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  1. Insedious

    "Honda Civic 2017 (Gen X) 1.5L Turbo"

    This is the same information I got, that these engines are already broken in. Ha ha ha.. Dude, he did say he had a kid right ? Doesn't "Stormy Daniel" sound like a good name for a 2 door ( ideally we need 3 doors) coupe which haunts you after you sold it off to someone after having a brief but a pleasurable drive? 🙂
  2. Insedious

    "Honda Civic 2017 (Gen X) 1.5L Turbo"

    What's the reasoning behind doing it at 1000km ? Were you recommended by the agent ? I have the 1.0 l Hatch and I was asked to do the same by the importer but can't seem to find any documentation to back it. The manual does not talk anything about a service at 1000k ( it does not talk of a break in period as well, it's possible I missed it considering the size of the manual) and the oil life time monitor doesn't tell that either. One thing I do see is when the car was delivered with 0 milage the Oil life time monitor showed 19,000km as the life time, and at 600kms down the line the life time has dropped by 3000 kms.
  3. Insedious

    "Honda Civic 2017 (Gen X) 1.5L Turbo"

    Nice post. When is your first service/ oil change due?
  4. Insedious

    Honda civic 2017

    Yep. Nail on the head. Two months into the ownership, I don't see any serious reasons to get rid of it. As you rightfully mentioned I got it due to the tax advantage and the amount of "car" we get for the "buck", as a stop gap solution until the whole EV eco-system matured a bit more. Wonder how many others followed the same path.
  5. Insedious

    Honda Civic 2018

    The Garmin app in the Head Unit is hard coded only to accept the map of Europe. Besides Garmin does not have a full details map for Sri Lanka. So the easiest option is to stick to Andriod Auto or Apple CarPlay. I'm sure at one point someone will figure out how to merge data files from Garmin and OSM together and fool the app to accept the merged data file but haven't seen anyone achieving this. Here's the comment where we discussed all the options.
  6. Insedious

    Outdoor Car Covers- Is That Good?

    Yes this works. However if you keep the car covered for a longer period (in my case a month), humidity creeps up again thanks to the vent holes and voila, you have fungus again. The rule I later followed was what they do with DSLR lenses. Fungus needs humidity and darkness (or lack of UV) to thrive, remove one and they wont grow.
  7. Insedious

    Garmin Gps Maps For Sri Lanka

    I know I'm reviving a dead horse, just for my knowledge, is there reason you prefer slmaps over OSM ? At least from my experience, OSM worked quite well on the Garmin devices but would be great hear your perspective as well.
  8. Insedious

    Garmin Gps Maps For Sri Lanka

    Tried. Does not work (for now). The head unit has the map for Europe hard coded in it. Even if you add the SL map for garmin (from OSM) it got ignored. Continuing research. Here's a link the complete comment I made in a separate thread.
  9. Insedious

    Updating the navigation system

    I guess we want to try it out just for the sake of the challenge. First off the navigation app is hard coded for Europe. Secondly Garmin doesn't have a proper map for Sri Lanka so OSM is the other alternative. From my research what I found was that you will have to merge the Garmin and OSM maps together as the Garmin unit will look for the Map of Europe, so the way out will be to sneak in the SL map into the map of Europe so it will override the default low res Map of Sri Lanka which Garmin already has. Another alternative was to install a separate Navigation App like OsmAnd (as the Unit runs Andriod). I think this will require rooting of the unit as by default, it will only allow the installation of apps with the Honda signature ( read it in a couple of places, yet to validate it personally). Another point worth mentioning is, Andriod Auto is not released for the Sri Lankan market but Apple CarPlay is. Both of them work amicably, the coolest feature is the center display (which has the speed and the tacho) switch over to the turn by turn navigation display.
  10. Insedious

    Side effects of Engine de-greasing?

    Faced the same issue myself. Naively let them convince me about de-greasing since the concept was new to me. The day after the check battery light was on full time. Ended up replacing the alternator. Now I only let them use compressed air to clean the bay. That also at a considerable distance, cos if you let them, they will like to get up close and personal wanting to knock off every speck of dust off every cable, every sensor etc. On the same note, other than the esthetic aspect, is there are rationale behind cleaning engine bays (cases without any oil spills/leakage) ?
  11. Insedious

    Pajero Computer body

    I thought the introduction of the name "Montero" was Mitsubishi's way of showing cultural sensitivity after they realized "Pajero" is not *the* best name one can call the vehicle especially if they want to sell it in spanish speaking countries..
  12. As promised, here are some things I got my attention my brand spanking new 2018 Civic SR. Fuse box location. it's right under the dash, I found the only way to access it properly was to sit up side down on the divers seat. No HID unless you go for Tech pack which will give you LED. The best option was to get put some LED lights in the low and the high beams, and it worked like the charm, even the auto high beam played ball with it. Lack of Spare tire The car is like Frankenstein's Monster (Lights from Hungary,Seat Belts from Rumania). This is not something that's putting me off the car. I thought I'd mention it. Accessibility for light bulb changes. Other than the head lights, others will require some mechanical knowledge and some lights (i.e. the number plate light I think) come as one unit. Missing sections of the harness. For missing options, unlike in other cars they have saved the harness for unused options, ergo you can't get away by just adding the auto dimming mirror, you have to wire the harness from the fuse box. Garmin navigation hardcoded for Europe. Can’t see the Turbo performance in SR Second row head room is rather limited if you are above 5'10" Reduced visibility/darker cabin due to smaller windows at the back Fabric trim in the center console and the door cars are like magnets for sweat and dirt Again, these are things I noticed, doesn't mean I don't like the car, will share the things I found to be nice as well. Just thought I share it so people will see a well balanced picture.
  13. I'm getting 10+ kmpl during rush hour. This is with the Eco mode on 50% of the time and the engine auto stop on. i still see it improving as I'm still on second tank of gas. Haven't done outstation trips etc, running under 80kmph and 4000 rpm waiting for the engine to break in ( another 500kms to go). -Edit- I'm compiling a list of things I like and don't like about this car, for now it's a mixed bag. Will share it soon.
  14. Insedious

    Honda Civic 2018

    My bad. I totally forgot the Insight was a hybrid. I think it was mainly due to the new one looking so different and has absolutely no resemblance of the first gen. Sadly with the current duty model, it wont have the price advantage the 1.0L Civic had. However it's cool that they have a EV and a Fuel Cell powered version of the puppy as well.
  15. Insedious

    Is all wheel drive worth the money?

    Then you have the best of both worlds, a AWD system when needed and the ability to disconnect it to satisfy the "Sri Lankan Context". Especially on vehicle with a higher center of gravity, it makes even more sense. Having said that, please keep in mind that any AWD is as good as the Tires it's attached to. So come the hour of need, bald tires will anyway trump all the bells and whistles the AWD has to offer.