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  1. KDH <3

    Toyota Hiace

    what is the best tire size for KDH(9-10 seater) ,for better fuel consumption & comfortability ? if increased the tire sizes(ex:205 70R 16),will it prevent the KDH's rear wheels spinning problem? Magnum...🙂
  2. KDH <3

    KDH Petrol vs Diesel

    is there anyone using TRH 2015 or newer? need to know about it's maintenance...Fuel consumption differences between 2015 kdh & 2015 TRH... will it be very hard to resale this vehicle? thank you...
  3. KDH <3


    any opinions about Nissan NV 350...i mean, is it have any specific problems(like,2001 e25 engine head blowing..)? will it be good as same as KDH?
  4. KDH <3

    Honda Fit GP5 or Toyota Aqua

    is there any method to check these vehicles before buying?
  5. KDH <3

    Honda Fit GP5 or Toyota Aqua

    is it true that 2013-2014 Gp5 units having aproblem in gearbox...one of my friend's GP5 had gearbox problem after 40k service..& he spent about 375k to solve it..is it a common issue of this vehicle?
  6. hi there... could you guys please tell me about fuel consumption of this vehicle... & also need to know which has best fuel economy(2016 join turbo,2017 join turbo,2015 wagon pz turbo,2016 wagon) also i'm very interested about "2017 join turbo" & 2016 join turbo" variants,coz these variants have beautiful ODO.. is it true that TURBO variants have poor fuel consumption? references:https://carfromjapan.com/specifications/suzuki/every
  7. KDH <3

    Suzuki Every

    need to know which model has the best fuel economy...and how much(kmpl)? appreciate your valuable advices..
  8. KDH <3

    Good van for tourism 4.4mil-4.6mil

    of course ajm ... but the problem is my budget...😏😏😏
  9. KDH <3

    Good van for tourism 4.4mil-4.6mil

    yes magnum im looking for unreg vehicle..is it not a good vehicle for tourism(nv 200 2014)?,i saw most people mentioned that vehicle perform 12-15 kmpl.also it's petrol vehicle so i thought it would be more comfortable than diesel variants...& i think these noah 's are atleast 10-11 years old so i thought it wil give me trouble when drive..😯
  10. need a good unregistered van with better fuel economy and also should be 7 seated. budget is about 4.4 to 4.6...i'm currently thinking about Nissan nv 200 2014 vm20 model(petrol 1590cc).will it be good for tourism purposes? is there anyone have experienced with this vehicle? most of these vehicles doesn't have dual A/C, so will it be a problem for 7 seated van?there's also 2015 gx model(m20) for 49.5mil & also need to know about fuel economy of these 2 models(2014 vm20 & 2015 m20). appreciate your valuable advises....
  11. KDH <3

    TRH vs KDH Maintenance

    Great,valuable informations...thanks Supra... Hmm,that means kdh will be easy with fuel & trh with maintainence. How much it will cost for dpf cleaning? Did you mean that TRH dosent require full engine rebuild? In which mileage do we need to clean that dpf? Is that TRH model will be good for hiring(tourism) pourposes?
  12. KDH <3

    QD32 Fuel consumption

    Need to know about fuel consumption and common faults of this engine.. And also the longevity and maintenance cost of this engine Is it a good idea to replace zd30 with qd32 engine? Just need some advices... Thanks
  13. KDH <3

    TRH vs KDH Maintenance

    I heard that trh model doesnt require dpf cleaning and some other maintenance that should perform on kdh. What are those maintenance differences between kdh and trh.. Also need to know about fuel consumption of both vehicles Im mentioning about 2007 models(both)
  14. I'm willing to buy a van for tourism purposes.i cant spent on 'kdh' ,so i'm thinking about caravan e25 2007(zd30)... 1.is it capable for tourism(will it be good as toyota kdh)? 2.fuel consumption zd30(differences between patrol & diesel & vs kdh3000cc diesel). 3.maintaining cost(patrol & diesel & vs kdh3000cc) 4.longevity(kdh vs e25,both 2007)? Is there anyone have experienced with that vehicle ,highly appreciated your advice , thanks...