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  1. Coolant system clarification ( Mazda demio 2009)

    Thanks rumesh. Yes there seems to be a problem with the cooling system. Going to get it checked asap..
  2. Coolant system clarification ( Mazda demio 2009)

    For the record i did not do any repairs on the coolant system.i am guessing the water leakage is condensation from the Ac. That's nothing to worry about right?
  3. Coolant system clarification ( Mazda demio 2009)

    Thanks Davy. Yes you are correct. There seems to be a leak under the car. I checked right after I have driven it. However I checked the leakage. I got couple of drops into a cup & It seems to be water not coolant..any insight about that? Meanwhile I will check further on the coolant system.
  4. Guys need your expert advice. i am regularly checking the coolant level in my reservoir and it consntantly dropping below the low mark. Car is Mazda demio 2009 and I am using caltex premixed (green) coolant. Is this something I need to worry about? Should I get my coolant system checked? FYI I checked the coolant level in the reservoir when the engine is in both cold & hot situations. They both read as either near low or below low mark.Appreciate your advice
  5. Removing water spots from car windows

    BTW where can we find AutoGlym car glass polisher in Sri Lanka? Googled. Could not find.
  6. Removing water spots from car windows

    Thanks Davy, will give it a try..I hope this will not affect the tint. Went to automiraj and they asked for 6.5k for all the 6 windows along with a body wash
  7. Does anyone know how to remove water spots (mineral deposits) from car windows?
  8. Micro panda issues

    I do not have an insight of the issues and the spare parts..but I know for a fact that it has a terrible after sale value.some of my friends who owned the car complained only about the resale value.I think it's more comfortable than an Alto