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    Axio 2014 Hybrid

    Dears I have an Axio 2014 and my wife is using it in Sri Lanka. Today there was a situation where my car struggled for a while to climb an inclined slope. Is there any specific reason for this. Appreciate your advises. Regards Dennis
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    Dear members I have an issue which I am struggling to find a solution. I have insured my car Toyota Axio at j*********i insurance and met with an accident just within one month after purchasing. When I wanted to repair the car from the agent Toyota Lanka they strongly insisted me not to go to the Toyota and told me that if I put the car to any other local garaj they will pay the full claim and if I put it to Toyota they said they can pay only 70% of the claim. I asked why and what's the reason. Then they said Toyota puts duplicate parts from Taiwan not the original. In my case which is the front door. When I went to the Toyota and spoke they said they put only Japanese body parts. So I informed the insurance and put the car to Toyota for the repair. Then one day later the insurance company is saying that I have not put the insurance under agent category so they can pay only 40% Then I asked why didn't u guys explain me about this agent non agent terms at the time I signed for the insurance contract. I said no one from ur company told me niether the existance of the said terms nor the differences between these two categories. When I confronted the agent he was feeling guilty and he said it's his mistake and he agreed to fix this issue. Then again after a day he's telling me that there is nothing to be done since it's his mistake he will pay the balance 60% or what ever the amount which will come up bcoz of this agent non agent issue. I said you don't have to do that just try to fix this issue within your company. So far there is no any positive reply from the insurance regarding this claim. Dears pls advice me if anyone of you experienced such a situation.