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  1. Sura1973

    Side effects of Engine de-greasing?

    Some says certain dressings improve the lifetime of rubber parts such as hoses and fan belts.. Yet I am not sure if it is right or wrong. I am having a similar battle these days to understand why our local guys don't put manufacturer recommended 0W20 engine oil and instead use 10W30 claiming that 0W20 is too thin and get vaporized in Sri Lanka. After thorough research with reliable web articles I understand that new small engines do need 0W20 immaterial of the ambient temperature to lubricate all the small internal gaps.. I am obsessed with doing technically and rationally right thing with facts and really get pissed off by the so called technical experts in local service centers who fail to prove their argument with facts.. This is the same situation with some human health related conditions and diagnosis in this country.. I think this ignorance is in the genes of Sri Lankans..
  2. Sura1973

    Engine Oil Grade - Recommended vs Cliamate

    Thanks a million for that translation... As per what I red in internet there will be no damage but performance may vary. So I still await a better clarification as internet does not have enough resources explaining these cross boarder specification changes in grey market cars originally built for Japanese domestic use.
  3. My car's (Boon) engine is Daihatsu's 1KR-FE (3 Cylinder/ 998cc) which is the same engine for Toyota Passo, Vitz, Wigo as well as Perodua Axia and Bezza. Underneath the car bonnet the recommended oil grade is mentioned as 0W-20. Other instructions are in Japanese yet I see they have refereed 15,000 km and 100,000 km as some bench mark mileage which I dont understand exactly what it is for. By the time I did my first oil change here in Sri Lanka the mileage was 3,000 km and hence I demanded the service station (accredited for the warranty period) to use the 0W-20. They said that for this engine they use 10W-30 (Caltex Mineral) which suits Sri Lanka's climate (Temperature). Also they said the 0W-20 recommended for Japan will lose its viscosity in Sri Lanka and would be thin like water soon. I googled immediately and found out a 1KR-FE's mechanical manual which had a range of recommended oils along with a temperature scale. I found 10W-30 was also there so for the time being I was convinced and let them use that oil. But I stared feeling skeptical if my decision was right as I find local service stations do not know what compliance means. I am attaching the pictures of under the bonnet notice and engine mechanical manual extracts. Please help me to sort out the questions below which I feel would be very helpful to every car owner. 1) Is this statement on picking up a suitable oil from a recommended range as per the ambient temperature is correct? 2) If my letting the service station to use the 10W-30 is not correct should I immediately go for a oil change to 0W-20 or should I do it after 5000km (next service) 3) What does this note in Japanese recommend ? Thanks ! Under the Bonnet notice 1KR-FE Engine mechanical manual extract
  4. Sura1973

    Side effects of Engine de-greasing?

    Thanks... The warranty for engine and gear box become null and void when we get the services done from non accredited places during the warranty period. So going to local agents of the car is not possible for that period. This is a common issue for all the grey market imports from Japan I think. The service station I refer is reputed for Hybrids and is said to have a mother company in Singapore. So I was somewhat convinced on what they mentioned on their sprays.. But I too feel odd to see any liquid patches on interior and engine bay plastics after leaving these places.. So will do that part my self in future.
  5. Sura1973

    Side effects of Engine de-greasing?

    Thanks... Actually I was referring those used for engine bay dressing .. These are done by most reputed service stations and the brand can not be detected as they use refillable spray cans... I wish they used proper ones as those service stations are accredited by SBT for warranty period of the vehicles.. Yer as you said in future I too think air cleaning is enough to be on the safer side.
  6. Almost all reputed service centers use engine de-greasers. But I feel very bad when I sense the oily surfaces over the rubber and plastic components within the engine bay such as bulb sockets etc... Are the modern de-greasers designed not to damage the rubber parts? Should we ask the service station to not to put de-greasers / dressing etc?
  7. Sura1973

    Reputed Car sale to buy a new CHR

    I heard a lot on car sales including forging or not disclosing Japanese auction grade of the car and obviously manipulating the ODO meter etc.. It is said that most of those people buy cars at Auction grades R (damaged) or lesser than 4 and repair and change the documents before importing. (may not be all but this was what I heard from someone who is in the business). For these reasons I went for a personal import through a friend and got involved in the purchase from the Auction itself. It was much smoother than I thought yet you need to have tolerance for a few months to get the vehicle. It gives flexibility to chose from a large array of vehicles with different conditions and prices yet there can be disappointments such as you seeing the model you purchased being auctioned for a lesser price next day. Yet still it will save one to three lacks from the car sale price but in this case you are sure of the Auction grade and ODO of your car. For example I imported a Daihatsu Boon (exact original of Toyota Passo) of Auction Grade 6 (highest) with mileage just 1,800 km. All inclusive driving cost from Hambanthota to Colombo was Rs. 33/40. Actually there was this damn Yen increase else I could have got it down for 32/90 yet still I think it is worth. So just see the pluses and minuses between car sale and personal import and give a try. If you buy from a sale request all Auction related documents and check the lot number at www.nicoba.com where you can see the true details of most carts sold to Sri Lanka. Also I have seen genuine small scale importers who just bring down one or two cars at a time and sell with a reasonable margin and authentic documents. Look for that also.
  8. Thanks all ! Yes the system issues, quality consciousness and planning etc are pathetic and we may not have any immediate conclusion. But being specific what do you think of; Destiny of used cars when it comes to second hand market.. Will there be a point that people would feel going for a used car is not worth? What will be the situation with supply of body parts and insurance premiums with a large number of different models coming in?
  9. May be yes due to stuck of my connection... Thanks !
  10. Hi, While the tax reduction is in favor for those who dream of a car I find it is bit scary to see the excessive number of prime movers from Hambathota with new cars as well as the increase of ads popping up for all sorts of used Japanese un registered cars. This is better than the previous influx of Indian made stuff but I really wonder how this is going to impact on the following. Impact on the second hand market price of registered cars.. Here I find different implications by engine capacity as well as the country of origin. Basically I wonder will there be any demand for good used vehicles. Traffic capacity of roads - During the past 2 years I find noticeable increase of cars in all main routes and I wonder if we are heading to a point of saturation where using a car (especially dyring rush hours) become a headache The number of accidents (in addition to fatal ones) are on a rise - This leads to repairs of all sorts for never heard models where I wonder how will be the availability of spares, especially body parts. Will this lead to huge increase in body parts as well as insurance premiums and long idle time of damaged vehicles until the parts are found? What will be the destiny of brand new imports and assembled vehicles as well as the grey market?
  11. Hi, I imported my car through SBT where I have to get its services and repairs done only from SBT accredited service centers in Sri Lanka. I live in Kelaniya and according to the local agents Mag City and Hybrid Motors Lanka (near Khettarama) are the closest centers for me. What would be the best place out of these two and are there any other better SBT service centers around?
  12. Thanks bro... Is it available at generic car shops?
  13. Thanks.. Any suggestion like spray wax? This is often missed due to time it takes though at the beginning we all take the maximum care..
  14. Nano Coat is said to be the most promising solution to protect the vehicle paint from acid rains etc.. but this is very expensive ranging from Rs. 45 k to 70 k. Instead what are the affordable methods and where are the available?
  15. I observe many advertisements to sell Kia Picantos of 2016 and 2017 for a price tag less than 3m. I wonder why the owners tend to do so. Personally I loved that car but finally went for a Japanese one just because Picanto lacking rear leg space and average fuel consumption (as heard). But is there any other reason people changing the car this soon? Is it assembled in India and can that be the reason?