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  1. I actually got the first license online for a self imported car. Since the emission certificate was mandatory, first went and got the emission test done at L**ghs and waited for one day (apparently for the data to get synced up) then used the insurance company which issued the cover note as the insurer (in my case c******o. I think the look up is based on the chassis number). Logged in using the google credentials. Got the temporary print out and the real license arrived in post a week or so later. Hope this helps. Edit : From what I heard, the revenue license is given with the registration only for agent imported vehicle. I could be wrong here though.
  2. Insedious

    Honda Civic 2018

    Yes I did that. However here are some things you need consider Most after market LED lights have the LED arrays on the either sides of the assembly, making the light patter look split between the middle, especially with the low beam. However it has only an esthetic drawback, the effectiveness is not hampered by it. The lumens promised and delivered vary drastically based on the design of the reflectors, somehow I feel that the halogens have a higher intensity though the temperature is warmer. The Civic has very limited space behind the head lamps so circulation will be an issue, so Active cooled LED head lamps will be your friend. Also, find someone has small hands. Ye O'l Mr.Bockwurst fingers will have mild coronary playing with this lady's headlight related plumbing. Since these bad boys get really warm, it makes sense to buy one with controller that monitors the health of the cooling fan and cut power to the lights if the fan fails. ( we don't want those expensive headlight housings melting away) Since the internal resistance in LED lights are pretty high, it might tell the ECU that the bulbs are burnt so then "CANBUS Ready" ones seem to work (at least for me, I didn't try it with one without this). I've heard that also causes the lights to flicker. The micro controller for solving the above two problems is attached to the light assembly and it gets really hot, so had to use double sided thermal tape and fix it to the chassis. However having said that, the up side is the headlight does not get warm (as LEDs are more efficient and the cooling fan is somehow managing the heat on the backside. (pun) However the LED lights delivered as part of the TekPack is alot more impressive and looks cooler too.
  3. Insedious

    Engine heat goes up in traffic driving

    We had a similar issue with a FB-15, it started with loss of cold air with the AC in traffic and later the Radiator temp was rising also. After inspection, we found out that one of the two fans on the radiator was having a shotty connection after some water had got in to the connector, it would sporadically not power up the fan but as the AC fan was running half of the time, and with the air blown in through the shell was temperature was somehow managed, but once the AC fan died, the last line of defence failed and it started over heating.
  4. Insedious

    Honda Civic 2018

    You might be right. According to this Manufacturing Facility Page the Civic 4D is made in the US, Canada and Turkey so from a logistic perspective Turkey makes more sense, I guess the best would be if we get hold of a VIN.
  5. Insedious

    Honda Civic 2018

    Hey, did you guys notice, Honda UK has announced a sedan with the 1.0 L engine.
  6. Insedious

    Honda Civic 2018

    The fixed suspension on the SR seem to cope well with the standard potholes (3-4 inches in depth), however it does bottom out when the car is loaded with 4 adults. In most cases the ride height became an issue when driving out a from an elevated property (the trim under the front bumper) or a ridged entrance (roller gate track) when the car is loaded. In former, low speeds seem to do the trick, as for the latter, well no option but to relieve the car of the additional weight.
  7. Insedious

    3D carpets?

    This is correct. No point putting another set on top of the coil carpet delivered with the 3d carpets. If required you can replace the delivered with the 3D ones with a branded coil carpet but then you will have to install the grommets urself because with those puppies holding them in place, getting in and out is difficult as the 3D carpets have a finer finish that makes the coil carpets move around a lot unless they are held down.
  8. Insedious

    3D carpets?

    I put it in my Civic hatch. I think the whole idea is to line most of the carpeted area in the cabin with a second layer making it easier to clean. Here are the pros and cons in this Pro Since it's designed for the car, the fit is good Has a second set of coil carpets (quasi 3M) which can be removed and cleaned and also kept in place using grommets. Due to the bucket like shape, all large debris collects in the footwells without traveling all over the place ( almost perfect...) Cons The clips and the whole way it's kept in place is rather flimsy. Since it's a tight fit, the clips might slip out. I extended the edges of the carpets on the door edges by glueing a same color Rexin strip and sliding it under the door lining so it wont slip out. It seem to work. Does not cover all of the areas, especially under the driver and passenger seat a the second row carpeting on goes under the first row seating only partly. My main justification was it was the ease of cleaning and the car didn't come with OEM carpets as it was to be used as the daily school runner, so we are talking about a lot of dirt getting dragged in to the car.
  9. Insedious

    Honda Civic 2018

    Yes but the temperature is set to 25-26, the 3M tint is doing a good job cutting out the heat I think. I think you should go for it. Those rims are as wide as the tyres and I did learn it the hard way thankfully the curb in question also gave in a little so it was just a superficial scratch. These are advertised heavily on ik**n and I thought it was a pragmatic solution to coherent laziness to reach every nook and cranny. Your point about mould is very valid I think, maybe it makes sense to remove them during the service but I don't know how well those puppies would hold up to the abuse by our friendly neighborhood service mallis every quarter or so.
  10. Insedious

    Honda Civic 2018

    Thought I'd post an update as the car passed the 1000 km mark. Consumption is around 12km/l (Not that I care but this seems to be the first question I get where ever I go). This is with Eco on, auto engine stop on and the car was only used in the city during morning rush hour, after school rush hour and evening rush hour The 1L engine has not failed to impress so far but the 3 Cylinder rumble is something noticeable (but who cares) Got a 3M tint done from C*re P*nt for the front windshield, for the front windows and the rear windshield. ( Do to recommend caution here, even the lightest tint cuts 30% of the light might land you in a gray area with Colombo's finest) Put the clear sticker for the side mirrors so the better half can rub elbows with everyone around. Bought a Jack and a spare tire from Delkanda. The Jack for the Fit serves the purpose and fits in the compartment like a glove also. The spare tire was a hit and a miss for me. I got the one for Vezel even though it was a tad smaller for this one (fitment 94%). The right tire would be T125/80D16 97M with the rim size 16X4T Put one of those custom made carpeting that covers whole of the carpeting as it's easier to clean. Best 15K investment ever. Went to Staf**rd and got the check up done. Was told that oil change was not required till we hit the 5k mark. The TPMS started acting up the day after it was in Staf**rd. So re-checked the pressure while it's cold and recalibrated the system. So fingers crossed. To do list The tyres really wide so there are some nice streaks of mud on the lower panels/bumper so planning on getting down some OEM splash guard (mud flaps). Nice of Honda to make them. Considering door visors and door side moulding as comfort feature Updating the navigation to support SL map was put on back burner as the integration Android Auto and Apple Car Play is beyond acceptable. Will post more as things unravel.
  11. Insedious

    "Honda Civic 2017 (Gen X) 1.5L Turbo"

    This is the same information I got, that these engines are already broken in. Ha ha ha.. Dude, he did say he had a kid right ? Doesn't "Stormy Daniel" sound like a good name for a 2 door ( ideally we need 3 doors) coupe which haunts you after you sold it off to someone after having a brief but a pleasurable drive? ?
  12. Insedious

    "Honda Civic 2017 (Gen X) 1.5L Turbo"

    What's the reasoning behind doing it at 1000km ? Were you recommended by the agent ? I have the 1.0 l Hatch and I was asked to do the same by the importer but can't seem to find any documentation to back it. The manual does not talk anything about a service at 1000k ( it does not talk of a break in period as well, it's possible I missed it considering the size of the manual) and the oil life time monitor doesn't tell that either. One thing I do see is when the car was delivered with 0 milage the Oil life time monitor showed 19,000km as the life time, and at 600kms down the line the life time has dropped by 3000 kms.
  13. Insedious

    "Honda Civic 2017 (Gen X) 1.5L Turbo"

    Nice post. When is your first service/ oil change due?
  14. Insedious

    Honda civic 2017

    Yep. Nail on the head. Two months into the ownership, I don't see any serious reasons to get rid of it. As you rightfully mentioned I got it due to the tax advantage and the amount of "car" we get for the "buck", as a stop gap solution until the whole EV eco-system matured a bit more. Wonder how many others followed the same path.