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  1. Experts here, Looking for expert advice regarding rough idle and EGR, EVAP failures on my car Audi A4 B6 2004 1.6 engine. I have sporadic rough idle. When I scan, I found two issues. EGR System Regulation Divergence : P1403 - sporadic 008-Implausible pulse Potentiometer for EGR (G212): Signal too Low : P1443 - sporadic 007-Short to ground EVAP - failed When I talk with my service provider (not the Audi agent), they didn't worry about EGR issue and told it is exhaust gas related so to ignore it. They didn't say anything about EVAP (I also forgot to ask it later ). When I study about EGR and EVAP, I found that these two can contribute to rough idle too. I have sporadic rough idle and I have sporadic failures (both I don't like at all). So I feel these two could contribute to the sporadic rough idle my car faces. Interesting thing is that so far I didn't feel this rough idle when the A/C is ON. But my service provider seems they are not interested in fixing these two. My question is, do I need to worry about these issues and pressure them to fix? Because I feel the sporadic rough idle would be fixed by fixing these two? Thanks in advanced.
  2. Faizul Hasan

    OBD II diagnostic - unable to connect ECU

    Thank you very much. Let me try on D900. Actually, 5000 is not a huge cost with compare to every time I go for a full service the service center charge me around 1500 for scanning
  3. Faizul Hasan

    OBD II diagnostic - unable to connect ECU

    I do not have original device. But at vehicle service center they used to scan every time using the laptop connected via OBDII and USB cable. Do you know where shall I buy the original device?
  4. I bought a cheap OBDII adapter (ELM327 V1.5 interface) from eBay. I can connect to the OBDII adapter using the multiple software. But every software result is same saying unable to connect ECU. Any experts here could help me on this, please? And one more important thing I have recently noticed is my check engine light never comes up when I put the key ON. I extremly need help on this too, please. Vehicle Info: Audi A4 B6 2004 1.6Engine
  5. Faizul Hasan

    Good place for Audi Engine Tune up

    @fiat fan It is A4 B6. According to the wikipedia it says "It is performed after a traditional tuneup and often accompanied by an addition of fuel system cleaner to the fuel tank". Does this mean I have to do a tuneup (kind of Japanese vehicle tuneup)? BTW what kind of fuel system cleaner have you used? I am planning to visit my relative who is in Galle. Hence I thought of taking this as an opportunity to try this.
  6. Faizul Hasan

    Good place for Audi Engine Tune up

    @fiat fan Got it. Suggest me the best procedures to do this please?
  7. Faizul Hasan

    Good place for Audi Engine Tune up

    @ajm Great advice. Thank you very much.
  8. Faizul Hasan

    Good place for Audi Engine Tune up

    Recently upgraded from Japanese car. You are true, I do not wanted to mess up with Japanese style engine tune-up. Hence asking for a place for Audi. Its a Petrol. Why do I think I need a tune-up? I feel a little sluggish when I am accelerating. Hence thought of doing a tune-up. @ajm Are you suggesting no need for an tune-up? Even don't we have to replace the spark plugs regularly? I have no idea when was the last replacement too. Please give your advice.
  9. Any one here who can help me to suggest a good place for Audi A4 Engine Tune up please?