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  1. Arc Angel

    Audi A4

    Hi all, sorry for resurrecting this age-old thread. Just wanted to know the maintenance cost of a '98ish A4. Stuff like routine service costs and typical repairs (suspension, transmission, stuff like that). Also reccomended garages. Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks Mini. I spoke to another guy who owns one, and he said he's doesnt go beyond the quarter point, hence the panic.
  3. pardon me for assuming that you'd understand I was reffering to the 'normal' point on MOST jap vehicles. "has a notch at the quarter mark, and nothing on the halfway point. "
  4. Hi All, Recently aquired a Paj Jr. Had a radiator leak, so changed it along with the fans. Now I have an annoying predicament: The heat gauge on the Jr has a notch at the quarter mark, and nothing on the halfway point. The needle points to the normal slightly-below-half point, but I'm not sure if this is too high. Been preening through forums looking to see if the quarter mark is the normal temp point for this vehicle, but have not been able to ascertain this fact. Got an appointment with unimo next Monday, but I doubt my curiosity will allow me to survive that long. Help…
  5. Sorry, gotta disagree... It works fine as a daily runner... Provided you dont get carried away
  6. Arc Angel


    Not to mention it would be an equally cumbersome task to locate a book of another exotic.
  7. he he... woah... logged in after ages and i see i've missed quite a bit... gonna need at least a couple of weeks to get back up to speed.. but thought i'll drop my 2C on this topic for starters, yes Airtel did plan on making so many offers, which were shot down by the powers that be sighting 'anti - competitive policies', so yes, alot of people WERE dissapointed. (some internal as well, but hands really were tied). Secondly, yes, networks DO get congested. Not just airtel, but some others as well. And even more so when one was forecasting for 50k users in 6months and ended up with 850k in two. So there is a lot of streamlining that is taking place. Which is one reason the share of voice is very low. but things should get a lot better very fast. And ultimately, Like supra mentioned, the consumer will be the ultimate winner.
  8. Happy birthdate mate. Have a good one.
  9. Arc Angel

    Obama Won!

    DUDE!!!!! I don't know how I missed this!! thank you thank you thank you thank you. Skinny dip in alaska, anyone???
  10. you could have faulty hub-razors as well which would give you a loud hum.
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