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  1. which 1000cc model has this color screen?
  2. @hrm I can't find any... for 1000cc variants. Where have you seen this?
  3. @asrock Yes, what I meant by off roads is paved roads other than highways, way out of city limits. Contacted two personnel importers to check 2017 Vitz price and they quoted 3.7M and 3.9M respectively, for a F grade with safety package.
  4. Planning to buy a vehicle ASAP. I have narrowed down my selection to following (they are all Toyota..call me a racist) For now I'm swaying between Vitz and Axio. Your opinion is greatly appreciated. Most of the travelling will be on Highway and off roads nearly 1500 km per month in total. 1. Toyota Vitz 2016/2017 (1000CC) 2. Toyota Axio 2007/2008 3. Toyota Belta/Yaris 2011
  5. Personally I won't spend my hard earned money in something which I'm not confident with. But that It's up to you to decide. By the way Baleno's VIN details and their MARUTI SUZUKI INDIA LTD name is stamped like this on the chassis.
  6. Just curious, which Vitz Model has that TFT Colour display near odometer?
  7. I'll start the list... 1. Toyota Vitz 2. Suzuki Baleno (Turbojet)
  8. I had same doubts and watched all the reviews of Baleno Turbojet Variant on YouTube. Ultimately went with Toyota Vitz for reliability and second hand value. I can't believe Baleno is 20kg lighter than the Vitz comparing the dimensions. Lesser quality material?
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