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  1. Thanks mate had a headache with this tax thing
  2. Hi Mate I went through it.. But cant understand it. Based on cc it wont apply ca kyron is 1998cc Tax type on CR is motor car. Bit confused
  3. Hi guyz just wanted to know is the semi Luxury tax applicable for 1998cc kyron year 2008 Tax category is motor car Please let me know Thanks
  4. I also got to know the issue which I heard that its on the 6 gear version of the vehicle im focused on the 5 fwd triptronic still searching for details
  5. KumaraWij

    Buying a 2008 Kyron

    Hi Guyz Im planing on getting a 2008 kyron. Currently on a panda which i need more space. Can you please advise me on what to look in to? Almost all the available vehicles have done 110,000 or close. Hope to get some advice
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