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  1. for town/traffic driving above values are correct. I get 15-17 kmpl for outstation driving. (I drive kandy-colombo)
  2. like @tiv and @iRage mentioned there are very good Chinese models that does the job so well. When I installed a setup for my car, also installed a reverse cam which was branded as Kenwood (I knew it's not original). Camera was good but less range of vision and less quality at night. Later I bought a setup and a reverse cam for father's car from a pettah shop. That camera was perfect with fish eye view and good in quality than mine. The view was so broad and clear in both day and night. So no point of looking for Branded ones where certain Chinese products has a good value.
  3. Hope his use of cars are not as bad as phrases he use (calling Japanese cars as junks). I am a fan of Bimmers too but shouldn't discredit others this way. Also wondering what he called a 'Beast', The car or the previous owner? 🙄😜


    1. □AVANTE□


      I don't know about beasts..but thanks to you sir, today I learned about the existence of a dangerous german feline species called 'gascat'.

      What's with these weird ad description by these bimmer guys anyways..saw an E90 3-series for sale a while back with the description: "No major accidents, not even a squirrel".

      Also, the description is missing 'changed blinker fluid recently'

    2. iRage


      These are not TRUE/REAL beemer enthusiasts. These are wanna bes who bought a BMW for the flash of it and they saw cool youtube videos of BMWs doing cool s**t. They either bought old ones...usually the permit hacked ones as the good ones rarely change hands in public...or used their mommies and daddies permits to buy one (technically using mom and dad's car). Check the forum...a few years ago some of us commented how the old Civic rice boys are getting in to BMWs 

  4. amsandun

    Repair Tyre Punch

    I also had a tire puncture about a month ago and repaired it at a shop in Maradana. The guy who did the job said "let's do a double" for the repair. I didn't quite understand what it meant. But the cost was just Rs. 360/-.
  5. Oh now only I grasped what you meant.. 😅 I got it all wrong before.
  6. Hmm. since they got a good machine and very close to where I am, I am thinking about going to them this time. Let's hope for the best and I will stay cautious about the matters you mentioned. I called and inquired. They sounded professional and said it can be completed within an hour.
  7. thanks iRage. Is suspension change really necessary? I would love to upgrade the ride but I'm afraid it has to wait with all other family matters around.
  8. I am based in Kandy but employment is based in Fort area. U&H is like 10 min drive for me. I have never heard of Pitstop though. Apart from the staff at UH, how is their quality of work?
  9. Guys, is it required to do a wheel alignment and balancing after a wheel change? @Devinda_Z @iRage If so any recommended places?
  10. so that's what it is called eh,,thanks bro.
  11. [UPDATE] I bought a set of Alloys guys...😃 So I visited JJ in Mount this evening. There were many designs and brands to choose from. Most of them were Chinese made but used in Japan. Looked genuine, classy but not too fancy and all had JWL certified mark. Then I saw this one with Honda logo in the center and had a closer look. Just like @tiv and @Devinda_Z mentioned above, "Enkei" was engraved in the back and also "Honda Motor". Shop guy said it was from a Civic and an Original wheel. I dry tested the look and took my decision. All 4 wheels were in good condition, no scratches, cracks. I will upload photos. Only thing is this is 5.5JJ and 45mm offset whereas my originals were 5J 39mm. Actually all wheels were 45mm in offset. I didn't see anything lower. (of course I didn't check each one, only what caught my eye) But shop staff person said for my model 35-45mm is fine and there won't be any issues. I also checked after fitting. Wheels does not touch suspension, fenders or brake calipers, all clear even when fully turned left and right. Hope it won't be a problem in the future too. There you go! They also had Toyota center caps. @[email protected]@[email protected] Thanks to all of you guys, I knew what to look for and how to look for specific details. Thank you guys. 👍
  12. Yes it was my thought too @Devinda_Z. Thank u for the information too. I checked at Malay Street places (U&H, Amila) and they said they don't have Japanese wheels. Maybe they don't do Japanese anymore. "ජපන් ඒවා දෙන්න අමාරුයි" they said. They only had Chinese and Thailand made rims and asked me to check in Delkanda. I called JJ at Mt. Lavinia and they said they have Japanese rims so I am to pay a visit soon. Let's hope they got genuine ones or I will have to visit Delkanda.
  13. Thanks @JayZ and @iRage for your inputs. I didn't have any interest in going for 15 wheels. Just bcz I heard the differences I wanted to ask from you guys. I think it's better to stick to 14 inch wheels and later on when the time comes, go for wider tires (185 I hope). Just one more thing. As I found in the internet, stock size of 2016 Vitz wheels are 5x14 with Positive offset 39mm (I am not thoroughly educated in auto technical terms, so, about Offset/Backspace I have very very little idea). For that size, maximum width acceptable is 185mm. For 5.5 inch wheel, 185 is an ideal fit. Now, should I go for 5.5x14 or 5x14 be just enough? What about Offset? Do I have to worry about them much?
  14. @tiv @Devinda_Z @iRage I need something to get clarified. Is there a connection between wheel diameter (14", 15", etc...) and ride comfort? Or does it depends on the profile of the tire? (as I know low profile tires are not as good as higher profile tires in absorbing shock etc) Because one of my friends said this. Since my wheels are 14 and if I put 15 inch and matching tyres to that wheel, there would be an overall comfort of driving. I am mainly aimed on putting 14 alloys rather than putting 15 inch wheels + new tires considering the cost . Also my current tires are in good condition. thanks.