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  1. Noted and Thanks for the tip Tiv. Really appreciated.
  2. Hi Guys, Doing some internet research on genuine parts and came across the following 2 websites which stock genuine OEM parts in Dubai and another country? Just wondering if anyone has experience bringing to Sri lanka ? a) Partsouq.com b) Amayama.com Actually its' re: a pair of shocks where these guys are giving it at 50% of the price of local agent.
  3. Sadik

    Montero V98W TD 2013

    Dear iRage - Many many thanks for your input - Cheers
  4. Hi Guys - The agent indicated that both my front shocks have to be replaced, and quoting 100K , which i presume is quite outrageous. KYB from agents is available at 20K , but a contact wanted me to look at ARB Oldman EMU , or Bilstein which would be more reliable, than the KYBs. Any advice ? Will KYB not be the optimal choice for Montero?
  5. Sadik

    Travera neo 2

    Its based on the Isuzu Panther, an MUV we used to have in Sri Lanka , sometime back. Can remember a lot of these were used as govt vehicles ( Those days SML was govt owned). Being bulit by Isuzu , even the Tavera may have a reliable engine , but i can remember the old Panthers suffering from rust. Also, engine rattle is a bit annoying and since its based on a pick up platform , wasn't very comfy. Also, i think the original wheel sizes were quite small, which kind of gave the car an unusual look. I guess you would not have a problem sourcing the engine parts , but body & other interior trims am not so sure how easy would it be to source unless you can get someone to pick it from India (i think the panther had a lot of common parts with Fargo/ WFR and the Isuzu old KB pick up. But am not sure whether this is teh case with the Neo 2. Someone should correct me but am under the impression that now Magcity is the agent, and even they have discontinued selling the brand. Might be a reliable workhorse, Let's see what the experts have to say.
  6. Thanks iRage. Looking for a good painter. Any leads?
  7. Gents, i was able to get a GLS full rear wheel cover and garnish of a damaged Pajero (V98) from Japan and want to fit it to my 2014 GLX Montero. Can anyone recommend me a good mechanic to do the replacement with painting. Thanks S
  8. Sadik

    Mitsubishi Pajero Palathsabha chassis no

    Am not an expert in this but , my brief internet search tells me that L048 belongs to a 2.3 TD Pajero / Shogun. Let's see what the experts have to say
  9. Sadik

    Good Tyre Brand....!

    havent heard of the brand what you have quoted. Could be chinese CE#T hasnt given me a good experience. I felt the vibration were more when i used it in my Ford , so had to change. GT might be slightly better and at a dearer price. Recently Dunlop prices were good. Also look at a brand called Petlas, which is a Turkey tire at a good price. Pirelli sometimes has good promo prices. Be careful of abnormally cheap good tyre brands as some parties tend to sell soon to expire tires
  10. Sadik

    Mitsubishi Pajero Palathsabha chassis no

    If you are on a hurry perhaps the FB group for Pajeros in SL might provide you a faster response. From my limited knowledge , unless SWB, you didnt get many low roof PS MK1s in SL. Many are body converted. You can insert the full VIN to this website and get the full parts manual which may explain your question https://partsouq.com/en/catalog/genuine/locate?c=Mitsubishi
  11. Sadik

    I am buying proton gen2

    Yes u get quite the line up of Protons as Taxis in KL. I saw a lot of Gen2 redcabs (CNG powered) where i think the drivers converted from the old SAGAs. Even i've heard that the Gen 2 is quite a reliable car in KL. Sadly, the company is now only rebadging Hondas for state employees.
  12. Sadik

    Corolla AE110 vs Cefiro A33

    A33's , i have a faint recollection of a few bad experiences in the forum. But mind you that could be due to bad maintenance by a previous user. However, A33s can be thirsty as against Toyota's whihc is inevitable. Pls browse and see - AE 110s are reliable work horses. The corolla nameplate always demands a premium , but if possible look at Sprinter , Carina or Coronas of the same vintage. Its basically the same car, and shares a lot of parts with Corolla. Also you can look at the elephant back wagons / a decent L-touring which may be slightly discounted to the sedan.
  13. Sadik

    Momtero Sport 2012 and Kia Sorontor 2012

    That's sad- I thought Jimney was a tough little nut