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  1. Alfie

    Popular Garages In Sri Lanka

    Any rotary specialist for an RX8
  2. Hi peeps, looking for a place that does a full automatic transmission oil flush. Where they inject new oil from the trans cooler and fully flushing your trans oil with out removing the trans oil drain plug. Also where can I find Toyota T-IV oil Thanks!
  3. Alfie

    Conversions for STI 11

    Not yet.. just looking around what other options are out there before talking to him
  4. Hi peeps! I'm looking for some reliable places for conversion for a STI 11. I have done a STI 6 & driven a STI 8 conversion in the past, have been out out of the game ever since. I have already got the impreza model of the car and looking for places to buy, price and other experiences anyone can share as this is a new car and will be a challenge to see it through. If any one has an idea of the kit that would be great.