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  1. While power off prius3rd appears yellow triangle with excalation mark and beep.after few seconds it goes off.this happens some times only. While driving and power on ,no any issues. I checked remote key.when pressing it gives red.i think remote batry also ok.
  2. Amal86

    Prius hybrid battety

    I agree with ajm and rumesh88. If more than 10 cells to replace ,cell replaceing is useless.for 1 cell cost 7k.my battry checked by 2 times.both of two places told me for my hv battery cell replacement useless.my battery older than 7years.thats why i am going for new one.actually i cannot buy new one it cost more than 500k.then i have to go japan used one.i know we cannot gurante their millage or conditions.but good battries also among them.thats why i am looking for much reliable place to buy used one.there are so many places in srilanka to buy japan used hv batteris.so please help me.
  3. Amal86

    Prius hybrid battety

    Replace bad cells not a long term solution.it may not balance voltage capacity.if u not sure ask hybrid repair mechanic.
  4. Amal86

    Prius hybrid battety

    Recondition mean-only japan use battery year 2013 or above
  5. Amal86

    Hybrid battery cell replacement

    Can any one tell,best place to buy a recondition hybrid battery.
  6. Can any one tell ,what is the best place to buy a recondition hybrid battery.
  7. Amal86

    Prius hybrid battety

    Thank u for reply.i need a place to buy arecondition hybrid battery.
  8. Amal86

    Prius hybrid battety

    If any one knows best place to buy hybrid battry for gen3 prius.
  9. Amal86

    Toyota Prius

    Any one knows,best place to buy hybrid battery.