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  1. Vitara might be a better option (looks good, finishing wise). At least the lineage has been there for a umpteen no of years and the reviews are not bad at all. Hyundai's have a bad reputation for name plates disappearing quickly
  2. My experience with Exide has been pretty good. I think now the batteries get a 4 year warranty, and for the Monty i actually got 1 battery replaced under warranty. Amaron is another option. But if you insist Yuasa will be a good choice. Am not sure whether Panasonic is manufactured in Japan anymore. Lucas and Exide both are the same and manufactured by the same factory at Rathmalana.
  3. yes the gift permit scheme stopped many years back. you can always get a reverse TT done from your relative (after the LC bills retire) putting an invoice as consultancy services provided
  4. First check the mileage your filter can handle. If its genuine Nissan rule of thumb should be 10K. Sighting the operating mechanism of e-power , i also don't see why you shouldn't adhere to a 10K cycle.
  5. OK i will agree with one point. The prices have now hit rock bottom, where some owners are willing to let go of their specimens after taking a hit of almost 5mn just within 3+ years. So, if you are looking at an SUV which is comfortable , decent drive this vehicle is good. Its' silent, spacious, got a good combination of creature comforts at that price point. But mind you, with that useless CVT , acceleration is sometimes a joke , where even trishaws overtake you. But once you get in to higher gears , it pulls. Anyway you should know that the car is underpowered to that body even with the electric assist. Your problems will be with the gearbox , where one fine day she will stop running or start giving you a vry bad sound. I have spoken to a few parties who claim to repair the EV motor and solenoid with a repair kit (below 200K now, but limited mileage warranty), but pls keep in mind Nissan doesnt recommend this. Nissan has actually introduced a replacement gearbox with the code 3SZ, which i think the agent still quotes 1mn + to replace for grey imports. If you can source a 3sZ from 3rd party from Japan, way to go. Also, there will be a problem in the brake pump. But nothing you cant fix below a 100k. They talk about an inverter problem i am yet to see it. You buy it at 5mn , even add 1/2 mn on the repairs , you might have a decent relatively newer ride. But you should know that the hybrid battery situation will anyway hit you like a train. The rate Xtrail is going , am sure battery replacement wont be cheap either. Also, you will be struck with a car you cannot sell fast, even car sales guys will shun from you, BUt, i prsonally know 4 Xtrail hybrids used by my friends , one is maintained decently with 15K interval transmission oil changes , frequent scanning at A*W with periodic maintenance , and decent driving on road. Others , one had a gear box repair ( 200K) and thee other with a brakepump repair (< 100k). All these cars still are the daily riders So, your call - i wouldnt exactly call it a lemon, but it anyways isnt an orange to run behind
  6. Noted and Thanks for the tip Tiv. Really appreciated.
  7. Hi Guys, Doing some internet research on genuine parts and came across the following 2 websites which stock genuine OEM parts in Dubai and another country? Just wondering if anyone has experience bringing to Sri lanka ? a) Partsouq.com b) Amayama.com Actually its' re: a pair of shocks where these guys are giving it at 50% of the price of local agent.
  8. Dear iRage - Many many thanks for your input - Cheers
  9. Hi Guys - The agent indicated that both my front shocks have to be replaced, and quoting 100K , which i presume is quite outrageous. KYB from agents is available at 20K , but a contact wanted me to look at ARB Oldman EMU , or Bilstein which would be more reliable, than the KYBs. Any advice ? Will KYB not be the optimal choice for Montero?
  10. Its based on the Isuzu Panther, an MUV we used to have in Sri Lanka , sometime back. Can remember a lot of these were used as govt vehicles ( Those days SML was govt owned). Being bulit by Isuzu , even the Tavera may have a reliable engine , but i can remember the old Panthers suffering from rust. Also, engine rattle is a bit annoying and since its based on a pick up platform , wasn't very comfy. Also, i think the original wheel sizes were quite small, which kind of gave the car an unusual look. I guess you would not have a problem sourcing the engine parts , but body & other interior trims am not so sure how easy would it be to source unless you can get someone to pick it from India (i think the panther had a lot of common parts with Fargo/ WFR and the Isuzu old KB pick up. But am not sure whether this is teh case with the Neo 2. Someone should correct me but am under the impression that now Magcity is the agent, and even they have discontinued selling the brand. Might be a reliable workhorse, Let's see what the experts have to say.
  11. Gents, i was able to get a GLS full rear wheel cover and garnish of a damaged Pajero (V98) from Japan and want to fit it to my 2014 GLX Montero. Can anyone recommend me a good mechanic to do the replacement with painting. Thanks S
  12. Am not an expert in this but , my brief internet search tells me that L048 belongs to a 2.3 TD Pajero / Shogun. Let's see what the experts have to say
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