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  1. Buying a new car between price range 5mil-6mil

    That's a very generic statement that will apply to any brand from any country. Just for fun, just replace the words "Honda" and "the UK" in your statement and see if it applies to any brand of vehicle from any country. I think this is a correct statement, especially since Honda is brave enough to supply the whole world's Civic Hatch demand solely using their factory in the UK (including the US and Japan).
  2. Buying a new car between price range 5mil-6mil

    Wifey does about 20kms a day, half of which during the morning rush hour and the other half picking up the kids at 1.30.. in that traffic it's between 6-7 kmpl right now but the car is yet to hit 200 on the odo. Will update it once it has done at-least 1000kms
  3. Buying a new car between price range 5mil-6mil

    Sadly I didn't do any R&D on the MG one. I was looking for a car for the lady of the house with though crumple zones as she's taking the kids all around Colombo for school tuition etc so the list became quite short. I also looked at the C-HR but I couldn't convince myself on the overall package. Between the two, the Civic's ride was more comfortable and the acceleration was more enjoyable in the Civic as well. But of course, this is Sri Lanka and anything with a Toyota logo is treated like gold dust..
  4. Buying a new car between price range 5mil-6mil

    Did the same comparison some time back. Instead of the Yaris, was looking at the Vitz. Finally decided on the Civic (SR not SE as the upgrade from SE to SR was totally worth considering the features you get). If you are looking for something that will retain value (typical Sri lanka car buyer's dilemma) go for the Toyota but if you like features and better driving experience go for the Civic.. and the Swift fits somewhere in the middle.
  5. License Plate Frame And Sticker; Help Please

    To be honest I didn't look at the time he posted, Just thought I'd respond since I had exact answer he was looking for. Considering these pages get indexed, I guess it would be useful for someone who'd have the same issue one day (and hopefully the place would be still open on that day).. :-)
  6. License Plate Frame And Sticker; Help Please

    I was at the W**th show room in Nawala and they had a display of these number plate frames with various company details stenciled to the footer of the frame (T*y*t* L*n*a, U*it*d M*t*rs etc). When inquired if they also do number plate frames with company details, the lady said they take bulk orders from such vendors. So I guess if you can get friendly with the person at the showroom, you just might get lucky (in getting a frame :-) ).
  7. Honda Civic 2018

    Hi Guys, Having being an avid reader of the AL forum for years, I thought I'd create an account and contribute as I got a 2018 Civic SR for the wifey a couple of weeks back. (Edit: Looks like I had another account already. May bad. let me kill the new one). Since her N16 was aging (gracefully), we needed an upgrade. The SR had quite alot of features and the interior was quite impressive. With an acceptable amount of crumple zones and weight, it was the right container for the kids to go to school/tuition etc. I got it down through a friend who was kind enough to give the UK registration papers. It clearly states the First Registration date. Even though I trusted the guys, this was like the cherry on top. The Car was shipped in a container arrived in SL in 3 weeks. Put the bad boy on a flat bed and brought it home on the 3rd day after landing in Colombo. First impression of the car all positive. It looks impressive (however I still am not big fan of the back). There's interior is roomy enough for a family of 4. Has enough leg room at the back for an average Sri Lankan. However since the seats are quite low, people with long legs might find it uncomfortable on long journeys. The 3 cylinder engine does sound different.. being very blunt, if a low capacity diesel engine had sex with a land master engine, you would get something that sounds like the civic's engine. But this little turbo charged puppy tend to grow on you so at least for me it's not a deal breaker. From the performance perspective, I'm still breaking in the engine so trying to stay under 100 and 4000 rpm, but you do feel the turbo lag but once it kicks in, you can clearly feel the difference. Handling wise, I'm impressed by how road hugging the car is, quick lane changes are quite enjoyable but I'm sure the 235/45R17s are going to make me pay through the nose come new tire time. Fuel consumption wise, it started at 3km/L the moment after the first tankful and after about 100kms, it's at 6+km/L and still improving. Friends, since this is my first post, if I've violated any rules here, please let me know. More than happy to adjust accordingly.
  8. Montero V93W MMCS Upgrade

    Good morning fellow Petrol heads, After years of reading posts and looking at adverts, finally I found myself a problem worth the attention of a larger forum (I think). I've recently bought a used Montero V93W GLS here are some of features 1.Build Year 2011 export model 2.GLS With Rockford 6 CD changer with Aux In and USB ( no MMCS, no Bluetooth support) 3.No premium alarm with ultra sound sensors (just the immobilizer) Having said that, here's the situation. For some time I've been contemplating if it made sense to upgrade the 6 CD changer to the OEM MMCS. The reasoning is as follows 1. The reverse camera is currently one of them Chinese media player cum rear view mirror thingy (which is hiding that nice anti dazzing rear view mirror which came with the jeep) 2. Handsfree mobile connectivity sucks ( Aux in works but the Rockford's DSP is messing with the noise cancelling feature of the phone) I've ruled out using an aftermarket Dual Din set up mainly because the CD player is tightly coupled to the Rockford amplifier and personally I prefer the OEM version. I've also done some research on scope of this engagement, it will require ( I'm sure I'm missing more stuff here) the addition of 1.The Hand free ECU 2. Handfree switches on the Steering wheel 3.Microphone installation which requires the premium alarm's ultrasonic sensor housing to be installed 4. The all mighty MMCS. (GPS Sensor is optional) Considering how well the modules are integrated using the CAN-BUS, I'm sure it wont be a walk in the park but if done, I would like to do it without splicing too many wire in a nice OEM kinda way. So, what do you guys think about this endeavor. Does it make sense ? Has anyone an idea about where to acquire the parts and/or a good place to get this done?