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  1. Hi, can anyone tell me what will be the import tax for a Volkswagen transporter 1.9 TDI (1900 cc diesel from uk)? And how to calculate it?
  2. Guys, I'm importing a civic from uk. The car chassis number says model of year is 2017, but bills of ladding and original invoice says it's model of year is 2018. Which year will they put in registration papers? And is it possible to register this as a brand-new vehicle? Do I need to pay more for that? Procedure? SinceThis is the 1st time I'm importing a vehicle, I have no idea about all this.hlp me pls?
  3. ya.. but its expensive from them. do you know any other importers who can bring them down?
  4. Guys , do you know anyone who imports Peugeot 3008 or 5008 to srilanka? And any opinion on resale value of Peugeot in Sri Lanka?
  5. Guys can I get an explanation on what is cif price and what's the difference between importing a vehicle in a buyers name details through a seller with CIF price payment and buying a vehicle in a showroom directly?
  6. Guys I'm looking to buy a vehicle under 8 million, and these are the two vehicles I'm considering. Tell me What do you guys think about these models and suggest me a vehicle to go for, cons and pros? 1.Honda civic 1.0 hatchback ex model 2.Audi Q2 (higher spec) Honda civic over audi q2 - honda has a decent resale value in srilanka where Audi is not. -all the safety features and tech features included.but in Audi q2 need to pay more to get these features -has got multilink suspension at back with adaptive damper support for super comfort over potholes and bumps.where Audi q2 is using a cheaper torsion beam suspension like Honda vezel, which is not comfortable. -good handling with minimum body rolling(of course it's a hatchback not a crossover like Audi q2) Audi Q2 over Honda civic -higher ground clearance -higher seating position -reliable punchy engine than Honda -got tiptronic transmission which is far better than cvt in honda These facts I got from internet.i didn't test drive neither of these vehicles.so I'm expecting your opinion on both vehicles.
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