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  1. A car for max. 3.8M

    Thanks again for d guidance. This is my very first car . What is the safest n convenient way to buy a vitz ?
  2. A car for max. 3.8M

    I'll consider importing
  3. A car for max. 3.8M

    Thank you sir.
  4. A car for max. 3.8M

    True. Please bare with me if you don't agree. In things which r cheap its ok. Their cut also small. (In a ideal world, where everything is fair sellers will tell) In sri Lanka even for small car we pay hell of a tax. Our wages r small.( I don't blame for that) As a customer don't we have that right, having to spend that of much money for a car
  5. A car for max. 3.8M

    Thank you very much waka. From d performance n reliability point of view also I need some enlightenment Don't our vehicle import companies suppose to show us( A*W, KIA, Hyundai...) how d final price appears ( vehicle value+ tax+ service charges) A*W REFUSED
  6. A car for max. 3.8M

    Please give me some insight to select one from grand i10 n toyota vitz (1000cc petrol hatchback)
  7. A car for max. 3.8M

    Many thanx. This explanation is very helpful. I'll consider your suggestion too.
  8. A car for max. 3.8M

    Thanx a lot. Very informative.
  9. A car for max. 3.8M

    Thanx a lot. That is what my online research tells me too. what we have here is indian assembled Hyundai n picanto is straight away from korea . Does it matter
  10. A car for max. 3.8M

    Many thanx. Well, nobody has suggested me a hybrid. Is it bcuz my short distances of driving. Can somebody please explain me when to consider hybrid over petrol car. What general public think is, to buy hybrid if affordable without considering individual needs. Lot of ppl suggested me aqua N I'm thinking of wagon r fz despite its look ,just bcz its petrol efficiency, n again I don't drive much Thanx again
  11. A car for max. 3.8M

    Many thanx for replying Not necessarily. My expectation is a hassle free car.
  12. Car for 3.8M Concerns 1.fuel efficacy but I don't drive much. Per day 25km only mostly colombo suburbs,no long trips . So is it a waste going for a hybrid 2. Would like good ground clearance I considered Hyundai grand i10, picanto,Axia, wagon r fz Any more good suggestions