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  1. florider

    Toyota Prado Trj 150 Fuel Consumption

    Are you reffering to your Bajaj 150 cc 3 Wheeler ????
  2. florider

    7.5 Km Per L Xtrail 2015 4x4 ?

    A*W stopped importing the hybrid after so many complaint s
  3. florider

    7.5 Km Per L Xtrail 2015 4x4 ?

    Yes higannas who drive SUV s after a hard days begging
  4. florider

    Best vehicle to buy post Nov 2017 budget

    Guys , what do yourl think about the Honda 1ltr turbo , will it have enough power. What will be the fuel consumption figures like..
  5. florider

    Zoltron does it work

    Does this additive work ?
  6. florider

    7.5 Km Per L Xtrail 2015 4x4 ?

    X trail t 31 petrol does 7 plus in Colombo and 11 plus outstation s , so the previous model is better
  7. florider

    Hybrid battery cell voltage drop Issue

    Recommend you to sell the car , since the prices also will go up after the budget you might be able to get a good price
  8. florider

    2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    That's for their own benefit ,they don't care about the country Sent from my HUAWEI RIO-L01 using AutoLanka.com mobile app
  9. florider

    2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

    I hope this good governance dudes will use their up stairs and not reduce taxes of fossil fuel vehicles
  10. florider

    AC repair place

    Try winter reff Vauxhall Street opposite SL I******* , charges are fair and they do a good job
  11. florider

    Fuel Efficiency

    This is axio Bajaj version;-)[emoji41]
  12. florider

    Fuel Efficiency

    X trail t 31 petrol , 2012 yom City 7 to 8 Out 10 to 12
  13. florider

    7.5 Km Per L Xtrail 2015 4x4 ?

    U are a real cross wind
  14. Go for a landcruizer , has the best re sale value and its value for money vehicle
  15. No second hand value for Koreans