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  1. cmeegama

    Toyota Premio 260 GearBox Repair

    I did, the guy then said the GearBox needs to be replaced at this stage and he can if I get him a GearBox, I did not have the time to deal with him, so I just towed the car to Nilwala the same day, he got it fixed the next day.
  2. cmeegama

    Toyota Premio 260 GearBox Repair

    Thanks for the responses everyone, I got the GearBox replaced. Actually first I got a quote from Nilwala to repair the gearbox for 50K, then again I got a recommendation from a friend to go to "JENNET AUTOMOBILE REPAIR CENTER - Athurugirya" who had a look and promised to get it done for the same price, and I choice "JENNET" as they were recommended by a trusted friend. Unfortunately, JENNET AUTOMOBILE REPAIR CENTER did a very bad job, as a result, I had to consult Nilwala who advised me the GearBox is no longer repairable and I had to replace costing me 150K. If this helps anyone with similar CVT gearbox situations go with Nilwala. Thanks!
  3. cmeegama

    Toyota Premio 260 GearBox Repair

    Okay, thanks for the info, I called a few companies and the cost of repair is around 40-60K with a 6months warranty.
  4. Hello, My vehicle Toyota Premio's gearbox needs to be repaired or replaced. I did get this checked by 2 mechanics and both have the same opinion. Vehicle done only 74K but I do think now the meter has been changed by the previous owner, anyway I would like to: 1. know get a few recommendations of places to get this done 2. should I go with the repair or a new reconditioned gearbox Thanks