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  1. Parts are available but expensive here. I searched in Wijerama. Bonnet is around 20-24K and bumper is nearly 20K. My uncle has a yard in Japan. He’s found a few CB petrol models and he’s trying to send a complete set of body parts. So I’m awaiting that only.
  2. Yes I checked this option since it wouldn't look good with a steel rim. But yes you got a point.
  3. Thank you will check with them. As I've already ordered a set which is arriving in another 2 months I need a temporary repair. This wheel is a generic one which was there when I bought the car. It hit a metal bar during an accident even I was surprised the way it happened.
  4. Happy New Year everyone, Please do let me know if you guys know any place to get an alloy wheel repaired. (Refer the picture attached) Even if it's a temporary repair that is fine till I buy a new set. TIA
  5. Same thing was told by my garage. I too hope it would come out good. If not, I can replace a bonnet later. Thank you
  6. I get it. But as of now, I need a temporary repair as I can get some parts down from Japan in another 3,4 months. Until then I'll stick to this.
  7. That's the problem I'm worried. Even my garage is unable to fix it. They are bringing down this person from outside to get it done. As per them he's an old school fellow and expert in the subject. Thank you for your comment.
  8. Yes my garage also recommended to replace. They told If I insist they can do fix but cannot guarantee the fine finish as it was. For now, I'd choose that option. Thanks a lot.
  9. Hello, I own a Lancer CB8 1993 and recently met with an accident. My bonnet is badly damaged. (Refer the picture) Would I be able to fix this or do I have to replace the bonnet? (Looking for the cheaper option for now) What do you guys think? Also, I need to purchase front left head lamp, front Bumper, Shell, Condenser and Bonnet (If fixing won't work). If you guys have came across any shop (Preferably in Colombo) which may have CB parts please do help me. TIA
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