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    A friend had bought a Tiger Diesel Genny from Ab*ns but the got into a dispute over the word *silent* and eventually he decided to return it but of course the seller took his own time giving various excuses and it took like to 3 months and many many angry discussions close out the return. Long story short, horrible customer service. I've tested out Lutian 3KVA (they have smaller ones also) and was pleasantly surprised at the sound/performance ratio. Was mainly focusing on self start ones so never got to test the 0.7 to 1Kva range. But all in all, I think most of the Chinese gennies sold here are generic with brand name slapped on the casing and a dealer trying to sell it using his reputation.
  2. Insedious

    Suzuki StingRay Seat Heaters

    Since most heated seats use Peltier modules, you only have to open up the seat and turn the module up side down and you would get seat cooling. The flip side is, each time you reverse the function, you have to take apart the seats so it might take a couple of minutes longer than flipping a switch.. 😁
  3. Insedious

    Updating the navigation system

    Adding a link to the solution as this is tried and tested.
  4. Insedious

    2017 Civic Air Conditioning

    The issue might be electrical or due to low gas pressure. I think the easiest would be to get it check at a reputed AC repair place.
  5. Insedious

    2017 Civic Air Conditioning

    The pully will always turn.. have a look below. This is how it looks when the clutch is engaged and not. Notice the outer nuts holding the clutch on the left, you will not see them when the compressor is on.
  6. Insedious

    2017 Civic Air Conditioning

    Is the compressor clutch engaging when you switch on the AC? The compressor sits directly under the alternator.
  7. Insedious

    2017 Civic Air Conditioning

    Did this happen instantaneously? With refrigerant leaks, you would start noticing that the AC is cooling less and less till you don't get any cooling at all ( You might also smell the refrigerant/oil if the leak is on the evaporator) and the AC clutch is no longer engaging. The reason for the question was, in similar situation (with a different) car, I found the compressor relay had died this happened while I was driving. Our friendly AC repair guy initially check the coolant pressure and and then checked the voltage on the clutch leads and when the clutch engaged properly when given direct power, checked the harness (to see if any rat had a 3 course meal at the expense of the leads) and replaced the bad relay. Just sharing the experience hoping it would help someone. Hopefully your situation is not this grave.
  8. Insedious

    Honda Civic 2018

    Do you have to pay corkage for that?
  9. Insedious

    Good dash cam for the Car

    Here are some points I considered when selecting a dashcam Super capacitor powered instead of Lithium Polymer (Must have. The heat always managed to destroy the battery between 6 months and 2 years) High endurance Micro SD card (Must have: After one year, the FAT was always broken and the HE ones are going strong 1.5 years later) Proper WDR supporting chipset (Must have. Our addiction to fog lights and high beams will make the picture white out if the chipset is a cheap one) On board Wifi ( Nice to have. Saves time when you want to download files) On board GPS ( Nice to have. But keep in mind the time stamped Speed might have a delay so in an event the video is used as evidence, it might work against you) Parking Monitor mode ( Nice to have. However, this works best if you have 2 cameras as there's no point the front camera recording evidence when some fools decides to fornicate with your rear bumper) Dual camera (Nice to have. For obvious reason but a b*itch to wire up) Installation mode ( Personal preference: I prefer the windshield mounted inconspicuous ones over the standard hang with the Suction cup version simply because the camera can't move around and it doesn't restrict your view.) Power cable (Nice to have : I prefer the cables which double as a USB cable so it's easy to plug it directly to the laptop over the standard 12v to 5 cigarette lighter adapter that comes with the dashcam. This feature completely eliminates your need to take the card out, provided the cable is not *power* only cable and the dashcam supports the same. (Edit) Video Quality degradation due to Tint : (Point to consider. Event the 30% 3M tint has a considerable impact on the night time video quality and seem to confuse the WDR chip as well, so it's a hit you have to take if your windshield is tinted) Having said all that, the flavour of the month in my view is Roav from Anker. I've been using a dashcam from them with 2K resolution and GPS and wifi and I'm pleasantly impressed with the total package. Sadly it has the evil LiPo battery but I seriously wanted give it a try as I've only had positive experience with Anker stuff (personal experience only, others are bound to have different opinions on the same). If anyone wants to see, I will upload some videos of day and night driving on this puppy.
  10. Insedious

    Honda Civic 2018

    According to this, a higher HTHS viscosity could contribute to lower engine wear and lower HTHS viscosity will contribute to a better fuel economy.
  11. Insedious

    Honda Civic 2018

    That's what I thought initially as well. However, when the car was delivered, the oil life time was showing around 19400 kms however as we were driving the car, it was coming down drastically, if my memory serves me right, around 2000km, the life time had depleted by half and was showing something like 9000 km. Around 3500 km it started saying that the service is nearing. And now 200kms after the service, the oil life time is shown as 18600km. Interestingly enough the user manual has the following quote (Oil Monitor System : Displaying the Oil Monitor System Information : 615) "Based on the engine operating and engine oil conditions, the remaining distance to the next maintenance period is calculated and displayed." stopping short of speculating, It would be interesting to see how the above is done.
  12. Insedious

    Honda Civic 2018

    Yeah. You are correct, it's almost impossible to get the right OEM parts in SL, I got a friend in the US to order it and ship it via sea freight. Of course had to do the obligatory rain dance with the customs on why these things should not be taxed. One good thing about the US I found was, most of these so called Dealer options are also open for the general public as well, albeit cheaper. I can recommend the Honda dealer and the shipping agent I used but please PM me as I don't want to canvass 3rd party service providers. Sadly the prior will only deliver to a US address. 😞
  13. Insedious

    Honda Civic 2018

    Friends, Since the 2018 Civic hatch has now passed the 4000km mark, I thought I’d share the journey so far with the forum The ride continues to be enjoyable. The steering crisp and the ultra wide tyres and the low ride height is a joy to drive The 3 cylinder rumble is something I’m still not used. Also the high idle RPM as well At 1000km mark took it to Sta***ord at Raththanapitiya for a check up (brakes, fluid levels etc) but nothing was changed. (Costed 6K later it triggered a TPMS warning which was ratified after the system was recalibrated after checking the tyre pressure at the usual gas station) The 3D carpets seem to a good idea, trapping all the sand and gravel in it’s bucket like layout with most of the stuff getting sandwiched between the coil carpet and the 3d carpet itself. One of the LED low beams died, most probably due to the constant usage. But went back for more LEDs as illumination seem better than the stock halogens (also the heat dissipation factor was a consideration as well) Nearing 4000km, car promptly notified the service is nearing so went back to Sta***rd and got the service done. Ended up costing 15K. They were informed about the previous TPMS issue and it didn’t recur. The fabric upholstery in the SR continues to be a sweat and dirt magnet so need to invest in a good upholstery cleaner In general I’m still happy with the car, however had the 1000cc Sedan been available at the time of my order, I would’ve gone for the sedan ( I guess there would be a power loss for the additional weight) Apart from that I’ve Made the following changes Added the Sri Lanka map from Open Street maps to the Garmin head unit and it’s working like a charm (I’ve shared the process in another thread) Since the SR didn’t come with a anti dazzling mirror, installed an OEM one (P# 76400-SZA-A22 & 08V03-TBA-100). The installation was a bit complicated as the wire harness had to be installed as well. This required the removal of the lower part console on the driver side and wiring the ground connection was b*tch. But all in all it was a success. Added the body side moulding to protect the paintwork (P# 08P05-TGG) Added OEM door visors (P# 08R04-TGG-100). Installation was easy but definitely a two man job. The clips provided so tiny they can get lost easily inside the dark interior of the car so I recommend laying a light colored bed sheet or something similar wile you are working on them. Added splash guards (mud flaps) (P# 08P00-TGG-100). The installation was easy and it fitted like a glove. I’ve attached some pics of the stuff added. Hope this others.
  14. Insedious

    fb 15 super saloon 2001

    Yes. The bas fellow first confirmed power was coming to the terminals of the starter motor (by wiring a light bulb to the leads), then he powered the motor directly from the battery and it the motor was not engaging. I think in this case, they replaced the starter motor with one of those reconditioned ones.
  15. Insedious

    fb 15 super saloon 2001

    An FB15 in our extended family also had the same issue. Out of the blues the engine would refuse to crank but only made this click click noises. It turned out to be a the brushes in the starter motor were dying and replacing the the same fixed it. With the age of the car ( think it was 2001 as well) it seems to be a recurring thing. The simple test done was to check the line voltage on the starter motor terminals and if the voltage was there, to *whack* the motor with a metal hammer while someone else cranked the engine. Jerking the car back and forth a couple times while in Park position also helped to motivate the starter motor to move that required half millimeter of angular rotation to create a closed circuit.