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  1. Yeah bro. I was not active here for a while.being busy with life..
  2. Good one bro!! Glad to see she’s with right hands. Do share about your next one when that time comes.cheerz..
  3. @Sir Lancerlot is much better than Hyundai..😝😝
  4. sorry guys I was not active here for a while. I too can agree with @Davy here. When I bought my car the previous owner had the original shocks with him ( which he has put up for sale separately) they were including boots were in great condition. I was itching to buy them but changed my mind eventually. Car was 10 years old (2008 YOM)
  5. @trinity same is pending for me. A small leak was spotted during the regular service on RR brake cylinder (However I do not see any brake Oil level drops) . I am still trying to arrange a suitable time to do the repair at UNIMO. Hopefully as soon as possible.
  6. Just out of curiosity, 1. How many RX-7's in Sri lanka ? 2. How may Nissan GTR R34's out there? 3. How many Toyota Supra's ? 4. What about legit Evolution 9 (non-converted)? I remember back in early 2000's when I was just an observer in Autolanka the forum was telling stories about dilan's Black RX7, Tharindu's silver supra and of course Andrew's white Skyline R34. What happened to those? If I am not mistaken at those times guys were going crazy over Fast and furious and NFS underground so the night street racing established and started to grow Sri lanka. Any thoughts?
  7. @Hyaenidae= I always think to myself ohh “Hyundai” has responded.😛😛
  8. @trinity helpful information and thanks for sharing the interesting story. Glad you sorted this out. About the spare cv joint I think you had better keep it at your disposal just in case. Also CV axel for 170k at unimo? That’s just ridiculous IMO. Remember in my case they quoted 32k for just one tiny ABS sensor.
  9. @ramishkad I got mine done at “Perera wheel alignment center” in battaramulla. My experience was pretty much positive with them as the wheel alignment operator knew exactly what he was doing and he took his time to complete the job.
  10. Clean AF. That also looks dapper. I think we are corrupting our own minds. Might end up switching to aftermarket taillights eventually. 😅
  11. I too believe this looks better than the earlier taillights
  12. I have a pic of previous owner removing the aftermarket back lights and putting the stock ones back in (could be due to a damage). So I believe he sold the aftermarket taillights along with the Vortex generator. Honestly I think the stock one looks better. It really pops out the back.
  13. Yeah machan. It's been almost a year since I married her.😍
  14. LANCER EX- Life before me Found an awesome set of old clicks of my lancer courtesy of my good friend Elnino. It seems she had quite an eventful life before settling down with me in my remote village. Thought of sharing some pics to have a glimpse of her past.
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