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  1. I asked the same from the st****rd when my first service came up. But their reply was "our country's weather is different to the Europe and because of that they use 5w30 oil for the civics here". I bought my civic from them sta****rd too.
  2. I have done it by myself. Installed open street map for Sri Lanka. But map is not in detailed manner. It's better to use Google maps by using the android auto function.
  3. I'm looking to buy a toyota car around 6 to 6.7 million. I have a choice between toyota used (2014) premio or 2015 or above toyota axio hybrid? I have bellow considerations too. 1. Fuel consumption of each models. 2. Second hand market of the car. I know premio has luxary looking interior compared to the axio. If i'm buying toyota axio, i'll buy unregustered vehicle which has very low millege and if it would be premio, bellow 50000kms. Could you guys please comment down your openion with your experiences?
  4. Need to know a place where to buy a Japanese bikes like Honda or Yamaha. (Manufactured in Japan)
  5. Honda civic hatchback 2017 model has some electronic issues. Lot of car owners have complained that ECU unit problem even before 10000 km milage. Please consider this before buying. I found these information from fb group who ownes 2017 hatchback.
  6. Honda civic is manufactured in uk. It's launched in European countries. I'm worring about that it is gonna match with the whether conditions here. And also our fuel quality is also differ from those countries.
  7. They have planed to bring 1.0l too. Ex model price may be 6.8M.They told that they will only sell fully loaded package of this. (EX package)
  8. My concern is about longevity and the maintenance cost. I heard that the Honda civic has some transmission issues. I need to know the common issues on these two vehicles.
  9. I have two these options. What is your advice on this? 1. Buying a brand new Honda civic 1.0l (uk) for 6.2M. 2. Buying 2013 or 2014 Toyota premio used one for 6.2M. My concern is about longevity and second hand market rather than fuel consumption.
  10. What is the best option from these two? 1. Buying a honda civic 2017 brand new hatchback (UK) 2. Buying a toyota premio 2014 used? Please give me your advices.
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