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  1. I usually do not happen to drive my car daily, but only around 20 km on weekends. On weekdays, it doesn't run. I want to know this situation will make any harm to my car - engine, battery or any other part? If yes, please let me know followings: what could be consequences - which parts would be damaged or cause any issue ? How much I happen to afford to recover/repair them ? Any actions I can do to avoid these issue? My car vitz 2017 model 990cc- (non hybrid) (I am new to these and have very less mechanical knowledge, therefore appreciate your thoughts )
  2. What could be the best car between Pixis brand new one and Vitz 1000 C second hand car (2014/15)? In particular, the second hand market? What could be the better one for a starter ?
  3. Dear all members, While looking for further information, I found followings and hope that it will be more useful to anyone who wish to import a car. These have charges roughly so that you can have an idea and experiences of others while importing. 1. 2. https://rayazmuthalif.wordpress.com/2010/11/18/a-brief-guide-on-importing-a-car-to-sri-lanka/ DISCLAIMER: I don't have any connection with any of them above. I mentioned only for sharing information. Relevant credits should go to the authors of the resources.
  4. @iRage and @Yma I highly appreciate all your inputs and thanks. I think I got an idea how it would be better to move forward.
  5. Dear members I think of a Vitz 2015/16 to import from a Japan auction. I may have to contact a dealer or someone imports. I went through some auction sites and they show the FOB prices. Accordingly, I would like to know the final cost when the car is released from Sri Lankan harbor. I do believe that there are insurance, shipping, clearance so and so charges available. But I don't have any idea about the figures exactly so that I can compare sellers and go for a reasonable price (+ condition). Someone please let me know the breakdown starting from FOB values. In addition, let me know any best auction sites available if possible. NB: I saw one explanation in this forum but it was obsolete (for 2010) I therefore wish for the latest. (Perhaps importers deslike this question and to reveal prices, but hope, rather many buyers will be benefited with a reasonable price than exorbitant ones)
  6. Dear Members, I am new and looking for my first car. However, Since I don't have much mechanical knowledge on cars, I m afraid of buying a second hand one. Therefore, I wish to buy a reconditioned or brand new one. I expect your suggestions based on followings: Status: Reconditioned or Brand New Make: Any (but prefer Toyota) Color: White Or Blue Budget: 2.7 M to 3.3 M Year: from 2014 - if reconditioned Resell- Second hand market Fuel consumption Transmission: Any However, I feel, it d better to go for Toyota Vitz, Suzuki Swift s too.
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