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  1. Priyanthaw

    Toyota aqua 2014

    Gentlemen.. im trying to buy a toyota aqua 2014. And i dont have any experiences of hybrid vehicles. Please can anybody educate me what matters i should look in to before buying the car.. also what kind of repairs i will have to do usually as it is 5 years old. And the milage is 85000km.
  2. Priyanthaw

    Mazda Bongo fuel consumption

    @Twin Turbo thnk u ...more than 300k. Hoping to do a injector service. Will it give a good result ?
  3. Priyanthaw

    Mazda Bongo fuel consumption

    I have Mazda bongo model van 1994. And it did about 14km/l earlier at hill country and seems like now it has reduced up around 10km/l. May i know what would be the problem and what would be the maximum i can achieve from this vehicle?