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  1. K.o.N.o.S

    kumho tyres

    My Demio came with Kumho and so far they have served me well.
  2. K.o.N.o.S

    CVT Vs Conventional Auto

    Thanks for clarification.Much appreciated!!
  3. K.o.N.o.S

    CVT Vs Conventional Auto

    Guys this may sound like a stupid question.I am having a hard time figuring out the gear box in my car..I have searched and gathered the following points so far. 1- in a conventional auto gear box we can actually feel the gears are being shifted whereas in cvt you we do not feel the shift change- in my case I can feel the 1st gear shifts and I do not feel any subsequent shifts.instead RPM level goes up along with the acceleration. 2- We can identify cvt by looking at gear lever-In conventional auto gear lever contains P,R,N,D,2,1. However in cvt it’s usually P,R,N,D,S,L.- in my case it’s the latter. Also in my understanding you can not identify CVT by just looking at the gear lever- help me clarify Car is Demio- 2009- DBA-DE3FS- 1340cc thanks in advance.
  4. K.o.N.o.S

    Brake system failure

    Guys I have bleeded the braking system and the system is working as expected. Will let you know if something unusual happens in the future.Thanks all for your valuable advice and guidance..Cheerz!!
  5. K.o.N.o.S

    Brake system failure

    I just performed the above test twice and as per the 4th point the padel did not sink to the floor.👍.
  6. K.o.N.o.S

    Brake system failure

    Thanks Mr Bourne..will give this a try.☺️
  7. K.o.N.o.S

    Brake system failure

    Thank you !!☺️
  8. K.o.N.o.S

    Brake system failure

    Hi, is there a specific person at Mazna motors that I could get advice on this with?
  9. K.o.N.o.S

    Brake system failure

    No. I haven’t done any maintenances or repairs to the braking system after I bought the car ( about 1 year ago). If the air had trapped internally it would have behaved the same way consistently correct? Why the system suddenly came back to normal? I am on the run for about 3 days now and no issues so far. Unfortunately we couldn’t bleed the system..maybe it slipped my mind & mechanic’s mind as well..thank you for enlightening.
  10. K.o.N.o.S

    Brake system failure

    Hi. 1.Yes the AC was on 2. This is the first time I encountered this issue. I have been driving the car for two days since the issue and as of now braking system is working smoothly.
  11. K.o.N.o.S

    Brake system failure

    Davy, it was just a regular press to slow down in a very bumpy area of the cross road leading up to my house. Actually yesterday I did some testing and everything seems normal.ABS kicked in as expected. The mechanic was with me the whole time ( he’s a relation of mine).Anyway he’s very firm on the fact that a worn out master braking cylinder could be the underlying cause.Even though the system works fine the problem might surface anytime soon. That is according to his advice .Now I am kind of scary to drive the car..😩
  12. K.o.N.o.S

    Brake system failure

    Could be..Because the road leading upto my house is very narrow & bumpy (about 1.5 km from the main road) so most of the time I have to depress the padel to slow down..for the record I do not rest my foot on the brake pedal. I did about 20 min of driving
  13. K.o.N.o.S

    Brake system failure

    Hi members, yesterday when I was driving my Demio when drepressing suddenly brake pedal went all the way to the floor. Luckily I was near a garage & took the car for inspection right away..however after about 10min or so brake system came back to normal without having to do any repairs..I searched the forum/Net and found out that, 1- Could be a brake fluid leak- which was not the case & the mechanic did a through inspection 2- Error in the braking booster- highly unlikely according to mechanic’s advice 3- failure in braking master cylinder- which mechanic suggested that if the issue happens again he will do an inspection on the component.could be an internal issue he said. he advised me to drive the car normally for the moment and not to panic. I am skeptical and I need a second opinion on this and appreciate if you guys could shed some light. thank you.
  14. K.o.N.o.S

    Car for 4.5M

    How about Mazda 2 Hatchback ?
  15. K.o.N.o.S

    Number Plate Province Change

    I did the same when I bought my car. It was registered in Colombo and got it changed to CP. you will need to pay a transfer fee at dept of motor traffic