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  1. amsandun

    Ford Focus 2011 Sedan

    @Crosswind why did you mention 'worth for the money' there?
  2. amsandun


    Many brands of tyres are discussed in this thread. You may get some information.
  3. amsandun

    What is your ultimate dream car?

    one lottery for the vehicle and another for the taxes 😂
  4. amsandun

    What is your ultimate dream car?

    Let the dreams drive you and you will drive the dream one day, 😉👍 thanks brother...Yeah I have read your thread on E30 enthusiasts. Nice car you got there bro. Always looking if there's anything new on BMW thread. No I hadn't seen that video. Wow... now I like the M5 even more. that mid-drift refueling is just amazing.
  5. amsandun

    What is your ultimate dream car?

    I would have been the first to reply unless that eerie thought of being mocked at came into my mind . I know it's just in my head. I am with my very first car (Vitz) now and for some time, I have been growing an interesting crush into Euros (BMW being the first in the list of course). Won't be able to buy one soon though. Going through old threads in AL, looking at ads, following Instagram pages etc... So without more drama, let me tell you what my dream car happened to be. BMW M5 F90 with M-Performance (I am not into racing and drifting but it's look and power surprises me). Definitely not in Sri Lanka but if I could get my hands on one, even for a one day then this ultimate dream will come true 😎.
  6. amsandun

    What is the best

    There are a large number of options for you to choose based on individual preferences. Make/Model, Fuel Efficiency, Country of Origin (Japanese/Korean/Indian etc), look and feel Most importantly your intention of buying one and how you intend to use it. There are many threads in this forum that you can read, narrow down your search and even get to know almost all what you need to know. I will share some posts below for your ease. Please note that many price ranges are being discussed in these threads. http://autolanka.com/forums/topic/18991-hatchback-with-good-fuel-efficiency/
  7. amsandun

    Need a 7 seat SUV for 5/4.5 million

    New Mitsubishi Xpander is out there but I think it's way over your budget. saw few of them on the road past few weeks. Could be an interesting vehicle to discuss in the future maybe?
  8. amsandun

    Car registration

    As long as your vehicle is registered, have the insurance and emission certificate (Also the vehicle's shipping documents, just in case), I think it's fine to take it out. Last year, I took my car to Badulla with all above but without revenue license. I had no any issues (wasn't stopped by police 😉). even if you are stopped, you can explain and reason with them. About online revenue license, I tried last year but didn't work due to some system error. Couldn't login with google or any other credentials. But earlier this month, I got my second revenue license online (Uva Province) successfully. It's available for whole island now.
  9. amsandun

    Any idea about migration agent charges?

    thanks for the information Davy, it's good to have knowledge about the process.
  10. amsandun

    BMW 520d

    Is this the fate of 3 series as well? What is the significant difference between 3 and 5 series? Both looks same to me. Is it in the power department or dimensions?
  11. amsandun

    Any idea about migration agent charges?

    Hi @Davy, Assuming that you've been through this whole process, may I ask something? When we lodge an application for skill assessment through the relevant authority, how are they gonna verify our claims (education, work experience etc)? I mean do they rely on what we certify and submit or do they perform any checks with relevant sri lankan authorities regarding them? Since they now accept both IELTS and TOEFL I though of doing the latter as I have been through it once.
  12. amsandun

    How is 2016 vitz F Safety 1000cc Car.??

    agree with you. My main routes are long distance and outstation (Kandy-Colombo, Kandy-Badulla, Badulla-Colombo). I very rarely drive in colombo city traffic. There are many times I wish I had more engine power to overtake a vehicle and I usually don't push my car to it's limits.
  13. amsandun

    How is 2016 vitz F Safety 1000cc Car.??

    It's the older model (2004 swift). New RS turbo is much powerful.
  14. amsandun

    How is 2016 vitz F Safety 1000cc Car.??

    unless you are into car racing, it's not much of a problem or issue. I drive a 2016 Vitz safety (LED edition) pack. Of course I wish there were more power to it. With the government's funny tax system, it's as far as someone with a budget can go. But it has enough power to get you going. Noise and Vibration here are two separate factors I think. Noise is there specially if when you press the gas bit hard. I never experienced any vibration even at 100kmph on highway whereas my father's swift had it when passing 80kmph mark (feels a shaking on steering wheel as well as on my hands).
  15. amsandun

    Budget 2019

    It's a one time payment which is to be paid at the time of importation of the vehicle.