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  1. amsandun

    bus import

    No permit in Sri Lanka allows you to bring down a Bus using it. You can search online for the vehicle permit circular and there you can see terms and conditions. Only certain types of vehicles can be imported with that permit.
  2. amsandun

    Toyota vitz/ Suzuki Swift/ Audi A1

    Not at all I think. I drive a 2016 Vitz and been in a 2018 model too. As far as the interior features are concerned, there's no big difference (Almost same). multi function keys may or may not be there. depends on what model you buy. Mine doesn't have multi-function keys. Only visible difference would be the front and back.
  3. amsandun

    Any idea about migration agent charges?

    Thanks so much Davy. Yeah the website is well structured now.
  4. amsandun

    Any idea about migration agent charges?

    Thanks bro, current aim is on Kangaroo land. 😉
  5. amsandun

    Any idea about migration agent charges?

    thank you so much @Davyfor the detailed explanation. I am going through their website for more info. There are so many types of visa available. I will have to go through Skilled Migration as I am not eligible for others as I understand. Just to know, it is the Skilled Independent Visa (Point-tested stream) which applies for general skilled migration, am I right?
  6. Hi guys, This is not about cars and stuff. Since there is a large community from around the world here in AL, I thought of putting it here. Has anyone got experience with Migration Agents for PR or Migration Visa? (Let's say for Australia) How do they work? And how they charge and what amounts to get the work done? Your knowledge and experience would be of great help. Thanks.
  7. amsandun

    Need a professional place to fix dashboard cam

    There are plenty of how to videos on YouTube in this topic including hard-wiring too. you can search and do it as a DIY task which I did about a week ago. Following URL posted by @kmeeg in a different thread also helps a lot. As for the panel removing tool kit (prying tools), I found a place at kirulapone area with very reasonable price. Can share if you're interested.
  8. this is from my own topic in 2017 regarding buying a Prius 2nd gen. hope you may get some information about hybrid issues to look out for. Currently i am also driving a 2016 Vitz.
  9. amsandun

    How are motor bikes taxed in Sri-Lanka ?

    what is the engine capacity (cc) you are looking at and how old would it be?( Is it brand new or used?) http://www.customs.gov.lk/public/files/tariff/ExciseDuty Budget 2018 .pdf go to this link and scroll down until you find 87.11 HS category which is for Motorcycles. There you will see lot of categories how motorcycles are taxed.(according to engine capacity and age)
  10. No I didn't want to wash the engine either. It raised a concern bcz service center guy did that way. So now I get it. I will stick with not to water wash engine and look into other methods if it becomes necessary to clean it a bit (not regularly though). Thanks brother...
  11. Thanks everybody for your inputs. I had my doubts that's why I posted here. from next time on I will instruct not to wash engine bay area. Is it necessary to clean the engine bay during the service or after a certain time interval. Then what are the options I got? can I do it myself? @kmeeg thank you. your video link was helpful. in tip#7, he put de-greasing agent while the engine is on. In the comments section, I saw many people commented against that.after everything he washed the engine with normal water without pressure. Kind of confusing to me. 😮
  12. Hi all, I just did the 2nd service of my car couple of days ago and I noticed that after washing the undercarriage, they washed engine bay area with high pressure water and also dried it up with high pressurized air. Is this normal practice or not recommended at all? I remember I read somewhere in AL that engine washing is not a wise practice or something. Anyway no any problems occurred after that. Engine bay looked very clean as well. 😏 Can you guys give me some clarification on this so I can be vigilant next time. I hope they know what they are doing. TIA
  13. amsandun

    Income Tax Problems

    I don't have personal experience in this regard. But yes, one of my friends mentioned about a letter (or a summon) from IRD. Once you submit a letter with your salary slip, an acknowledgement receipt will be issued to you and it'll all be fine he said. The rumor is everyone who imported vehicles since 2015 are summoned. (don't know for sure as I didn't get such letter yet. :D)
  14. amsandun

    Kenwood or Pioneer

    yes it can be. pettah is a source of almost everything and also a mix of everything. there will be original,good products and also unworthy fake stuff. so you have to be vigilant. I don't know how I verify the genuineness even if I buy it from somewhere else. Most of the importations of goods to Sri Lanka are done by importers and wholesale shops in pettah. So it is possible that many of other shops also get their products through Pettah isn't it?
  15. amsandun

    Kenwood or Pioneer

    well I can't say I am sure about the quality..they may or may not be original. I also got to know this place from an old post about kenwood/pioneer setups and places to buy in this forum. A place called Favourite Super Market. Read the following threads and you can get an idea. Most of members had good view and comments about buying electronic stuff in pettah.