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  1. K.o.N.o.S

    The Mazda Demio Thread

    As Davy has mentioned this is not a serious issue at all.My understanding is that when washing or exposed to rain the water enters inside which creates moisture inside and overtime it forms rust on bare metal surfaces.Usually we tend to concentrate only on wiping the exterior of the vehicle but not the inside.
  2. K.o.N.o.S

    Help needed

    Wouldn’t say this an accident. I was reversing without noticing a large notice board hanging and the lid touched the tip of one of the corners of the board. Anyway like you said I am not worried much.
  3. K.o.N.o.S

    Help needed

    2lks? Are you Kidding me? please elaborate your way of valuations when buying vehicles.
  4. K.o.N.o.S

    Help needed

    Correct..I guess I am already over this now..😊😊
  5. K.o.N.o.S

    Help needed

    Thank you for recommending the place. But I guess I just leave it as it is for the moment.
  6. K.o.N.o.S

    Help needed

    Correct. I guess I am just being paranoid for the time being. These things are inevitable. This was my fault anyway as I was not being careful when reversing. Lucky to be left over with just a small dent.
  7. K.o.N.o.S

    Help needed

    Dear members, My car was met with a minor dent in the back ( near the Mazda logo) and I am wondering if there’s any DIY method to get rid of this.Or does this require refilling and painting? Any advice would be helpful.. thanks
  8. K.o.N.o.S

    The Mazda Demio Thread

    Davy I am with you on this one. I think the issue accurs around 40-50k of mileage.Mine was 75k when I bought the car and luckily I did not have to replace the rack. A properly done re-bushing resolved most of the vibrations ( hats off to mazna for a job well done) Better to address the issue before it becomes worse.
  9. K.o.N.o.S

    The Mazda Demio Thread

    If the car is having any steering rack issues you can try dismantling and rebushing of the rack that will resolve about 90% of the issue. I have done for mine at mazna motors for 9k. But if the rack is far too gone you will have to replace the rack which will cost you about 75k. So check the current condition of the steering rack before buying further I would suggest checking engine mounts.After all it is a 10 year old car. You can easily identify this by starting up the car and reving up a bit. if the upholstery is shaking excessively then most likely that engine mounts have gone really bad.
  10. K.o.N.o.S

    Mitsubishi Lancer RalliArt

    Brilliant work bro!! The things that you are doing with your car makes me fall in love with lancers..❤️
  11. K.o.N.o.S

    Buy car which have low fuel consumption

    Great to read on your positive experience in Mira. And also glad to know there are still people out there who think out side of the Box and not living in these echo chambers of Wagon'Rs and Stringray's.
  12. K.o.N.o.S

    Guess who bought a Lancer EX

    she looks like an absolute Minter. Congratz!!
  13. K.o.N.o.S

    Brake system failure

    I think you are referring to bleeding the ABS modular using pressure bleeder and scanning tool. I just double checked with them and it has been done.
  14. K.o.N.o.S

    Brake system failure

    Yes.ABS system scanned and resetting done. Subsequently brake washers replaced and system was bleeded.
  15. K.o.N.o.S

    Brake system failure

    Hi members. I encountered this brake issue again.So I took the car to Mazna motors for inspection. Everything seemed fine and they bleeded the system again and replaced rear brake bushes ( they were pretty worn out). Lalith said that due to the complexity of the ABS braking system it’s pretty hard to diagnose this issue as they have to replace part by part to find out the source of this issue. Yesterday I was on my way from Colombo to kandy and suddenly brake padel sinked to the floor again. The issue was there until I reached home.(had no option but to drive very carefully through heavy rain). Now I am kind of convinced that brake master cylinder has gone bad. I am going to take the car to the local mechanic as I can’t risk taking the vehicle to Colombo knowing that brake padel is spongy. Anyway appreciate if you could share some insights. Thank you.