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  1. Sadik

    Reliable JDM auction places?

    Early 2000's and they have started again , very recently i think it is called toyota "SURE"..i saw a few Premios in the Wattala showroom, not the main one but the new showroom at paint & body repair complex. Am not sure whether they are from auctions or Toyota dealers in Japan direct.
  2. Sadik

    Prius for Uber

    Not an Uber driver but am a frequent UBER user these days as the Monty is on body repairs after the accident. I get Priuses on Uber Go as well as Uber premier. Hard to differentiate but generally Priuses which i get on Uber go are i think 2007-2013ish cars ( two english charaters), whilst on premier its always 03rd & 04th generations. I think the manufactured year has soemthing to do with it. Uber is quite a user friendly app even for drivers. Just download and use the option drive with Uber. Uber zip in only for Kei type hatches
  3. Sadik

    Strange number plates

    FW & FP i dont know - wonder whether these are diesel converts Fz- is DPL vehicles de-registered EA & EC are for pre GA- numbers registered afresh with 25K fee 28- diesel lorry 40-diesel lorry 69- uncategorized land vehicles 98- DPL 99- diesel motor car
  4. Sadik

    Collision repair centres near Seeduwa.

    Near Katunayake (opposite the AF camp) you get a workshop which was previously operated under one of the largest insurers in the country. I think now they operate under a different group. I used to hear good reviews about them many years back but recently nothing. If its' only on the bumper (nothing to the main structure) i think a decent automotive painter should be able to do the job.
  5. Sadik

    Honda CRV vs Mithubishi Montero

    Well , it certainly is not a very plush ride mind you. Suspension is quite hard & Doesn't absorb road bumps as my previous HT32 did , but i found it slightly less bumpy than the Prado 150 (Tx), but that's me (my pals who have the J150 beg to differ) My momma & wife don't like it as much as the X-trail complaining its a bumpy ride at the rear. But for me superb visibility with a good driving position , decent torque & pick up , good road presence (people dont cut across you as much in the road) , rear wheel drive, go anywhere capability, and decent room inside - 7 seats & cave for loading luggage with dual AC are definite (+)s. Minuses will be the diesel rattle , body vibration, body roll and heavy steering (its' a proper diesel rig ) But i guess the V6 3L or 3.8L may be much more pleasant rides due to the quiet & smooth motor, with a better engine note (Haven't driven the petrol versions). Burnt my hands with the hybrid X-trail and its' many complications , so content with the Monty being a bare bones car- i get a lot of stuff from UK / online as they have the shogun, at a fraction of the agent's price albeit better quality. plenty of literature available on the web on maintenance as this car is very popular in Aussie, UK ,Russia etc. and 4M41 is a time tested engine.
  6. Sadik

    Toyota Allion 2009 NZT260 80K service advice

    Wait- Before blindly disposing the 260 and going for a so called hybrid i think you need to consider a few things a) Driving pleasure - Hybrids behave rather differently to the traditionals, esp on driving experience. They can be pretty silent but you know - i honeslty felt driving hybrids pretty lifeless b) Hybrid battery depreciation can be an issue. If you are buying a second hand you have to be very careful on the battery condition because if you get a car with a dying battery it can give you more expenses rather than benefits. c) Do a depreciation price differentials between same age hybrids and non hybrids - Non hybrids such as the 260 tend to hold better value d) Hybrids are technically much more complicated to their non hybrid counterparts , and you need to maintain them at Hybrid dedicated workshops, Non hybrids in contrast could be repaired at many places e) Comfort wise the 260 will give you more space , looks and actually more ease of mind i would say. and much more fun to drive than an aqua or a prius
  7. Sadik

    Mecedez Benz E220

    I think for clarity you should first specify the model no : WXXX which would make the job of the experts easier rather than a plate reference. I think you might be referring to W210 There are some specific issues to this model on rusting and then on the injector mechanism for diesels (Lucas). AFAIK this model was not assembled in Japan. What you saw might be car imported from Japan as a used. But i guess this model is not from the era where Mercs were very much bullet proof , as against current models. So, expect issues There are many Merc experts in this forum who should be able to help you.
  8. No i havent used the OEM FSC. Actually didn't know its' existence until you brought the point forward. Thanks I was surfing thru some of the hardcore pajero blogs from Aussie. From there only i picked up a decent level of knowledge on the vehicle and what it could do. Liqui Moly was the only decent option i could find here. Used Wurth initially but felt Moly was a better option. BTW , from where did you get the OEM FSC imported from? Kick back is a blessing of the tradi auto trannies. Loved to do that in my Ti , which many didnt know, and the Monty does it in style. I haven't driven many Mitsus apart from the L400 and Lancers. So am ashamed to comment. Anyways Kudos Tiv- Nice to chat to a fellow Monty owner and who loves driving it.
  9. Did the headlight conversion in my 4M41 to LED. My version doesnt have CANBUS so looked for a LED set which says for models without CANBUS. IF you have a CANBUS , there is a CANBUS compatible version available. Look for a good LED set in Amazon where you can refer to confirmed purchase reviews , get the exact make and model and source from Ali express which is much cheaper. I got a brand called SeaLight which works perfectly
  10. Haven't used the MK1 so i don't know. Since i am in the group let me just post the question and see. You get some new MK1 owners in the group (i mean no offence , its a part of being a young car owner) who are a bit too enthusiastic you know, so i always take the claims with a pinch of salt Tiv - 4 in Kandy i guess is really good brother. That's one town i fear to drive thru Mine is a 4M41 as well - Just when i bought the car (mind you coming from , 2 CVT based rides) she was really thirsty and doing 4.0 to 5.0 in colombo, even lesser during heavy traffic. ( Bought her when she was 38K, relatively new). We took time to know each others driving dynamics i guess , which wasn't very pleasing in the initial couple of weeks. Subsequently, when my foot learnt her dynamics she started doing 6.0 to 6.7 up to even 7.2 (city with a couple of heavy traffic patches here & there) in some instances but on a light foot. To put further perspective i was running her on injector treatment fluid and Cetane boosters as well , which kind of gave a very smooth feeling to the pedal and reduced the occasional knock. The engine sounds much quieter now, with very less vibration, and also a blessing to drive. After the injector treatment and Cetane booster , in the E03 from kottawa to Matara she records 11.4 Kmpl as the average , where i guess my average speed was 80++. Thats the all time high record for me. And mind you i thrashed the pedal even up to 140 at times after passing Galle (which is illegal, and shouldnt have been done) I can remember someone in the Pajero forum quoting a shogun V98 4M41 doing 12.1 but the OP didnt post a pic. But all in all , after teh Monty, my fuel bill exactly doubled from the X-trail (HNT32) , but the pleasure factor shot up by leaps and bounds. This is the vehicle i enjoyed the most up to now. I think life is too short for watching out the fuel computer but keep on thrashing that peddle and listen to engine groan - Dream is to own a LC 200 V8 diesel one day - so lets see..
  11. Sadik

    Sagging hood lining

    For starters am a bit worried to see this in a 260.. Havent seen the glue coming off so fast? Has the vehicle being subjected to an impact / repair in this area? or perhaps a corrosion which is leaking water to the liner ? There are a quick DIY fixes, but i would suggest you going to a place like Nawala Cushion Works, take the entire headliner off clean and re-glue.If the cost is too high there are some DIY heating glue fixes which might do the trick. But pls inspect the respective area of the body
  12. Me thinks the same, considering the ages of the cars as well. I dont know about the Troopers / Big Horns but i heard the new MUX has fuel figures dearer to 4M40 or the Fortuner
  13. Sadik

    Toyota Premio Fuel consumption

    Well had the identical car , but never ever had those figures. Colombo she did from 8-11, highways i can once remember the figure being 18 something but not sure what i was smoking en route 😁😁
  14. Sadik

    Vehicle for 10 million

    Sorry i notice that you say Pajero - Are u referring to the JDM version , and just to understand the reference is for 4M41 engines ? Thanks Also on a side note , i read afew cases on older 4M41s having a speed sensor issue being misdiagnosed as fuel pressure sensor issues / or rather need for full pump overhaul. Might be an exploitable lead to your acquaintance?
  15. Sadik

    Vehicle for 10 million

    Am also not aware of such an issue. Are u referring to the DPF clogging problem ?