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  1. N16 Head Light

    Yes someone changed due to accident.But i checked H4 bulb is larger than IH01.So we cant fix H4 bulb to IH01 socket. Im @ office now ill upload some photos.
  2. N16 Head Light

    I'll upload.In that headlight housing mentioned in right side H4 & left side IH01. H4 bulb cant fix to IH01 socket .
  3. N16 Head Light

    No physically one bulb there. In that light frame they have printed bulb type. its H4 in right side & left side IH01
  4. N16 Head Light

    I recheck my bulb.Its H4 in right side & Ichikoh IH01 ,printed in bulb .
  5. N16 Head Light

    Yes.Right side H4 & Left H1.H1 socket is smaller than H4 socket.im i correct?? Cant fix H1 bulb to H4 socket. I changed H1 bulb recently cost 2000 rupees. it's rare model.
  6. N16 Head Light

    There is a issue also.My left side bulb is H1.Its not fit to H4 bulb housing.
  7. N16 Head Light

    Advice please... I have an small issue.My car right side head bulb (H4) when its dim mode very yellowish but when its head mode very bright. I want to know issue is with bulb or reflector.I have clean the front of plastic light.(Cut & polish) Thanks.
  8. Nissan N16 Sylphy

    Hi all, Final update.I replaced my water pump genuine Nissan.Now issue is ok. Cost 8000/- with labor cost. Thanks all. Cheers.
  9. Nissan N16 Sylphy

    Dear all, Finally i decided to replace my water pump.I want to know small thing, are they drain fully coolant in radiator to replace the water pump? Bcos i changed new coolant on 3months ago. Thank you.
  10. Need an advice to change LED

    Actually Im changing only front parking , interior doom light & number plate only Thanks for your advice.
  11. Need an advice to change LED

    Actually Im changing only front parking interior doom light & number plate. Thanks for your advice.
  12. I need your valuable advice ,I'm going to change my existing tail lights,Number plate light & interior doom light to white color LED Lights. Is it normal or do i need to do some wire change ? I have attached a sample . Thank you.
  13. Nissan Sylphy FG-10

    Dear all, I'm going to replace my front break pads.So can you tell me what is the best from the following list. 1.FBK 2.FBL - Japan 3.NIBK- Japan
  14. I want to change my gear box oil.Currently its having Caltex texamatic 1888 oil. So I want to know that oil is good or do i need to go for a new oil.Gear box is not CVT. Your valuable advice are highly appreciated.
  15. Nissan N16 Sylphy

    Last week i went my garage & mechanic said if water pump goes continuously water leaking from the pump.I did the test run also but no visible water leaks.Finally he said we will wait & see.So i came back. I don't no really confused .