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  1. Aslam86

    Hybrid battery cell voltage drop Issue

    I did scan it, at that time the error code was reset. YOM is 2013. Yes 62000 is when I bought it and when I saw the error. But seems the error was already there when I bought it.
  2. Aslam86

    Hybrid battery cell voltage drop Issue

    Nope, Im the third owner. I got this car 7 months ago. Didn't know this issue was there till I got it. The mileage was around 62000Km.
  3. Aslam86

    Hybrid battery cell voltage drop Issue

    Just to update: I replaced the battery pack. Got it brand new pack imported through a place in Kaduwela and fixed it few days back. Costs 285000 for the battery pack and 7500 for fixing.
  4. Currently is broken and is tapped. Checked with Stafford while doing a service and they didn't have it. It looked like a plain hose.
  5. Does anybody know the name or part number for the following part? It is a hose connecting the air filter compartment and the engine. I have highlighted the part in RED.
  6. Aslam86

    Hybrid battery cell voltage drop Issue

    I scanned the battery again this week after getting the error again over the weekend. A total of 8 cell needs to be replaced. Considering the cost its better to replace battery than replacing cell. Will do in a few months time. until then will be using the car with the error.
  7. Aslam86

    Hybrid battery cell voltage drop Issue

    Not yet, error didn't come up after the last reset. most probably it can happen over this weekend as I will be traveling to Kandy. Still havn't found a good place where cell replacement can be done. im more lenient toward replacing the battery than the cell.
  8. Aslam86

    Hybrid battery cell voltage drop Issue

    thats the plan
  9. Aslam86

    Hybrid battery cell voltage drop Issue

    I was waiting for the prices to come down for the past two years, As it was not happening and I didn't prefer Indian vehicles, I opted for this options. It was a gamble and in my case it didn't pay off.
  10. Aslam86

    Hybrid battery cell voltage drop Issue

    Already contacted the place. They don't recommend cell replacement. Also they don't have Toyota battery pack right now as well.
  11. Aslam86

    Hybrid battery cell voltage drop Issue

    I purchased this car 10 days ago. Seems the previous owner hid this issue and gave me the car. I got this issue two days after I got the car. Im planning to fix this issue than dumping it on someone else. Only issue is I'm not in a financial position to spend on the new battery pack right now. That's why i'm looking for cheaper options right now.
  12. I recently purchase a Toyota Aqua 2013 model which has done 62000Km Couple of days later the 'Check hybrid system' and 'Check Engine' indicators were shown. After taking to Toyota Lanka, I got a system scan done and the error code was P0A80, which is for Replace Hybrid battery pack. They identified the issue to be a voltage drop in one of the battery cell. They recommended to do a battery service, but while removing the battery they found the battery has already been serviced as well. For the moment I have temporarily got the code deleted. This is temporary and the error will appear again (I got it twice). The recommended solution is to replace the battery pack. Agent price is extremely expensive, but few other places said it would cost around 200,000. I wanted to know if replacing the problematic cell would be a good option? has anyone done this? if so what are the good places which this can be done. I spent 4 Million for the car and don't have another 200K at the moment. Anyone got any solution?
  13. Hi, Can any one give some insight on the following between a Lancer CS1 (2007/2008 Model) and a Civic ES5. (Both Auto) Fuel Consumption Ride Comfort Maintenance cost There seems to be lots of discussions happened earlier which seems to be 5 to 6 years old. I want to know the current state as both the models are nearly 10 years old now. Anyone who has used both/ either can let me know the pro's and con's of both the models, it would be great. Also this a the first car I'm planning to get and I regularly travel long distance. Following are some of the discussions I came across.