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  1. It leads to no man’s land. 😝😝 can you guess where does it lead to?
  2. @Hyaenidae looks like the engine bay could use a clean up. I usually vacuum clean the bay. Luckily my engine cover is large enough so that it covers a wide area
  3. during my last service they used an engine degreasing agent to clean the bay. I guess using a degreaser is totally fine. As for the under carriage wash hmmm I guess it would be okay to clean undercarriage at least once in a year right? IMO it’s not regularly required.
  4. Congratulations on your 1st Subi. This deserves a separate thread with lots of pics. Looking forward to read more on your experience.
  5. In my experience the comfort level is on par with what I had with my previous car. However this is my 1st sedan and I do not have anything to compare with.I consider myself as an amateur to vehicles. But you guys are pros who have been using cars for a long time and your perception on comfort aspect might be different. Absolutely. I think what I can do right now is give @trinity a test run on my car. So that he can ascertain whether he likes the setup or not.
  6. @Hyaenidae this guide was given to me by @ELNINO when he sold the car to me.I think this is much more relevant to us as the person who has written this has done it on a 2008 lancer ex.Believe we can use this along with what @Davy has mentioned above.
  7. The previous owner of my car recommended a place for me in case if I have to do any suspension repairs. The place is “Sunil Motors” in boralesgamuwa. I will pm you the contact details so you can check with them.but I have not done any repairs with them. But the previous owner who is an avid lancer enthusiast has trusted them with his cars
  8. It is time to do some brainwashing.😋
  9. I assume you are going to get it done at the agents? I do not think it is necessary to use a LLC changer. Anyway I am yet to change coolant and I thought this is something which we can DIY at home.
  10. Depreciating as far as I know. 2014,15 models are going somewhere between 2.4-2.5mil and 2017,18= 2.7-2.9 mil
  11. That looks like a RC car being toppled
  12. They were out of stock Machan. Looks like you were the lucky one to grab the last piece. Your name came up as one of the people who has bought it recently.😀
  13. Yeap after he bought the car he changed the spoiler
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