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  1. May be they said and that's when he decided to sell after doing a regular service . I must say i used this car very roughly ever since i bought. drove in roads with pretty bad conditions. No accident happened , after i bought i did not do the 1st service from TL. But I did the next service from TL today as I thought it's good to carry on with the TL service records which is already have also it will be useful to get a good resale value. So today TL gave me these things needs to done after the service. I don't know whether it's true or not I have heard from my friends TL is famous for giving a huge bills on their customers. Any idea on costs in approximately to fix issue 1, 2 and 3
  2. Hi iRange, Thanks alot for the information buddy. Yes I’m pretty sure about the mileage, because i have seen all service records from TL and even in this time service TL confirmed the previous owner and service records which has done previously. Guy was a old professor seemed a genuine guy. Car was selled at 35.90 when the milage was around 52000. Last year October. After I bought it I may have used it hard. How serious are these issue. What issue should I fixed in the first priority . Should I go with TL on fixing these ? How much would be the cost for these. I know too many questions ?. Sorry
  3. I recently bought a corolla 141, which has a mileage about 60000. Then once the service time is up I decided to go to toyota lanka since previous owner has been maintaining the vehicle from the same place since day one. So once the service is done by TL they gave me some remarks of the vehicle indicating that the things should be changed/ replaced / fixed. I’m a very much newbie to this so please bear with me if these are some stupid questions. I would like to post the comments they gave me after the vehicle inspection below. please see the image which has the comments. All I need to know is in what urgency should I fix these. Around how much would I need to be spent. How serious are these fixes. Thanks.
  4. Has anyone been to Toyota Lanka Matara Service Station? Is this a Toyota Lanka branch or some authorized agent in that area. How much do they charge for a service + transmission fluid change approx ?
  5. I recently bought a corolla 141. All It's services has been done by Toyota Lanka from the first service it self. Can anyone please advice me whether to continue the services with Toyota Lanka if so what's the price normally there or any procedures to follow.