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  1. Peter Perera

    How to calculate vehical import cost

    Thanks and is there any additional chargers like handling fee etc.
  2. I'm planning to buy CHR GT 1.2 petrol. Can some one share with me the import cost calculation method according to new budget.
  3. Peter Perera

    Honda Vezel gear sensor

    Can some one tell me the location of honda Vezel cluch & gear stroke sensor locations. And also service manual of honda vezel 2014
  4. I have change the auto gear oil Check the break system And change the gear shift actuator Issue still remain same after 2 days. Plz share someone spacial with honda vezel gear box.
  5. I have change the auto gear oil Check the break system And change gear shift actuator
  6. The all display as attached video
  7. All gear lights are blinking. can't move the vehicle.
  8. The all display as attached video
  9. I have Honda Vezel 2014 sep assembled while driving car suddenly stopped and showed multiple errors like Power System Inclining error and gear indicator is blinking with all P,L,R,N and D blinking same time. I tried removing battery terminal for 20 minutes and plug it back, but results are same. One more thing i noticed that when I power off car, it powers off for few seconds and turn back to power on but still error persist. I went to stafford and they replace the Gear Selector ACTUATOR. But day after issue came again. SAMPLE video Can any one suggest whats wrong with it?