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  1. Guys can somebody tell me about the Sorento 2003 model. I found one with 2.3L Petrol. can you guys share your opinions on this vehicle. Fuel consumption Pleasure Services worth to buy or not and everything you know about ps - i found this one. as it has nothing much, i posted this
  2. Guys , moving little bit further how about Fiat Punto Suzuki Escudo 2001 Fiat Liana Peugeot 406 can someone tell me about the Prices, fuel consumption, services and suggest me your opinion
  3. Hi guys, Can someone please suggest me a vehicle below 2M. I know it sounds stupid. I'm considering 1. Fuel efficiency 2. Resale value I was thinking about Panda, Estilo, WagonR, Mazda 323, MX7. what do you guys say
  4. Guys, what would be better vehicle? Vezel or Grace EX i mean, in every aspect, fuel consumption, riding pleasure, maintenance, and every way possible. (with the price of course) And how much Grace does in City ? and Vezel as well.... thanks in advance guys
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