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  1. Varun Rajendran

    Hatchback with good fuel efficiency

    @matroska : do you think Suzuki hustler is a good choice. I found only one person writing about it in this forum. Can anyone please tell me how good is Suzuki hustler in terms of fuel efficiency???
  2. Varun Rajendran

    Hatchback with good fuel efficiency

    Dear Guys, Im utterly confused looking for an automatic, hatchback which would be as much fuel efficient as possible. My budget is less than 2.5 million. I'm confused with the plethora of indian, Malaysian, and Japanese cars. Seriously clueless. Being little above average in height I get lot of opinion from friends to go to sedans falling inside my budget. It's more confusing. Can please someone help me out. ??? p.s. I'm living in hill country and climbing hills and ground clearance are also problems!!!!??