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  1. Patrick 1978

    daihatsu terios 2007

  2. Patrick 1978

    daihatsu terios 2007

    No put new belt. Fully serviced . Then changed the filters. But still on afternoon the jeep cannot cool by even fan at 1 or 4
  3. Patrick 1978

    daihatsu terios 2007

    In my Jeep when ac is ON a crying noise is coming when going forward. But when it's OFF it's not coming. Some says it's coming from ac compressor and need to change. I have serviced also but they did not tell for any issue. Cool is ok but less in the noon with very hot times. Do you know what type of a compressor it has and whether I can put a passo compressor reconditioned to this. What is the cubic capacity of passo. Mine is Terios Cargo Volume13.4 cuFT OR 379 L