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  1. Hey guys,I heard about auto gear problem in Nissan x-trail T30 & T31.is it true?and is it common problem in NISSAN x-trail ? plz help
  2. Thanks all of guys to comment to this post. I haven't fingers on my right hand.but its not problem to me drive a vehicle,and I used manual vehicle and now a day I'm also using a manual vehicle.So I can drive a light vehicle perfectly,I use my two hands perfectly drive a vehicle.I also can do all the thing while drive(I mean use wiper,winker)I want to know,disable person who can drive perfectly,can they pass driving licence?(examiner)I think all you can understand my problem help me
  3. thank u friend,how he got his medical certificate? and how negotiate with examiner?
  4. Hey guys I'm a disable person who haven't fingers in write hand.although I'm disable I can drive light vehicles perfectly since school age for about 10yrs.but still I couldn't get driving licence.but I want get driving licence.plz let me know is there any method to take driving licence for disables?
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