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  1. Guys, Any recommendations for fuel/ignition system issues fixing around Kadawatha area? I am having a slight delayed start problem but not always. Checked the battery today and it was fine. So it could be something else. If you know any place to go for around Kadawatha area (or any good place you'd recommend), please let me know.
  2. Yes I'd better check them out first before coming to a full stop in the middle of nowhere. So far this occurred after driving for a while and when the engine is hot. So I guess it may not be the battery? Morning cold starts are working fine so far.
  3. Guys, I noticed a slight delay in engine start (slow cranking) about 3 times in the last week. But it did start in one push all 3 times but with a delay and almost misfired. Thing is this happened not in the early morning but in the middle of driving when I stopped for some groceries for about 10-15 min and came back. I suspected the battery but searching the internet I found there maybe problems in ignition, spark plug or anything. How should I get this checked? TIA
  4. This is the key. Always turn off the engine and refuel. I faced it only once in My Vitz 2016. As I remember I forgot to shut the engine. it took nearly 5 minutes and a start and stop update fuel gauge. If you turn off the engine and refuel, I am sure this will not occur. And this is not a problem with the car of course.
  5. Getting the plates to match the model :D (not my car)


    1. AVANTE


      Better than this are the numbers like 0420 or 0666 which matches the owners personality.

    2. varotone


      I regularly saw a white Peugeot 508 with the number 508.

      @AVANTE what do 420 and 666 have to do with the owners personality? 😬

    3. AVANTE


      @varotone one's a successful businessman and another is an exorcist. 

      Both numbers display the respective good qualities of such characters!

  6. yes, Customs uses exchange rates on a weekly basis. One fixed rate for a week starting Monday.
  7. Hi, It's a Vitz 2016, I don't have a manual. I only hope this won't be a problem in the future.
  8. Hi all, I put my car to service today at Sterling Kadawatha and it's my first time there. When the supervisor asked me what oil was used earlier, I told Toyota 10W30 as that's what had in my mind. Mileage is 29K. He said it should be 5w30 according to the mileage and since 10w30 has been used earlier it is not possible to put 5w30 now. So they went ahead with 10w30. Only a while ago I called the previous place where I serviced and asked what they used. To my horror, he said he put Toyota 5W30. I called back the Sterling and informed but they have already finished the oil change. He said that won't be a much of a problem though. So nothing to worry. My question is, Is it ok to put 10w30 at this mileage? Can I or Is it wise to change to 5w30 in the next change? Through posts here in AL, I have realized that in SL, 5 or 10 will not matter so much. But due to my fault, I am concerned. Please share your opinions.
  9. which version of visual studio are you using? can you post your current connection string here? Maybe the connection string is wrong or contains invalid parameters and values.
  10. So what is the procedure for short time stops like at a traffic light? Since no need to engage Parking Brake there, would it be advisable to do the following? SB -> Shift to "N" -> engage Parking Brake -> Slowly release SB
  11. Members may need to know your purpose, intended use and your preference before giving their ideas. Have you considered anything so far? You need to consider whether Hybrids/Gasoline cars, Car(Sedan,Hatch)/SUV/Crossovers, No. of people travel by your car etc. And how often you use/drive it..(daily runner/weekender etc)
  12. All were received within 4 weeks max, except that one item of course, which I never received.. 😂
  13. Yes almost all of my orders (95%) from AliEx came within 3 weeks max (mostly within 2.5 weeks) using standard shipping. Only exception is this 11.11 sale and festival season coming up where packages may get delayed big time. Not sure about eBay as I haven't ordered anything from eBay ever since I got to know about Ali Express.
  14. For a permit import, yes. For non permit, tax for double cab is 5 million.
  15. for town/traffic driving above values are correct. I get 15-17 kmpl for outstation driving. (I drive kandy-colombo)
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