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  1. amsandun

    Budget 2019

    It's a one time payment which is to be paid at the time of importation of the vehicle.
  2. amsandun

    Dash Cam recommendations (2019)

    I purchased this (Yi Compact Dash Cam) a few months back and using without any problems. It's front camera only. So badly wanted to get a quality 2-channel camera but gave up the idea due to high cost (a good one with WiFi would cost around 20k+). This one cost me about 9000 with the SanDisk 32GB class 10 Micro SD card. it has wifi and therefore easy to view video clips. This one has good reviews as well. I think It's one of the best choices for a compact, wallet friendly dash camera and it gets the job done very well.
  3. amsandun

    Mazda 6 (2016~2018) vs Premio (2018~2019)

    Not exactly based on the CIF as a percentage but Luxury tax free threshold deducted by the Total CIF and the remainder will be the base for above percentages. Currently proposed for certain engine capacities but it is rumored to be applied to all categories in the future (just something I heard).
  4. amsandun

    vitz Safety editions

    To my knowledge and experience with my car ( Vitz 2016 Safety Edition), standard safety features includes Automatic high beam, Lane departure Alert (LDA), Traction Control and Pre-Collision System (PCS) which comes under Toyota Safety Sense package. But may vary according to the grade of the vehicle. Most of the 2018 Vitz also has these features as far as I know. Any safety edition should have above features. Better contact your dealer and get a clear idea of the vehicle and its features.
  5. amsandun

    Octane 92 or 95 (Vitz 2016)

    I also don't think there are major consequences or major benefits/advantages of either one. But to be frank, I put 95 in my 2016 Vitz because I kind of inherited my father's using of octane 95 in his car. It may be cleaner. And I get average per litre readings. It doesn't effect your fuel economy as far as I know.
  6. amsandun

    What is the best SUV under 5 million

    I don't think the list would change too much from this. have a look so you can narrow down the search.
  7. amsandun

    Toyota Vitz 2016

    I agree with @alpha17on this. I too drive a 2016 Vitz and on longer journeys with AC on, there is a noise which can be hard to listen to. Specially if you're driving up slopes or ride on bumpy roads, you can experience the engine revs excessively. It may also depend on the load too. For someone with heavy foot on gas, it will be a noisy drive. But on smooth roads or carpet roads it is not much of a problem. I also came across this very concern last year when I was searching for a car. And went with the Vitz knowing it's pros and cons. Overall, I am really happy with the car and that's all that matters I guess.
  8. amsandun

    Need a professional place to fix dashboard cam

    Good video bro... btw, What was that animal? 😄
  9. amsandun

    bus import

    No permit in Sri Lanka allows you to bring down a Bus using it. You can search online for the vehicle permit circular and there you can see terms and conditions. Only certain types of vehicles can be imported with that permit.
  10. amsandun

    Toyota vitz/ Suzuki Swift/ Audi A1

    Not at all I think. I drive a 2016 Vitz and been in a 2018 model too. As far as the interior features are concerned, there's no big difference (Almost same). multi function keys may or may not be there. depends on what model you buy. Mine doesn't have multi-function keys. Only visible difference would be the front and back.
  11. amsandun

    Any idea about migration agent charges?

    Thanks so much Davy. Yeah the website is well structured now.
  12. amsandun

    Any idea about migration agent charges?

    Thanks bro, current aim is on Kangaroo land. 😉
  13. amsandun

    Any idea about migration agent charges?

    thank you so much @Davyfor the detailed explanation. I am going through their website for more info. There are so many types of visa available. I will have to go through Skilled Migration as I am not eligible for others as I understand. Just to know, it is the Skilled Independent Visa (Point-tested stream) which applies for general skilled migration, am I right?
  14. Hi guys, This is not about cars and stuff. Since there is a large community from around the world here in AL, I thought of putting it here. Has anyone got experience with Migration Agents for PR or Migration Visa? (Let's say for Australia) How do they work? And how they charge and what amounts to get the work done? Your knowledge and experience would be of great help. Thanks.
  15. amsandun

    Need a professional place to fix dashboard cam

    There are plenty of how to videos on YouTube in this topic including hard-wiring too. you can search and do it as a DIY task which I did about a week ago. Following URL posted by @kmeeg in a different thread also helps a lot. As for the panel removing tool kit (prying tools), I found a place at kirulapone area with very reasonable price. Can share if you're interested.