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    Honda Civic Vtec Swap

    stig ,,thanks brother,, can u tell me about this ?
  2. Shehan96

    Honda Civic Vtec Swap

    Hey guyz, I have a Honda civic ferio LA-ES1 (type B).. it comes with non-vtec D15B engine..but the past owner changes engine head to vtec head..vtec solenoid is free..there re no line from wire harness to connect solenoid..now i want convert car into vtec..i think i need to replace the ECU & Wiring harness.. But 90% of ES1 in sri lanka is JDM (LA-ES1 ie 1.5 vtec)... it has CVT gear box..my car has normal 4AT gear box..what can i do to convert into vtec..can i replace JDM civic es1 (vtec-type ie) ECU ? should i need to change gear box or can i use that ecu for normal 4AT(non cvt) gear box? Sorry for my bad english hope someone can help me..
  3. Shehan96

    Honda Civic Vtec Swap

  4. Shehan96

    Honda Civic Vtec Swap

    AJM, the car is not manual transmission .. it normal 4 automatic.. i need to knw dat i can use CVT transmission ecu for my car ?
  5. Shehan96

    Honda Civic Vtec Swap

    hey davy..thank u .. i don't have much knowledge about this so hope u can help me till end..engine head replacement is done,can i use the ECU that comes for cvt ? this is my one -http://www.drom.ru/catalog/honda/civic_ferio/4088/ this is IE (vtec,cvt)-http://www.drom.ru/catalog/honda/civic_ferio/4105/ can i use IE ECU for my car ? plz give me more information brother.. links,videos, or anything.. my mechanic said it s not possible to replace that ecu because gearbox's difference.. its not true,isn't ? if u can help me with dis its biggest help i'm tired up with this.. (edit) #davy , i found something.please check out this.there is someones comment ..is that true ?