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    @TRC I think you have flagged your own self as a hypocrite.most of the AL members are people who posses extensive knowledge in terms of vehicle usage, mechanical knowledge and overall knowledge in every aspect of a vehicle. If you search this forum you may notice that there are lots of newbies seeking knowledge and advices from AL members.That's because then can rely on AL members advice.if you had asked for advice/help before buying this car of yours then you probably would have thought twice before purchasing the car. I think you are just being paranoid for buying what majority of the users consider to be a worthless vehicle and you are trying to feel good about your decision to buy this at the first place.anyway like mentioned above if you are happy with your car then by all means enjoy. it's your baby..

    I admire your bravery to even think of buying X25. But my sincere advice to you- sell your car immediately or keep her with you forever. You have to agree to the fact that Majority of the users will not recommend the car. I would say go with the majority
  3. Friend,it's imperative that you keep all the documents in handy when driving your vehicle. These include 1. Your original revenue licence and small copy pasted on the windshield. 2. Your licence & insurance 3. Emission report ( just in case) 4. Certicate of registration of your vehicle ( a copy will do)
  4. meter dashboard notification

    I think this is the low engine coolant temperature warning indicator which comes when the ignition is switched on. I would worry if it was the high engine coolant temperature indicator. Hence no need to panic. This should eventually go off after the engine reaches the desired temperature
  5. Car Polishing & waxing tips

    Thanks for the tip. Will definitely check it out
  6. Car Polishing & waxing tips

    Is Nano wax spray as good as as it sounds? Btw how much will be the original 99soft? I am tempted to use autoglym products but the price tag keeps pushing me back...😳
  7. Car Polishing & waxing tips

    Muditha thanks for your advice.Fyi.car is Mazda demio 2009- Dark grey
  8. Car Polishing & waxing tips

    After applying How long should I wait before buffing the wax? 5-10 min?
  9. Guys I am planning to polish & wax my car & this will be a first time for me to perform such a task. Hence if you could give me any advice,any tips/experience you had in the past, that would be really helpful to me. I love these DIY jobs and I will be using autoglym products. Also I would like to know whether polishing & waxing prevent small scratches or not.Just want to protect the clearcoat. Thanks.
  10. Buying a Mazda Demio

    Welcome to the demio club.As a proud owner of a Mazda demio I would like to state that you are taking a wise decision to buy the car. Look for a one with CVT , ,RPM meter and a double din player.When I was hunting for my car I was looking for a one with HID headlamp as well.could not find one with HID so settled with the other options.mind you demio is bit of a bumpy ride on hard surfaces. But you can have a surprising amount of fun just by driving the car. Further it was the world car of the year 2008. Totally deserved in my opinion.My one does about 10-Kms (city limits) and about 14 (outstation).
  11. Coolant flush- clarification

    Thank you for the info
  12. Coolant flush- clarification

    Thanks much. I am actually planning to add caltex premixed ( green) coolant so Won't have to add water. Further may I know the reason as to why should I fill the reservoir to the max line? Shouldn't that be between the max & min lines?
  13. Coolant flush- clarification

    Thanks for the info Davy. Also may I know the cooling capacity of the system? Is there a proper way to measure besides collecting the draining water from the system? ( demio 2009 YOM)
  14. Guys, my car was leaking coolant for sometime and it turned out the issue was with the radiator cap & radiator tank ( the one that connects with the radiator cap). So I replaced the cap and the tank and on the process the garage guy drained my old coolant. He advised not to fill it with new coolant at least for another 3 days because of the newly installed tank. Instead he filled the system with water only. I am planning to add fresh coolant to the car this weekend. My question is should I do a total flush of the coolant system before adding coolant or just add coolant? The mechanic said a total flush would not be required. Appreciate your expert opinion on this. Thanks in advance