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  1. gdgy

    Wagon R Hybrid Engine Oil

    Same thing crossed my mind. But I thought "what do I know, these guys have been maintaining cars for lot longer than me. Also I went through both Castrol Magnatec 5w20, 5w30 and Edge 0w20 product data sheets and saw that there are only rather very small differences between the oil properties. I would much appreciate if anybody can further elucidate us on this matter. Oil Viscosity, Kinematic 100 Celsius 5w30 - 9.6 mm²/s 5w20 - 8.7 mm²/s 0w20 - 8.6 mm²/s Oil Viscosity, Kinematic 40C 5w30 - 54 mm²/s 5w20 - 51 mm²/s 0w20 - 45 mm²/s Product data sheet links 5w30 5w20 0w20
  2. gdgy

    Wagon R Hybrid Engine Oil

    Suzuki Wagon R manual clearly specify 0w16,0w20 or 5w30 fully synthetic (IIRC on "full synthetic" part) and "only" 5w30 & 5,000km service interval for turbo variant.
  3. gdgy

    Car Polish And Car Wax

    Could you guys recommend a proper car detail place?
  4. gdgy

    Recommended Fuel for Axio hybrid 2017

    Is this true? Can others confirm this?
  5. This is a common issue in the WagonR (yet to confirm on A*W import being free of it) . By common I mean its caused by improper servicing and new model lacking an under-guard. I'm sorry but think you got ripped off by Wasana Garage because Laugfs would service the said part and rectify the issue for just under 10k. Best practice is not to wash undercarriage aggressively.
  6. gdgy

    Wagon R Hybrid Engine Oil

    Glad to hear it. Fuel figures might drop but it wont be noticeable I guess? At the end of the day if you can afford a 3 mil car you certainly can afford to lose a few kmpl if the outcome is better engine lubrication. But the WagonR crowd, specially the Facebook page members are adamant on using 0w20 and are planning on finding selller/importer for 0w16 oil . Please update this thread with your findings regarding magnatec 5w30
  7. gdgy

    Wagon R Hybrid Engine Oil

    ***Update*** Good news everybody, A*W now allows customers to bring in engine oil for their Wagon R Premium (FZ non safety) under following conditions and terms. Must be a Fully Synthetic oil. Oil grade should be 0w16, 0w20 or 5w30. Apart from this A*W now carries following oils for Waggon R.(not quite sure, you might wanna check with them to confirm) Castrol Edge Extended Performance 5w20, 5w30. Castrol Magnatec 5w20, 5w30.
  8. gdgy

    Wagon R Hybrid Engine Oil

    A*W now carries Castrol 5w20 which is a synthetic oil. Only problem is its little bit pricier compared to the alternative which is Mobile 1 0w20. Both are synthetic oils according to the product data sheets.
  9. gdgy

    Wagon R Hybrid Engine Oil

    Manual recommends both 0w20 and 5w30 for normal car and only 5w30 for turbo variant. Both 0w20 and 5w30 oils are widely available. I don't know exactly what oil is recommended for the specia but I think it might be same as WagonR.
  10. gdgy

    Wagon R Hybrid Engine Oil

    UPDATE (incase anybody else is wondering the same) I called A*W today and I was told to contact one of their engineers. According to him they have requested (since customers kept requesting for) for 0w20 oil stocks and those will be available to the customers once the request goes through the cooperate chain of command and the subsequent process of getting them down to their service centers. He was unable to give a specific date but according to him it wont be too long.
  11. gdgy

    Wagon R Hybrid Engine Oil

    I called A*W and asked whether we could bring the specific oil(0w20) with us to the service but they told me that they dont allow it and went on to say what I mentioned in OP. However he didnt sound very convincing about cooperate policy regarding not allowing outside oil and wasn't clear on whether changing it somewhere else would void the warranty. The first person who answered the phone told me that I could opt to change engine oil at some other place and then come to their service station to get the rest done. Am I being too paranoid or should I be worried? I have zero experiance regarding these regular services as this is going to be my first vehicle. (You might laugh because I yet have to receive my vehicle and here I am worrying about first service, but I like to research things and consider all my options before going ahead)
  12. gdgy

    Wagon R Hybrid Engine Oil

    Yes thats what I would do. But service stations like ste****g and au*****ge recommends 0w20. I know we should not trust third party warranty providers than the authorized dealer but could anybody can give a technical ELI5 on the diferences between the two oils and the effects
  13. Hello everybody, So suzuki wagon R manual recommends 0w20 but A*W said they only use either 5w30 or 10w30 stating that its what SMCJ recommends for Sri Lanka. There is lot buzz going around about this within wagon R owners groups and I would like an educated opinion on this. I am aware that one of the reason suzuki recommends 0w20 is to hit emission and fuel consumption standards. Does our tropical climate truely require higher viscosity oil. What are good and bad impacts of using 30 instead of 20.
  14. gdgy

    Suzuki Wagon R

    Thank you very much for your lengthy reply. Yes Safety package is a nice to have option but company warranty and knowing that the vehicle is genuinely brandnew outweighs niceties. I would like to mention the newest rumor which is, "Ayiyo Mahaththaya company eka Malesiyawene assemble kranne" (company vehicle is assembled in Malaysia and inferior in quality) just to keep others informed.