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  1. Dinesh C

    Sri Lanka Classic Car Thread

    Dear Quiet, Thanks for your comment. I do not know it resembles SPUTNIK or SOYUS control panels. I am belong to old gen who had watched "Blake's 7" on TV - may be some inspiration out of that to this project. A Commer fan also said this looks like a Spaceship - which is ideally suit for this particular model known as - Dodge Spacevan . You should have seen the wire harness of this project. We made it complete new - Main Fuse Box, separate relay box, fuse box and all wires and sockets are nicely tagged with colour coded. (if someone has genuine interest in restoring an oldie, I can do it for you better than the original) Anybody can now find electrical fault without refer any electrical schematic diagram. Dinesh
  2. Dinesh C

    Sri Lanka Classic Car Thread

    Dear Friends, I do have a commer van under restoration and it is actually came under dodge badge. Please see some of pics. Thanks. Dinesh C