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  1. I have the same car, it might make sense for you to invest in one of those donut tires and a jack. Since the space for the spare tire is anyway there, you don't have to sacrifice on space as well. I got both from Delkanda and they already saved me the trouble once.
  2. Definitely, I think I will visit the place and look at the possibility of upgrading the gas. 2 months have passed since the condenser replacement and everything seems to be fine. One small thing I forgot update you guys on, the drier on the civic is built into the condenser, I guess it's another way of cutting costs.
  3. Yeah, it seems to work like it was before. Albeit I've only done about 400 kms since the change. The family (who are very sensitive to changes in the AC, especially during the mid day school runs) have not noticed a difference (negative or positive).
  4. 100K for everything with a Malaysian OEM part with a 2 year warranty Nope. Performance seems the same. the cooling effect is the same as before but something I noticed was, there was no condensation on the pipes though they were cold to touch. Will soon share some comparable data with regard to the cooling affect.
  5. My SR just cleared 9k mark (after 18 months), and here's an update. The cooling in the AC was reducing since a couple of days and had it inspected by my usual AC place and was told that the condensor has started leaking (it was evident visually with 3-4 oily spots). So long story short, had the condensor replaced (c.a 100K) and downgraded the refrigerant to R134a from the delivered R123yf as charging the system with the latter would've costed another 80K. Some advice from my experience, if you notice a drop in the cooling, stop using the AC and get it checked. The condensor replacement required the whole front end of the car being removed (Grill, bumper) and there are tons of clips and screws, unless everything is aligned properly, the refitting will not not work and make sure you don't let them use (the) force. 🙂 Mine took like 2.5 hour for removal and refitting of the front over 20 minutes of the part replacement. So this is not a rush job. Some clips might break, just make sure they are marked and used in the right places.
  6. Up until recently, applying for the renewal of the revenue license online was possible as long as the emission report had not expired. This was a convenience as most of us would apply for the revenue license and the get the emission report when it actually expires. However now they have changed the rule, now the emission report issue date must be less than 60 days at the point of applying for the renewal. Apparently they put this logic in place to prevent people from getting 2 revenue licenses with one emission report. I was able to apply for RL only after a new emission test even though my old report was valid for another 6 months. Also there was no carbon tax.
  7. Nice write up 🙂 Mine crossed the 6K mark as well. All in all I'm happy with the buy considering the feature set for the price paid. in addition, some of the things I noticed Rapid de-acceleration from 70 to 0 triggers some type of collision preparation mode, the hazards came on automatically (allegedly the brake lights blink as well, this is according to a friend, could not verify as I was driving) A friend had the AC evaporator getting punctured after a cruise down the express way at 100. Apparently this is a design defect. Had the TPMS playing havoc a couple of times, but no issues after recalibration. My guess is, the TPMS works by measuring the rotations ( ABS sensor data) as the valves in the Civic look like the normal ones. The plain cloth interior (mine is an SR) needs a fair amount of TLC especially if you have kids who didn't financially contribute when you bought the car. Consumption ranges between 7-8.5 kmpl with Eco and Auto Off. The car is mainly used for the school run Had the first puncture, fixed it with the trusty Stop & Go Tire Repair kit. (Luckily I invested in a jack and a spare wheel) Updated the garmin maps a couple of time just for kicks, worked each time like a charm. Love the directions appearing in the center of the dashboard. Had a motor cyclist knock the right side mirror. The upper part of the cover came off but no clips were broken so it went back in with a little persuasion. Again, luckily, the paint protecting wrapping did it's job.
  8. Insedious


    A friend had bought a Tiger Diesel Genny from Ab*ns but the got into a dispute over the word *silent* and eventually he decided to return it but of course the seller took his own time giving various excuses and it took like to 3 months and many many angry discussions close out the return. Long story short, horrible customer service. I've tested out Lutian 3KVA (they have smaller ones also) and was pleasantly surprised at the sound/performance ratio. Was mainly focusing on self start ones so never got to test the 0.7 to 1Kva range. But all in all, I think most of the Chinese gennies sold here are generic with brand name slapped on the casing and a dealer trying to sell it using his reputation.
  9. Since most heated seats use Peltier modules, you only have to open up the seat and turn the module up side down and you would get seat cooling. The flip side is, each time you reverse the function, you have to take apart the seats so it might take a couple of minutes longer than flipping a switch.. 😁
  10. Adding a link to the solution as this is tried and tested.
  11. The issue might be electrical or due to low gas pressure. I think the easiest would be to get it check at a reputed AC repair place.
  12. The pully will always turn.. have a look below. This is how it looks when the clutch is engaged and not. Notice the outer nuts holding the clutch on the left, you will not see them when the compressor is on.
  13. Is the compressor clutch engaging when you switch on the AC? The compressor sits directly under the alternator.
  14. Did this happen instantaneously? With refrigerant leaks, you would start noticing that the AC is cooling less and less till you don't get any cooling at all ( You might also smell the refrigerant/oil if the leak is on the evaporator) and the AC clutch is no longer engaging. The reason for the question was, in similar situation (with a different) car, I found the compressor relay had died this happened while I was driving. Our friendly AC repair guy initially check the coolant pressure and and then checked the voltage on the clutch leads and when the clutch engaged properly when given direct power, checked the harness (to see if any rat had a 3 course meal at the expense of the leads) and replaced the bad relay. Just sharing the experience hoping it would help someone. Hopefully your situation is not this grave.
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