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  1. I did, the guy then said the GearBox needs to be replaced at this stage and he can if I get him a GearBox, I did not have the time to deal with him, so I just towed the car to Nilwala the same day, he got it fixed the next day.
  2. Thanks for the responses everyone, I got the GearBox replaced. Actually first I got a quote from Nilwala to repair the gearbox for 50K, then again I got a recommendation from a friend to go to "JENNET AUTOMOBILE REPAIR CENTER - Athurugirya" who had a look and promised to get it done for the same price, and I choice "JENNET" as they were recommended by a trusted friend. Unfortunately, JENNET AUTOMOBILE REPAIR CENTER did a very bad job, as a result, I had to consult Nilwala who advised me the GearBox is no longer repairable and I had to replace costing me 150K. If this helps anyone with similar CVT gearbox situations go with Nilwala. Thanks!
  3. Okay, thanks for the info, I called a few companies and the cost of repair is around 40-60K with a 6months warranty.
  4. Hello, My vehicle Toyota Premio's gearbox needs to be repaired or replaced. I did get this checked by 2 mechanics and both have the same opinion. Vehicle done only 74K but I do think now the meter has been changed by the previous owner, anyway I would like to: 1. know get a few recommendations of places to get this done 2. should I go with the repair or a new reconditioned gearbox Thanks
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