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  1. Anonymous1997

    Does Collision warning system brake ?

    I need to know if collision warning system use brakes when getting closer to front object or only gives a warning sound ? Also can anyone explain what these AC control switches do ?(In 2nd picture)
  2. Anonymous1997

    Toyota Axio G WxB and WxB both same ?

  3. Looking for a car and the shipping certificate mentioned one car as Grade - G WxB. Is it the same as WxB?
  4. Anonymous1997

    How much is my traffic fine ?

    yea i did. it was 10000 Rs.
  5. Anonymous1997

    How much is my traffic fine ?

    so today i was driving and saw a woman crossing the road in the yellow line. she was slow so i had time to go and i drove. I was caught and given a paper from a policeman. How much will my fine cost ?