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  1. Thanks everyone for the replys Yes the x is not big but i teally love its looks. If its ok in the maintainence department and i find a good indipendent mech thats the one id go for. What to look out for in these. (I've always wanted to own a jag). I dont mind the long front end of the 407 and its the only diesel option here i love the diesel Torque. A crown of this millennium is probably out of my budget. You mean the green aristo right. Its kind of old and the gs would be way out of this budget. Mark x is also a good option if there is a mint one. Not looking for a sporty car tough. A good v6 with not that firm suspension is good.
  2. Im planning to buy a luxry barge. Not much concern about the fuel economy but it should be reliable. It would mainly run long distance but ocasionaly. My budget is 2 - 3.5 million may pass the mark for a really good example The Jag x type is in the top of my list. Those having experience on the big cats please share some info on the maintainence cost and indipendent specialists etc.. The cefiro is the safe bet a 2006ish facelift is on my mind in this case. Any info on it. The pros and cons. While on nissan the skyline. Well really love to own one because of the name. Considering a 2002 ish g35. Its more related to the cefiro than the r34(which is too old for me) but still is a skyline by name. Peugeots are also on the list havent got much of an idea but what aboutthe 607. Also as a sensible chice the 407 diesel. And those in the know please share some info on the indipendent specialists and maintainence. Another totally bonkers choicewould be an old 1999 ish s class. It would be a money pit but to what extent. Anyone having openioms on Toyota camrys Verossa and Markx Other recomendations are also highly valued
  3. Clark'sson

    Budget 2019

    Oh no im sorry i apologise, They can use them on sunny corrola and lancer a4 and elentra days too
  4. Clark'sson

    Budget 2019

    Then there will be a huge inflow of vehicles and the rupee will drop even more. The dollar will rise to 300. Keeping old cars running is a good thing for the middle class. They can use them on a rainy day.
  5. Clark'sson

    Qashqai, CHR, Vezel, Peugeot 3008

    Yep every time I hear the word I think of this. It'll eat up all your cash. The crv or the eclipse cross are better options. BTW the non permit price of the eclipse cross is close to 10mill. Which comes close to the price of a 2013 montero. So if I were you I'd bring an eclipse cross sell it and buy a Monty. Well it's the baby suv vs the flagship.
  6. Clark'sson

    Qashqai, CHR, Vezel, Peugeot 3008

    I'll just say ask a x trail owner about the gearbox
  7. Clark'sson

    Land Cruiser 100/105 worth the money?

    If you are concerned about the fuel economy and need a good SUV with road presence you should go for a mid sized alternative like the Montero or the prado. If you have a liking towards the easy to maintainence with no useless electronics that could go wrong. Go for the 5L model prado or the 4m40 Montero. You can get a 2013 example for 10 to 12 million. Less than a LC100 of around 2000. And if your ok with manual the manuals do in excess of 13kmpl long run and around 10kmpl in Colombo. From my experience in the 4m40 and they are very easy and cheap to maintain.
  8. Clark'sson

    Coolant leak fixing.

    Pressurising to running pressure was done. No oil in the coolant. All horses clamps radiator cap and water pump replaced in the overhaul around 40 000km ago. No root cause identified Last option was to dismenttal and check the head gasket which was replaced with a genuine one around 40 000km ago. Some say it could crack.
  9. Clark'sson

    Coolant leak fixing.

    Checked the cap and did a pressure check. All were ok Also checked the water pump and radiator all is ok. The mechanic had told only the oil cooler system is left. What about the liqui moli stuff. I was told it only seals at places it's exposed to the outside air
  10. Clark'sson

    Coolant leak fixing.

    One of my friends who has a pajero intercooler had a coolant leak. He had checked the radiator all the horses etc and the water pump and there was no leak. He has checked for any signs of leak around the car and there was none. It had been completely overhauled around 40000km ago using genuine parts bought from the company. And properly run in afterwards. There were no issues up to now. This is a very slow leak around 500ml every 500km and the system has more than 8L of coolant. It's been always used and topped up with coolant. And it has never been overheated. He is considering using a coolant leak sealer. Went to the internet and saw some positive reviews on a product called k seal. Is there a product like that in sri Lanka. If so where to buy and is it worth a try.
  11. Clark'sson

    Two door cars. Which is the worst.

    What I mean by fake is not adding the original parts I mean those places who make spoilers etc look alikes of the original and stick stickers on them.
  12. Clark'sson

    Two door cars. Which is the worst.

    I actually made a list of 10. I didn't put the Porsches as they were kind of way more expensive. Well the others were put in kind of a representative way. What's said on the sera is relevant to cars like the Levin, sunny and civic hatches. And the c class one goes with the Beemer cabriolet. Anyways if someone is into them write a small note on them too for completion
  13. Clark'sson

    Two door cars. Which is the worst.

    Hope these will be useful. To all you who are trying to make out with a low life chick or having a midlife crisis. Additions criticism and remarks are highly appreciated
  14. Clark'sson

    Two door cars. Which is the worst.

    9. The CRX was a good honest Honda coupe of its time. But they are old and being disgraced by it's younger brother the crz. 10. And last and the least the Crz. It was told it was the replacement of the crx which was a ok car. So that hybrid badge will chase away all the chicks but will it be of use at the fuel station. No. It has so called 3 modes but whatever mode you are in you'd be lucky if it does more than a ICE corolla 110. Not much performance either. But the zf2 with the additional omph in the s+ button will give some attitude specially like using KURS but that's not available in the zf1. The door handles break easily and the silver wears off quickly. Honda introduced it as a hybrid that was available in manual transmission those days. but how many of you would buy a manual crz in your midlife crisis. But if you are going to buy one go for a manual because it has the troublesome dual couch auto from the vezel grace etc. And like the 86 don't be fooled by the fake mods that the youngsters hang on these to well get the chicks. And don't be fooled by the mods they hang after totalling the front or rear ends. Mugen cars have a special plate in the drivers side door and check for authentisity if someone claims. Don't be fooled by panchikawatta bodykits and spoilers with stickers and lights on them. Like Chinese iphone replicas. This is the same as the gt86 TRD. Honda designers made the front look like a grace and the rear like an insight. So you can call it the PARTIALinsight or the DISgrace. It's down in the list because of its not a good hybrid nor a good sports car and it didn't live up to the level of its predecessor. And for the price of buying a 5 year old one you can buy a brand new s660 which is actually a better car of this type.
  15. Clark'sson

    Two door cars. Which is the worst.

    Now comes the bad ones 8. Gt86 it's a called one of the best handling sports cars by a renowned automotive show which was stared by some one with a name close to mine. But how relevant for your midlife crisis or to your low life chick who gets in the car with the most bling. So it's not worth the 8million plus used price tag in sri Lanka also considering how much they are molstered for their age. They are actually raped so the it has the highest age to rape ratio. And don't believe in the crappy local mods they have. Most will claim TRD etc but check for their authentisity. So this goes lower down the order.