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  1. It's the exact same thing on top of the post. (micro fuse tap with micro fuse adapter)
  2. I'm working today. (So, I'm in Dematagoda). But i do not have the fuse tap on hand. If you can come to Panadura, I'm going to be home around 6:00-6:30. Otherwise I'll be in Colombo tomorrow (around Noris canal road) from 10:30-11:30 ish...
  3. Yep., I got the fuse taps & ordered few more for good measure (received them too... ) I'm happy to give one to you. Just let me know how you would like to collect it.! (I'm working in Dematagoda, home town is Panadura)
  4. Use your hill start assist (basically, push the break pedal hard for few seconds & car will hold breaks for 3-4 seconds - enough time to get you going). Also, do not use the handbreak for this purpose - If you miss time by even a small amount, you can end up either breaking the handbreak cable or damage the tires) This has nothing to do with your transmission. (Anyway, if you are moving backwards do not press accelerator hard. come to a complete step before pressing accelerator - I'd imagine, you could do lot of damage accelerating while moving back)
  5. I should have been clearer... i have few of these on the way. i was hoping to get one locally, so i can be done with install sooner. it looks like I'll have to wait couple of weeks now. I was shocked to hear some of the alternatives offered by shop guys when they realised what this is for.
  6. I'm looking to buy a fuse tap/fuse extender for my car (Honda Grace) which has micro fuses. I'm trying to hard wire a dashcam to my fuse box & is looking for safest DIY way. I have looked though most of the shops in Panchikawatta & all of the shops in Darley road. Shockingly, I was not able to find one - maybe someone in the forum had better luck than me. Can someone help me please? I'm willing to pay for delivery if it can be delivered to me (Dematagoda) soon.
  7. I was curious to see the prices of sterling accessories (they claim it's original) and went to narahenpita sterling show room. I have a honda grace & i was looking for mud flaps & visors. sterling said flaps are 28k & visors are 31k. flaps are in my car's color and do not need repainting or anything. so i guess it's useless to ask if the prices are worth it so my questions are, adding any of above components have any value (i mean functional because, aesthetics are very subjective. furthermore, i don't really like sticking things on outside of my car unless they serve a purpose) Sent from my SM-A800F using Tapatalk
  8. well, I don't have a problem with high revs in my Grace. in fact, i like the VTEC kick. In Honda's the hybrid engine is quite good, unlike the Toyota's where they don't rev (or ain't allowed by ECU - can't really say as i never owned one, but just driven few) or have a comparably less acceleration. Of course the hybrid cars are generally not made to rev or be driven like mad, but given the opportunity Grace will actually do it really good. if i put the car to S mode i do not get the hesitation from gear box at all (of course the fuel economy becomes crap). anyway i will get the car checked out by stafford when i get to the next sercice.
  9. I am not quite sure what the vibration is. I don't see other issues what so ever. (I did a 5000km server on Stafford, and they did not tell me anything is wrong - So guess I'm being bit paranoid) Thanks for pricing info. If I really can't take it, I guess I'll go to Stafford with the Car. Maybe, I need couple thousand more km's to get used to it.
  10. I've seen so many Honda Grace cars on streets. Is there no one in the forum that can offer some insite into how it feels (specially if you guys can feel the clutch engaging/disengaging)?
  11. I checked my car's information with recalls issued - There is no recall or reported issues for it. Anyway, I will drop by Stafford so they can check it out. Any idea what they will charge for just checking it? - I've heard claims that stafford charges exuberant amounts for just nominal things.
  12. Does anyone know what kind of clutch the Grace have? Wet Clutch or Dry Clutch?
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