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  1. Nirmalg

    Doctors Permit 2017 what to buy?

    Forgot to mention a few things i work outstation. my house is 290km away fro my work place, and has only a bit of highway access. So i will definitely have to drive 600km plus every 3 weeks. plus the road leading to my workplace is a bit rocky. hence the reason for my ground clearance requirement. So with that in mind the options are currently 1. Toyota Axio non Hybrid 2. Mazda 2 Anything else? PS Soryy for the multiple thread opening, was a bit confused. Hopefully admin can delete the excess ones. Thank you
  2. Nirmalg

    Doctors Permit 2017 what to buy?

    Nope not the ford focus. will look into the mazda 2 as recommended by a lot of people. also will wait and see for the new versions in the coming months. And yes the corolla and lancer a bit of of my budget. Thanks
  3. Nirmalg

    Doctors Permit 2017 what to buy?

    Very sorry, was confused with the threads. tried to look for new 2017 permit threads but couldnt find any. Will get a new permit in 10 years.
  4. No you cant, but a few do it to known people.
  5. Sorry, was a bit confused with the forum, its the same budget of 4.5 million though. Will look at the Mazda 2. Thanks
  6. 1. 30000 USD permit (CIF value max), 50% Tax 2. Budget under 6 million 3, Sedan/SUV/Hatchback/CUV what is your choice?
  7. Hi, Just got my permit I have a maximum budget of 4.5 million (lower would be obviously better) Open to brand new and recondition Wife just had a child, so looking at a totally family perspective and economy Also would like a vehicle which has a good ground clearance (at least 150mm)- but not essential What are your recommendations? Thank you