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  1. Your one must be a company model. My UK model LC4 150 irons out the bumps even at 34-35psi
  2. This is probably the basic computer model. Most came with a 4d56 engine. This may have a 4M40 this will have less options than the so called intercooler model which has a 4M40 intercooler turbo engine. But the "intercooler" will be much more expensive than 3.5mill some reaching close to the 5mill mark. Anyway intercooler without turbo is like a bidet without a 🚽 toilet. Anyway its a great car very reliable and easy to maintain. Will go several times to the moon and back without any repairs and almost all should have visited the moon atleast once by now
  3. Clark'sson

    Poor honda vezel dont bash him srilankan dudes

    I prefer cream soda over nestcafe
  4. These are sister cars but Brand new a similar spec Santa fe is more expensive than the Sorento. And hyundai owns Kia. So the build quality of the santafe is much above the sorento. And there is a model change (not a facelift) during that years. So theres no sense buying the 2012 sorento over the Santafe. Actually its better to have a similar spec 2012 santafe than a 2012 sorento
  5. Yes the company told to use normal diesel when i drove it out brand new. But i used super diesel. The one i used with super didnt get the engine issue at even 100 000km. It was manual. The cluch pump and flywheel fail in the manuals so avoid them. Then i exchanged it to a fully loaded auto. It had its overhaul at 65 000km. But there are no issues afterwards. There is nothing to be afraid of if the overhaul had been done in the company. The fuel economy reduces with time but a diesel will do above 10kmpl easyly. But never expect 10 in any petrol suv. Youd lucky if you got around 5kmpl in the 2.7 v6 petrol. So if you need fuel economy never buy the petrol varient. 10years is nothing for a diesel suv and for the price theres no other vehicle thats comes to your requirement. The other optioms would be a Palathsaba Pajero or a Prado from the 1980s You can only buy something like a wagonr or alto new at that price which is totally useless for your requirement
  6. The description you mentioned only points to one vehicle. The Hyundai Santafe. Its the only 2007ish 7seater suv for your budget. Dont even think of converting a 5 seater to 7. Its not made to hold that weight and no proper mounts. Its a death trap. And the xtrail and rav 4 of that era never came with 7 seats. Its the vanguard a streached version of the rav4 which came later which had it. And there will be a significantly low fuel economy in the petrol suvs compared to the diesel You shouldnt be complaining about the horrible 2nd hand market of it because its the only reason it ended up in your budget. If it held on to the value like a toyota you couldnt even think of buying one. So the ones who should be upset are the ones who bought them brand new like us. The engine repair came at around 60 000km due to not using super diesel. If it was done properly. (Most were done in the company under a special warrenty). There woudnt be any issue. You could finda hacked one for 3.5 But dont be an el-cheapo and go for the cheapest one. Go for a good condition one with all the options like 4wd, 7 seats, triptronic, spped lock etc. Its better to get a well looked after one for a little bit more than a hacked one for a little cheaper and spend much more on repairs.
  7. Clark'sson

    Buying a used BMW X1 E84 diesel

    Its a 2wd station wagon car. And if you want a suv for that budget go for a santafe, sorento, or an old montero sport.
  8. Clark'sson

    Montero Sport 2008

    Yes the montero sport is an excellent choice at that price point. The pickup is ok for an indirect injection engine. But as tiv mentioned domt expect 1KD or 4M41 performance. And actually it has the 4d56 out of the palathsaba pajero turbo wagon. So it will perform just like that. The engine is durable. And like the new montero sport its based on the L200 of its days ofcorse but has rear indipendent suspension unlike the cab. Anyways its a much better (a million times better choice tjan vessels , chr, crv those cross overs and wannabe suvs). Probably its one of the cheapest offroaders awailable at the moment. Comfort is ok but the vehicle shows its age. Its actually a 90s model with 90s styling and equipment. But again its a million times better than those others
  9. Clark'sson

    Landcruiser Prado 2014

    You can get a 2011 - 2012 well looked after low millage diesel UK model one with all the bells and whistles for that price. Most of the England models i checked out were well looled after and had descent and reliable millages while the local models had been run a lot (rented out etc ) and had unacceptable millages or high ones most of them. So in my resent hunt i decided to go for a 2011 well looked after UK model LC4 for around your budget and im loving every bit of it. And yes the diesel torque in this is really impressive and due to it being vgt it delivers enough grunt at lower RPMs
  10. Clark'sson

    Landcruiser Prado 2014

    The diesel is much more economical than the petrol. But when comparing with the montero it does slightly less. The 1KD diesel does around 12kmpl long distance and close to 10kmpl short distance (not in heavy traffic). The petrol one has much more options. Duel electric leather seats with heated seats, 3rd row electric seats. 17 speaker audio system, 18"alloy wheels a optitron speedometer to name a few. I have a UK England model one which has the best of both worlds. Its a diesel and has all those bells and whistles of the petrol G frontier. Its also more sound insulated than the local and japan models so theres no road noice coming inside. Theres also KDSS a special traction control system which also minimizes body roll. A crowl control sysyem, 2nd start, cornering active headlights (AFS) and much more. Also the sound system is a JBL synthesis 17 speaker one puting out 1060w. Overall its much more comfortable and economical than the local models. So if your in the hunt for a prado i suggest you go for a England UK model one. But check for undercarriage rust. Most of this issue was settled by having a good undercoarriage rustproofing.
  11. Clark'sson

    Vehicle permit - What to do?

    If your permit is the 3.6million permit you can sell it for much more than 1.5 million. Actally you can sell it close to 2.5 million. One sales guy asked 2.3 for mine could have asked for more if i needed to. If you are bringing down one eg-chr would cost around 3.3 million but can sell off for Close to 7 million+ so youll earn the 3.6 million but if you have to take lot of loans and do a lot of gil-mart to get the initial youd be better off selling it off. But you can go for more than 2.3 million for it so remember to give the hora who tried to buyit for 1.5 million a knuckle samdwitch. If your not sure about the price check i#[email protected]
  12. Clark'sson

    SUV's : Old vs New (Montero-Montero Sport--Land Cruiser)

    kThe low torque figures and power coming at high revs and the insane fuel economy is whats bad with the petrols. With the low torque some petrols like the 2L na xtrail struggle to carry its own weight. Combine that and the high reving makes it difficult to use and to fill up. Did you consider the 2008 montero sport its kind of a better option than the petrol rav4s outlanders xtrails vitaras and crvs Anyway my advice would be to go for a montero or prado which has been well looked after. Using them for some time now and hasnt missed a beat. But keep some green around Rs.200 000 for the unexpected. And get the niggles sorted out just after the purchase.
  13. Clark'sson

    Turbo charging a primeo

    Its like taking a grandma to midn*ght [email protected]
  14. Clark'sson

    SUV's : Old vs New (Montero-Montero Sport--Land Cruiser)

    I resently bought a Prado uk model with the 1KD engine. I took a look at a 5L with manual transmission. The 5L never matches the 150 and stand clear of it. Frankly the 5L is being used for UN (united nations) models. Anyway the 1KD atleast in UK spec has great pulling power. Didnt drag a trailer around but with 7 adults sitting comfortably climbing upto nuwaraeliya didnt even break a sweat. Mainly due to the high torque figures it passes other vehicles like nothing. The 5L diesel engine has only has 106hp and 197nm of torque. The petrol G frontier has 158hp and and 246nm of torque. The company model 1KD diesel has 170hp and 352nm of torque. While the UK (england) model 1KD diesel has 190hp and 491nm of torque. So that makes the difference.
  15. Clark'sson

    Honda CRV vs Mithubishi Montero

    Its easier than finding a spongecake from a bakery