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  1. K.o.N.o.S

    Mazda 323 BJ-II Astina SP20 Hatch

    Congratulations @Davy. She’s a minter and Looks like an excellent buy. Back in the days my best friend used to have a Red Astina and I remember how it got me hooked. Brings back loads of memories!! cheerz!
  2. K.o.N.o.S

    Do dreams come true? = YES (Bought a lancer ex)

    @Hyaenidae There's no functionality. I fitted those for aesthetic purposes only. Got them for free thanks to @ELNINO.
  3. K.o.N.o.S

    Brake pedal is softer than before

    Hi, first of all stop driving the vehicle and take it your local garage right away. You are putting yourself and the other people's lives at risk. There could be number of reasons for this. 1. Air bubbles are trapped inside the system. 2. Loss of brake fluid. 3. Brake master cylinder has gone bad. 4. Bad brake booster. 5, A Leak somewhere in the brake system. 6, Brake wear and adjustment. I would first suggest bleeding the brake system to see if the problem goes away.
  4. K.o.N.o.S

    Do dreams come true? = YES (Bought a lancer ex)

    My bad. Yes the right fender
  5. K.o.N.o.S

    Do dreams come true? = YES (Bought a lancer ex)

    I assume you are referring to the slight patch just where the left fender meets the upper part. it's not a damage. Just a mud patch caused by excessive driving in the rain.
  6. K.o.N.o.S

    Do dreams come true? = YES (Bought a lancer ex)

    Greetings guys, It’s been a while and I have Few updates to report. Replaced Rear tires- As confirmed before I wanted to use Bridgestone potenzas. Checked with autodrome and few other places, But damn those babies are expensive. Hence had to settle with a pair of Nankang Sports NS-20 (225/45/R18). Can not complain or compare as anyway I am riding low profile which makes me aware of slightest bumps/Pat holes on the road. These were the only affordable ones I could find to fit my wallet.( if you are wondering it cost me 47k for the 2 tires which includes Wheel balancing and alignment). Ac was blowing hot air- At first I thought it could be a leak in the system. Hence recharged the system and performed a through inspection through a professional. No leaks were found. However I am keeping an eye and Will monitor in the coming months. Brakes were making a squeaking noise in cool temperature- as I suspected front brake pads were showing their age and brake pads were replaced. No more shouting!! What good is an update without any pics? Taken from a few road trips that I went and some in my neighborhood. Enjoy Cheerz!!
  7. K.o.N.o.S

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    For me the most realistic NFS experience were Shift and shift unleashed. I loved the feeling of being in the cockpit view. If you want the most realistic of them all try “Project cars”.
  8. K.o.N.o.S

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    It looks hideous!! I mean what was Toyota thinking?
  9. K.o.N.o.S

    Do dreams come true? = YES (Bought a lancer ex)

    @Hyaenidae is your one 1600cc? I have also seen a limited edition 2400cc (4B12) very rare sight
  10. K.o.N.o.S

    Do dreams come true? = YES (Bought a lancer ex)

    I am happy to know that I am not alone..😀😀
  11. K.o.N.o.S

    What is your ultimate dream car?

    When your ultimate dream car is a Japanese monster!!
  12. K.o.N.o.S

    What is your ultimate dream car?

    I got the chance to drive one about a month ago. It was like a ship on the road with sheer pulling power.
  13. K.o.N.o.S

    What is your ultimate dream car?

    Dreams do come true bro!! Best of luck!!
  14. K.o.N.o.S


    Ranking the 3 from my experience and according to the others around me. 1. Dunlop 2. Kumho 3. Maxxies