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  1. thejan123

    Suv rim color dip

    Hey, Srry i am a noob in this section But Can anybody tell me how much will it be for changing my rim color to matt black I have 19 wheels. And it would be great if you could suggest me a good place
  2. Hi guys, Can i know the annual maintainence cost for a brand new midsize sedan cars like c class,3 series or an a4,a5. How much is it to do a full service and how many millages u have to go for service Thank you
  3. Benz c180 2017 W205, 1600cc , trim level- Avantagarde, with full duty it cost 12 -13 mil.how much will it reduce for the $35000 permit?
  4. How much price reduce when exporting with a $35000 permit.?Thnx
  5. Hi can anybody tell me some information about the new toyota crown.I kinda like its overall design. But the thing i cant seem to find this car anywhere. I want to know if theres a fault or something or is it beacuse its not so much popular with srilankan people? Anyways will it be same as maintaining a europian car?And wbt the fuel consumtion. Thnx❤
  6. Hey guys, I choose these 3 cars for this debate Audi a4 (B9), bmw 3 series (F30) and benz c class(w205). What is the most reliable car out of these that is suitable for srilankan roads conditions. And i would like to know the second hand market for these vehicals and the avalibility of spare parts in srilanka. Thanks?
  7. I have a outlander 2014 2.4cc suv and i was hoping for an upgrade. I want to know whats the best fuel efficient(12kml-18kml) brand new 2017 car or suv to buy in srilanka.
  8. Anything that is 2015 or newer.Even second hand with low mileage
  9. Bro im not sure but the one i was checking has 1400cc
  10. Guys i was hoping to buy a 2015 or newer luxury car or a suv for 9.5 million. So I thought of buying the new audi q2 or a3. But i really need to know what else that i could buy for 9.5 million or lower. Btw it would be great if the fuel consumtion is more than 10kmpl Pls dont recommend premios ,axios and xtrails Thanks
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