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  1. @Innovtech They charged around 5K for my first service (without labour charge) and their customer service is pretty good too. Btw you have to do the service right on time by Kia or any other Kia authorized service center, else they can cancel your warranty.
  2. It comes down to your personal preferences. Take your time and make the right choice so you won't regret it later. I would have gone for Wagon R because of fuel consumption or Axia because of rear leg room but i didn't like the look of them so I chose Picanto.
  3. bought Picanto 2017 Auto few weeks ago. Glad that i chose picanto over axia. It handles corners and bumps super smoothly, mainly Interior is the eye catcher for everyone. will report fuel consumption after first service.
  4. Planning to buy my first car and confused whether to go with Kia Picanto 2017 or Perodua Axia 2017. I test drove both vehicles and personally i like Picanto because of the build quality and interior finish but I heard that Axia's fuel consumption is much better than Picanto's. Planning to use this for traveling to work (Colombo - Battaramulla) and driving for Uber in weekends. Any fellow Picanto or Axia users? Thanks in Advance.
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