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  1. stig ,,thanks brother,, can u tell me about this ?
  2. AJM, the car is not manual transmission .. it normal 4 automatic.. i need to knw dat i can use CVT transmission ecu for my car ?
  3. hey davy..thank u .. i don't have much knowledge about this so hope u can help me till end..engine head replacement is done,can i use the ECU that comes for cvt ? this is my one -http://www.drom.ru/catalog/honda/civic_ferio/4088/ this is IE (vtec,cvt)-http://www.drom.ru/catalog/honda/civic_ferio/4105/ can i use IE ECU for my car ? plz give me more information brother.. links,videos, or anything.. my mechanic said it s not possible to replace that ecu because gearbox's difference.. its not true,isn't ? if u can help me with dis its biggest help i'm tired up with this.. (edit) #davy , i found something.please check out this.there is someones comment ..is that true ?
  4. Hey guyz, I have a Honda civic ferio LA-ES1 (type B).. it comes with non-vtec D15B engine..but the past owner changes engine head to vtec head..vtec solenoid is free..there re no line from wire harness to connect solenoid..now i want convert car into vtec..i think i need to replace the ECU & Wiring harness.. But 90% of ES1 in sri lanka is JDM (LA-ES1 ie 1.5 vtec)... it has CVT gear box..my car has normal 4AT gear box..what can i do to convert into vtec..can i replace JDM civic es1 (vtec-type ie) ECU ? should i need to change gear box or can i use that ecu for normal 4AT(non cvt) gear box? Sorry for my bad english hope someone can help me..
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