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  1. My Dear gents, I earlier posted in wrong category . Please share your opinions and advice on Kia Sorento EX/2007/ 3.5L 4WD petrol Auto / 135,000km 1. Is this a Vehicle with a reliable engine? The V6. 2. Is the engine with timing belt or chain? 3. Is the model prone to Interior rattle and premature degradation , dash board cracking, fading like cefiro ? 4. Mechanical/ Engine parts available ? 5. used body parts available ? if known please mention a location. 6. Average fuel consumption for steady driving colombo city and Out station running ? 7. Resale potential ? 8. Approx market price today for a 2 nd owner model? 9. any other relevant known issue with these vehicles? 10. AC ' capacity good /bad/average? 11. comfort level.? ( compared to a RAV4 or X-Trail or Fortuner of same vintage) your valued opinion is most welcome Quote Edit
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