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  1. Dear All, I'm facing a small issue, when I'm turning the steering wheel after car is in fully hot I'm feeling a small tight in steering wheel. But the car is in cold that mean just after start in the morning there is no tight.What will be the issue ??
  2. Rumesh, I met Ravi & show my issue.He checked & said that is normal thing in this type of OHC engines & he said that oil leaked coming due to bad oil seal in engine crank. So thanks again..
  3. I just open and see.There is nothing .
  4. Yes definitely i know very well about that. Thanks a lot & ill go tomorrow & let you know about his opinion also. Appreciated about your valuable comment .
  5. You know him??? ok I'll go there and show my issue. Do you think that he can resolve my issue??? Thanks
  6. You know there is a famous Nissan expert near Bulugaha Junction. He is a A*W perso5and doing all nissans. Do I need to do the repair immediately??? pls help
  7. give me a good idea. I want to know whether this is a issue or not.
  8. Yes.I open Oil filler cap when engine running.
  9. Oil is not burning actually becos im checking oil stick daily .Im daily running until 31st.So that's why i asked that repair is urgent or not.
  10. No actually. Only after the cap removed.
  11. Ok noted.But this is coming continuously.So do i need to do PCV immediately ???
  12. After remove the oil cap only.Then oil spilling out from oil filler hole. What is PCV ?
  13. I just remove the oil cap & then Oil spreading from engine to outside from oil cap hole.
  14. Oil is very clear like when i check oil level from oil stick.
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