in the past. Later considerd due to fuel economy. I must say both premios I had, had very good fuel economy compared to Vitz. @Magnum Than you. Yes. It is difficult to find those mirrors here. I found a seller at Aliexpress who sell similar ones and on inquiry they said they have it but I have to buy both sides which cost about Rs. 14000. Still not thought about buying coz at the moment I can manage with existing one except for cosmetic issue. Found on Rakuten. Cost 17300JPY without shipping.https://item.rakuten.co.jp/factorydirect/lm-to38a/?s-id=sd_browsehist_search_sp
  10. Thank u @iRage. If shocks change with adjustable ones (like GECKO/GAB) is it possible to increase height slightly? Having a plan to do so if possible. Btw not in the near future. Thank you @□AVANTE□. I dont think illumination around the gear knob is Gs feature. But that is a part of modification. Fixation of tweeters and RPM meter to A pillar is very neat. Handling vise better than a premio/vitz. Thats all I can say. Suspension system is stiff. Yet to check throttle controller with sports mode.
  11. This is an stupid question.. Is there any chance of suspension height adjustment?
  12. Thank you iRage. Yes original seats are nicer. They r untouched I guess. Also I received original Gs carpet set which has not been used to any extent. With regards to bars - yes this has sort of undercarriage bars which comes in Gs. Suspention coils r red in colour. So I guess all the dearler options r there. Rear emblem set is missing with rear viper. Probably due to modifications. Now they produce GR version only.
  13. First of all apologies for opening a new thread to show my new ride. This might be a regular car for autolankans. But thought of writing on it as it is slightly different from ones you see day-to day. First of all I would like to say that I'm typical car buyer who buy japanese cars though I love to ride a beemer or six cylinder jap car due to financial reasons. My last drive was a toyota vitz (2007) which became a pain due to very low fuel consumption (I drive about 70-90km daily), and vibration issue. It cost significant fraction of my salary for fuel. I was thinking about buying used F10 520D, but I dropped that idea due to the reason that spending 7-8 mil in 8 year old car was useless. Then I started hunting an aqua(2015 or up) mainly due to fuel economy. While on hunting suddenly I noticed this car which was in a sale at Kalutara n had a look. Other thing was I wanted to exchange car with my Vitz. (I couldn't go through that pain of selling a car with lot of time wasting). Finaly they agreed to exchange those two. So here I present my new Toyota Aqua Gs (2015)... This car had been imported by the same car sale in 2017. First owner of the car had been used it carefully. I got service records for the past 2 years as well and clocked at 46000km. Had original tyres on it, but threads were worn out. So I had to change tyres at 1st. Due to the cost factor I went for Chinese set. Will see how it goes.. Car had been modified in Japan by these guys http://www.autoworld-custom.com/. Headlights came with angle eyes and all the other lights had been changed. Side mirror glasses had been changed to ones with light blue tinge and signal LED arrow. Mirrors also have welcome lights. When I bought this right side mirror glass had been shattered due to some reason and I had to replace it with normal aqua glass. Indicator is still visible at dark but not visible with bright sun light. If any of you guys has an idea where to find this glass (right side) please let me know. She came with dual exhausts which are functional with nice beat. I dont have undercarriage photo at the moment. Bonnet is supported by gas struts/hood dampers on both sides This has stock 17 inch alloys with caliper covers in red. Caliper cover letters glow in white in the dark and inner side of all wheels glow in yellow (LED). That's about exterior. How is the interior? A pillars have tweeters and on right side there is RPM meter. Usually tweeters are on the doors in aqua. Steering has been replaced with modified version. Start/stop button covered with a sticker. Pedals had been customized. Seat covers has been applied. this is the gear shifter.. color changed to red when on reverse. This is the reading light on the hood which has something else as well. ? Air purifier? I have no idea. But it has a fan or some thing. Came with a throttle controller which has 3 modes. Eco, normal and sports. Yet to check sports mode... So that's it for now.. will update on new things..
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